Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Comfortable Space For Learning

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In the second edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we are going to be discussing how important it is to have a comfortable space and what our space at the Curtis music Academy looks like. So without further ado, we’re going to be discussing how, how we actually teach our guitar lessons Tulsa outs out of a home. Next how we have comfortable furniture, which is very, very important to the success and the, overall aura of our music Academy. And then also lastly what we serve to keep our parents and students comfortable and happy. All right. Without further ado, my name is Steven and I have been a musician for 12 years and have learned so many things when it comes to music.

I have learned, you know, techniques. I’ve learned methods of teaching, methods of playing, methods of warming up, methods of performing. I’ve learned how to play with people. I’ve learned how to play alone. I’ve learned how to, be excellent in the details. However, the devil is in the details and also the glory will be in the details as well as you further your guitar knowledge and skill. That is important. An important tip. I’ve also learned how people respond based on your projection of yourself. It’s very important that you kind of create this confidence, which comes through competence. And so practice is going to be a huge key factor into that area right there. I’ve learned many other things.

You know, I’ve been teaching music for five years, going on six years now and I have loved every minute of my teaching career as well. I have taught anywhere from ages five to ages 50 and there are vast differences when it comes to the age groups that you teach. And there are different methods and techniques and ways you can teach students to help them successfully reach their goals. And so, without further ado, I’m going to be explaining in these podcasts as much of my knowledge as I can to help you become the best that you can be as a beginner student and an amenorrheic intermediate student, an advanced student, or even an instructor. And so here we go. How important it is to have a comfortable space.

My first is how it’s in a home guys. Curtis music Academy is where we teach guitar lessons Tulsa. We teach guitar lessons Tulsa outside of our home. So our boss has purchased a home and transformed the bedrooms into music rooms with pianos and guitars so that we can have a comfortable small space to teach guitar lessons Tulsa out of. It is incredible and it is so fun to teach out of these music rooms. I love how we have incredible pianos that sound great. We also have beautiful guitars mounted on the walls next to the pianos and in one room we’ve also got a big gigantic marker board where we will teach students by illustrating or we can draw kind of chord charts and what those look like as we are trying to help our student achieve their goals.

And so our music Academy is held inside of a home and that is very conducive. I believe that that is going to be huge to the success of our students. Huge to the success of us bringing on new students and new parents because they are going to be hit with an area where they don’t have to feel very tense, that they can feel right at home. Why? Because they are in an actual home. So my first point was, it’s a home. So we teach music out out of a home, out of an actual house in Midtown Tulsa. And secondly, we have an amazing comfortable plush gray couch. It is one of my favorite couches right now because it’s very, very comfortable and we get nothing but compliments from the couch, from our students, from our parents.

They love the couch, they love how comfortable it is. They love the fact that not only is it comfortable, but we also have a coffee table in between the two couches to where you can sit coffee on or you know what, there’s also magazines where you can also, you know, you can also read magazines and you can read magazines on music. You can read magazines on food, how to make food, how to come up with the most incredible Thanksgiving dinner possible. There’s a plethora of magazines you can read as you’re waiting for your students or as you’re waiting on your instructor to take your guitar lesson and Tulsa.

And so this is very, very important. It’s important that you know, you have an incredible comfortable space as you are teaching your guitar lessons Tulsa and that you are having a very, very, very grand time as you are creating, this environment and that you are having the most comfortable in giving your students the most comfortable experience possible when it comes to their guitar lessons Tulsa. If you don’t have a comfortable environment, a comfortable place for your students to teach music from, then they will most likely be leaving sooner or later. It’s important that you create the environment that you want for your students. And so having a comfortable couch is a huge part of that. It creates this sense of ease with our parents and students as they wait.

Also, we’ve got beverages, we’ve got three different drinks that we offer our students and parents when they are taking their guitar lessons Tulsa and Tulsa from the Curtis music Academy. And one of those drinks is water of course. Second is tea. we’ve got literally 20 different types of teas that we can offer our students. And they often, they always choose all of them. They love our tea. It’s, we’ve also got hot water dispenser as well as a cold water dispenser. And so we also, and lastly offer coffee. Now coffee, we’ve got multiple different tea. We’ve got four different types of coffee.

We can have dark coffee, blonde coffee, decaf. And then we even got this really cool coconut mocha coffee and I don’t know about you, but I love a coconut coat. Mocha coffee. It is so good. And not only is it good to me, but it’s very, very delicious to our students and parents as well. And so many of my students come and the first thing that they want to have is our coconut mocha coffee. And so we’ve got beverages. Oftentimes when the season changes, such as, you know, spring, summer, fall, winter, we will change, we will add a drink so that people feel the seasonal warmth. And so I know that this winter, you know, it’s, we’re going to be offering hot chocolate and our students love having the hot chocolate.

They will make sometimes two cups of hot chocolate when they come to the Curtis music Academy. And so without further ado, you know, we’ve been talking about how important it is to have a comfortable space when you are teaching your guitar lessons Tulsa. We talked about how Curtis music Academy is in a house as opposed to an office building. We also talked about how we have comfortable furniture. So that whenever our students or teachers or even parents are waiting, they have something comfortable to sit on, which creates an in a happy environment, in a comfortable environment. Lastly, we offer refreshments, beverages so that people do not get parched so that people are the most comfortable when they’re waiting, and also we have seasonal drinks as well.