Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Life lessons from learning an instrument

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As for myself, I began learning to play the piano when I was seven years old and I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. And I think that is certainly the case for people who just love music. And I genuinely love music. And so for me it really wasn’t anything difficult to try to play the piano. I enjoyed z idea of playing the piano and it wasn’t a big deal for me. So because I learned at such a young age and I knew it was something that I was interested in, I was able to do that and learn for many years. But one of the things that I would encourage anybody who is interested in learning an instrument is just stick with it. You just have to continue to persevere. And there were many weeks, if not months, that I did not practice a single time in between my piano lessons.

The thing is, I now appreciate my parents so much because they just kept keeping me in the lessons. They didn’t take me out because they were scared. Oh, Ron is just not practicing anymore. He’s just, there’s other things that he’s more interested in. So we’re going to quit lessons. No, it wasn’t even like they gave me an ultimatum. You’re either going to practice your instrument or we’re going to take you out of lessons. They never even brought it up. They just, okay, if you’re not going to practice, we’re just going to continue to keep you in lessons. And that’s that. So throughout my learning, I just had this consistent stream of instruction and even if I wasn’t practicing, I was still progressing at learning that instrument.

So that helped a lot that I was just consistently in lessons every single week and I continued to grow as a musician to take lessons and learn how to play it. So the biggest thing is learning to stay on course and don’t give up and just continue taking guitar lessons Tulsa even if you think there’s no interest there. Because the fact is as a person grows at an instrument and as they learn an instrument, once they’re able to play songs that they really enjoy, then the interest will immediately start to peak. There’ll be so much more interested in practicing when they get home because it’ll be a song that they know it’ll be something that they’ve heard. But that could take quite a while if they are not practicing, if they are only motivated periodically throughout the week. So it’s not a immediate sign of danger if you don’t want to practice, but just stay with it.

In fact, we have one student that I can think of that has never, since the day they started taking lessons, they have never picked up guitar lessons Tulsa outside of a music lesson. They have not one time picked up their guitar. And you know what? He’s been taking lessons with us for almost two years and he has made tremendous amounts of progress. And the reason that he’s made progress is because he keeps coming back to the lesson and he isn’t concerned about the fact that, oh, you know, I just don’t have time in between lessons and just having a difficult time finding the motivation to practice in between lessons. He comes back day in, day out every single week, and he consistently shows up to his lesson. And it’s remarkable because this is a guy that is a very, very busy person. He doesn’t just have free time on his lap just, Oh, I’m just going to play video games.

I’m just going to do whatever. This is a guy where if he’s going to show up to a lesson, it’s because it is an intentional, it’s scheduled and he knows he’s going to show up to the lesson, so just stick with it. You don’t need to give two months to decide whether or not you are a student is going to continue to take guitar lessons Tulsa. Just let them go through the cycle of learning an instrument and allow them the freedom to get motivated and practice it on their own. A couple other things that I have learned throughout my course of learning an instrument is that when you get pretty decent at one instrument, it’s actually not that hard to pick up another instrument. For myself. I took piano lessons for about five years from first grade to sixth grade, and when I was in sixth grade I started playing the trombone.

And what I realized is all of the information that I received from the piano was transferable to the fact that I was playing trombone. Even though it was a wind instrument, even though it was completely different mechanically. Then a piano, you use your hands on a piano, you don’t use your mouth. Whereas on a trombone you slide the slide in and out, you use your lips to buzz. And it was actually very easy for me to pick that instrument up. And then after that I learned the saxophone. After I learned the saxophone, I learned that the trumpet, after I learned the trumpet, I learned every single brass instrument that is in an orchestra. I learned every single woodwind instrument that is in an orchestra. And then lastly, surprisingly and humorously, the last instrument that I learned was the guitar. And then I began taking guitar Lessons Tulsa, which is now my main instrument that I enjoy taking lessons on and I even teach.

And this is an instrument that is so enjoyable and so much fun. And had I not stuck with it, had I given up on piano lessons, I would have never ever been able to pick up the guitar as quickly and easily as I did because I had learned the piano. So you actually can learn other musical instruments. And to be honest, the piano is just the most centralized musical instrument. It really does get the foundation and the instruction that you need to learn other instruments easily, effectively, and efficiently. So that’s a huge piece of advice. If you learn and you stick with it. And do you learn the piano, specifically the piano. But it really is true for any instrument. If you learn the piano, I guarantee 100% it will help you to learn any other instrument had you not known the piano. It will help you to use all of the information that you’ve received to learn another instrument. So stick with it, learn another instrument and practice throughout the lessons. And even if you don’t practice, just stick with it because you will receive information throughout your guitar lessons Tulsa.