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In this edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast. I want to talk about going and learning at the pace of no mistakes. so the topics, the points we are going to be covering are what needs to be learned as 0.1. What is, what needs do the student need to learn? point to going slow to speed up. And the concept of that three, how planning guitar lessons Tulsa is also a body experience. So without further ado, my name is Steven and I am an instructor at Curtis Music Academy as well as the all in all, administrator here at the academy. And some of my duties here are to create said podcasts for you so that you can learn, I can learn and how we can all become better musicians, instructors and teachers. And then I also am over the organization and application and the creation of things in the office that need to be done. 


I’m attacking any tasks at hand. I’m creating things that need to be created and so on, so forth. I’m also an instructor of guitar lessons Tulsa, so I enjoy and I get the privilege of teaching incredible students from all ages, whether they be five all the way to 90, if they can still and still want to learn. You’re never too old. just remember that. And so, yes, that is what I get to do. I love my job. I love being an instructor. I love coming here. I love being in the environment of this academy. I just love the, the house. We actually operate out of a house and actual house similar to what you have at home or the home that you live in. It’s got a door, it’s got rooms, it’s got a kitchen, it’s got a dining room, it’s got a living room. When you take guitar lessons Tulsa, this house even has two bathrooms. 


And I just love that it’s in a house. It’s so comfortable. and I believe that is a huge benefit. And what separates us from other academies. I also enjoy getting to know and meet new students every single week. Every single week I meet at least one new student, to the academy. Whether they are a student of mine or an or they’re becoming a student of mine or they’re someone else’s, another instructors student. I enjoy getting to know them. I enjoy getting to hear about their goals, where they’re wanting to go in guitar lessons Tulsa. whether they’re wanting to learn for fun, whether they are wanting to, st for a talent show, play for a talent show, or whether they’re actually wanting to take this more seriously and like make a career out of it. It’s all, all in all I enjoy being here, I think. But my, my favorite part about the job is getting to tailor, make a lesson to a student and helping them achieve that goal. 


I love the process of planning the student, the guitar lessons Tulsa, because I get to see the big picture of where they’re wanting to go and I get to be the one to kind of chop down the process for them and a way that is encouraging, simple and achievable for each student. And so it is a powerful thing. for the student. And it is a, an incredible pleasure and honor to do this. 


And so without further ado, our topic for today is how we need to learn at the pace of no mistakes and why that’s important and what needs to happen in order to make sure that that is happening. So, our first point is going to be what needs to be learned. Understanding what needs to be learned throughout many years of taking guitar lessons Tulsa. So to learn at the pace of no mistakes, you need to know first what it is that you are, learning and, so that you can learn it well, at a pace that is going to be of good, good habit to you. 


So assessing what needs to be learned. Are you trying to learn a scale? Are you trying to learn the Nashville number system? You know, really identifying what it is you’re learning. it’s going to be key and, and obvious and central first step to, going at the pace and begin learning this process. So, whether that be a scale, whether that be the system of the national number system or whether that’s a song, either way, it’ll require that you learn at a slow enough pace so that you do it right and it’ll require, breaking it down. 


So this is what brings me to my second point, which is really a byproduct. It’s really this, this statement I’m about to say is just piggybacking off of, the saying of going at the pace unknown mistakes. the philosophy of going with the pace, no mistakes and that is go slow to speed up. This is especially important when working on new concepts in your guitar lessons Tulsa.


So in taking what needs to be learned, you want to go slow in order to speed up what that means. And what do I mean when I say that? I mean that we want to learn at the pace of no mistakes. That’s the first step, right? and then which will enable, the next thing that needs to happen is we need to go slow. We need to establish first what pace is allowing us to, to not have or not experienced any mistakes. Is that 20 bpm? Is that 60 bpm? 


Is that a a hundred beats per minute? You know, we’re all at different levels and we’re all, kind of learning at our own pace, you know, so initially, and so some paces might be faster than others, but nonetheless, take the pace that’s best for you and learn at that pace, that allows you to, to have little to no mistakes or blimps in your attack or, application of that subject. 


So I like to say go slow to speed up at some point, especially when you’re learning scales, you’re gonna want to learn that scale as slow as possible. And, the reason behind this is so that you get down the correct muscle memory because as we all know, this is, and this brings me to my third point. This is a body experience, a good learning guitar lessons Tulsa, learning piano, learning any instrument is not only a learning, like a knowledge and information experience. It’s also a body experience. You’re holding an instrument, you’re holding an object and, you’re learning to play an object. And so, in this case of the guitar as well as other instruments such as piano or violin, you’re using your fingers to play and really you’re using to both hands to play this instrument which requires you to play the correct. 


And because there are things like scales that are just patterns that repeat all from top to bottom of the guitar. You want to learn that pattern well and since it is a pattern and it is something that you’ll just do a million different times, a million times, but it’s the same thing. You want to learn that pattern so well that no matter what speed you do it, you still are accurate in your playing. But to be accurate, when you’re going super fast, you must learn it super slow. So that’s what I mean by going at the slow go slow to speed up, even in guitar lessons Tulsa. You want to start slow and then you want to slowly increase your bpm, or your tempo. In other words, the speed or the rate at which you’re learning the thing, the scale so that you can later on begin to speed up. 


And then thirdly, like I said, this is a body experience as well. and so what that means is your fingers are, your hands are going through a process, and we want to make sure that we are learning at the pace of no mistakes. Because just as you can learn the correct ways of doing things, you can also learn the wrong things of doing things. You can make good habits and you can make wrong habits. And we want to lock in the right habits because that’s what’s going to stick with us each and every one of your guitar lessons Tulsa. That’s, that’s how we’re gonna. That’s gonna launch us into longer and longer longterm planning. And so that is going in and pay some, no mistakes.