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In today’s Curtis Music Academy podcast, our topic for the day is going to be tailored guitar lessons Tulsa to suit your needs. So with Curtis Music Academy,  guitar lessons Tulsa, the presentation that we give whenever you arrive gets to really give you a good sense of what we do and how we do it. Uh, in that presentation we go into what makes us different from other academies as well as, uh, the benefits of being a Curtis Music Academy student. And so, uh, the presentation we give is called the Curtis difference and it outlays, what makes us different what we do, what we don’t do. And so the credits difference when it comes to how we’re different from other music, music academies, we definitely pride ourselves in the comfortability of our, uh, instructing space. And so what’s your walk into at a and guitar, Curtis and Music Academy Guitar Lessons tulsa. 


And Tulsa will be a lot different than an office in downtown Tulsa that also gives guitar lessons tulsa you’ll experience here. And more homey and relaxing environment with couches, pillows, drinks, coffee, tea and water and also rooms that may look like your home except in our rooms. We definitely have pianos and guitars we have to instructing, rooms at Curtis Academy. And this is a very homey feel that we have. The next point is how we get to know the student when the student arrives. The first thing we do is offer them soda water or coffee or tea. And if we do have it, banana bread. Ha Ha. Period. Yeah. So whenever we greet someone, okay, who is a new student, we greet them at the door with a big smile. We let them come in. We say welcome to Curtis Music Academy where you’ll take guitar and piano  guitar lessons Tulsa and guitar lessons Tulsa. And uh, we also offer them a beverage, coffee, tea or water. Also after that if the, if the parent of the student needs or wants sit on the couch and our lounge area apart from the student taking lesson in one of the our instructor rooms, well they’ll have the guitar lesson and Tulsa, they can also use our iPad to watch the lesson from one of our cameras inside of the instructing room, which is really awesome for the parent and gives them an experience they would not have elsewhere in Tulsa. 




So that’s one of the things that we do to get to know the students. Another thing that we do to get to know the student at Curtis Music Academy Guitar Lessons Tulsa is uh, in the guitar lesson in Tulsa. We ask them specialized questions about their experience with guitar previously to Curtis Music Academy. So we asked them questions, probing questions that really pinpoint their experience level, their experience maybe with other guitar teachers, Guitar Having Guitar lessons Tulsa and what their goal is to learn guitar or even piano lessons in Tulsa. 


So we really enjoy asking those questions to get to know the student. It’s really fun. As an instructor. I really enjoy that part. I think that that’s one of the best parts is really getting to know the student and becoming not just your coach, but your friend. And one of my last points is, is that weird? That is the way in which we tailor the lessons to you is definitely getting down to the nitty gritty and asking you all of those questions to determine what’s going to help you succeed. What’s your goal is so that you feel accomplished at the end of our guitar lessons in Tulsa, and also how to make this fun, a fun experience for you. It’s always awesome. And personally speaking, when someone asks me questions to help me reach a goal, they’re trying to understand me and understand where I’m at and how I can get to that goal. 


We call the strategic planning. That’s what it’s called in business. I know that you start from where you are and then you calculate what’s it gonna take to get where you want to be. And so that’s the approach that I personally take when it comes to teaching a guitar lesson in Tulsa. I really love talking to the student about those questions of what’s gonna make them, what are their favorite songs, what are their experience level already in guitar or piano and maybe some of the most fun music that they have heard or want to play. Who their favorite artist artist is, who their favorite guitar player is, who their favorite piano player is, who their favorite singer is, what their favorite genre of music is. These are all questions that I would normally ask in a precession and on our, upon our dollar first lesson, it really gets to the core of what the student is trying to achieve so that we maximize each lesson, which is tailored to their desire to play guitar or even piano. 


And so it’s a lot of fun. I really enjoy asking the probing questions at the beginning of the lessons to really pinpoint what it is the student is trying to accomplish. Many students just want to have fun. Also, many students really want to make this a career and so guitar enables them to do that both ways. But as an instructor, I really enjoy helping that student even find what they really want to do. Their real intention behind playing guitar. Is it to, when a talent show, is it to have fun? Is it to experience an outlet of emotion or feelings? To maybe write songs to help them focus on another new cool, fun hobby as opposed to smoking or something that isn’t proactive? Putting their hands to the plow was something that’s more proactive. I think he’s a great idea for any student. 


And uh, but also playing for fun. It’s really fun because we do get to, help them play songs that their family will enjoy, that they enjoy, that their brothers and sisters will enjoy if they have them and their friends will enjoy. And so it’ll help them create a more enjoyable life for themselves by getting guitar lessons in Tulsa to spread that joy with their friends and their loved ones. It’s really fun to be a part of Curtis Meeting Academy for these reasons. It’s, you know, our, our topic is tailored blessings to suit your needs. And so my first point was the presentation that we give going over the, the one sheet of what we offer, how we’re different and why other people like us as well. And then my second point was getting to know the student, what we do to, you know, the format of like what we do from the moment we meet the student to the point that we finish this with that student. 


Third point is tailoring the lessons to you specifically. I know that is my, definitely by far my favorite part. I like doing the homework of what this student specifically needs. So it’s certainly a job, but it’s the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had. I really enjoy getting to know all the different ages, all the different, you know, the males, the females that and the, the age levels. Just getting to know them on a personal level and helping them become a more and better version of themselves. It’s one of the funnest things I think in the world to help someone help themselves become better and enjoy life even more. And we all know music does that for us. Music is one of the universal languages and helps us all connect and on a very soulful and spiritual level. It is a language that speaks to all of our souls. It is fun. It’s enjoyable. That is why I love giving to our lessons at Kurt’s music academy, and that is also how we tailor our lessons to suit your needs.