Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Enjoying the Instrument

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For this next topic. I really just want to convey how important it is to enjoy the instrument that you’re wanting to learn. It’s vital that you’re doing something as a student that you thoroughly enjoy and want to learn. No one likes to be forced to learn something they don’t want to learn. I enjoy learning guitar. When I teach guitar, I’m not only teaching guitar, but I’m also learning guitar myself. When I was 12 years old, my dad brought a guitar into our home as the kids and told us that someone would start playing the guitar in our family jokingly, but seriously at the same time, it wasn’t odd feat. And then quickly I raised my hand and said that I would start playing guitar. And so he gave me the small little black cheap guitar that he had brought into our home and I began playing that guitar lessons Tulsa from there on out. 


And so today marks the 11th year I will have been playing guitar in my lifetime, which is amazing because I’ve been a worship leader for just as long, if not a little bit longer or the exact amount of time. Actually. And so it’s been an incredible, I feel like I’ve had an incredible life. I feel like I’ve really enjoyed every most parts of my life here. From then on, and a big part of that was learning the guitar, the guitar. For me, it was an outlet where I could enjoy what I was doing because I was having fun with it, but also become skilled at something that could make me money in the future. The guitar has opened up many doors for me to play for people that are famous PE play for people who love music and a way for me to enjoy my life by writing songs and playing them on guitar and singing them also. So if you would like to enjoy the instrument you are going to be learning and taking guitar lessons Tulsa for. You want to first ask yourself, why am I learning this thing? 


And if your answer is I don’t know why that is. Okay, if something catches your eye, such a guitar instrument, go ahead and play that guitar instrument. You never know what will become of that desire that you randomly had. Maybe something had inspired you to play guitar or inquire of the guitar in the beginning? I would say it. It’s a good thing to keep along that path because you never know what can become of that. And so whenever you begin playing guitar, throw your whole life into it. Throw your whole self into it with passion, enjoy it, spend time with it. Spend time taking guitar lessons Tulsa spend time, hour, take an hour a day to devote just to playing and having fun with your guitar. What you’re developing is a love for the instrument as we call it. And you’re also developing your skill, your creativity, and an outlet for you to express yourself from. 


That’s exactly what it was for me. It’s been a way where I could express myself. It’s also been a way where I can make money and become more excellent or skilled intentionally with, and so this became a tool and an instrument in my life that has made me a better person, a better man, a better friend, a better brother, a better son, a better older brother. It’s made me a better person all around. And so what I’m saying is there’s a lot of benefits to picking up and learning an instrument, but the key is picking up something that you’re going to enjoy and do it for the fun of it, not because you’re made to do it, but because you love to do it and because you enjoy doing it. This will ensure that you do it for much longer period of time than you would as if you didn’t like doing it. 


So step one would be to ask yourself, what instrument do I like? Do I want to play? Step two is to try all different instruments. Step three, find one that you feel most enjoyable playing. Find that instrument that you enjoy playing the most. Thirdly, apply for Curtis Music Academy guitar lessons Tulsa. I teach guitar lessons Tulsa, so I gladly give you guitar lessons Tulsa and I can assure you we will have fun doing it. The fourth step, if this is the fourth step, would be to learn how that instrument works, such as music theory or scales or chords, and begin learning songs that you enjoy singing and listening to. For a fifthly, you want to become skilled at your songs, skilled in your knowledge and your understanding of guitar. This will ensure you have longevity and can be more intentional, intentional on having fun and expressing yourself in various ways with your new instrument and from there on six, seven, eight, nine, all the way to a hundred step is just getting to get better. There will be a little adversity and a learning curve to just about any instrument you pick up, meaning that there will be hardship along the way, but don’t worry because it’s nothing that you can’t overcome or beat. 


Whenever you leap over those hurdles though the adversity, you will start to play sing, dance, you know strum, play piano with ease and freedom. This will allow you to enjoy your instrument even more. So I would say times 10 it’s more fun when you can do things freely and without thinking too hard about it. And by learning music theory and applying music theory with repetition, you will become more afraid with your, your instrument and have more fun with your instrument. I’ve enjoyed my 10 years, 11 years, so far and more to come with playing guitar. I’ve always kept up my skills. There’s never been a year will I where I did not play or have a gig or play at a bar or a coffee shop. I’m always looking for opportunities to grow my skills and to stay sharp and I believe that you should too. 


If it’s something that you would like to do and my road with my instrument, the guitar is a little bit different than some. I have been very intentional about furthering my guitar skills because it is something that I want to make a career out of. It is something that I want to make money from and travel the world with, and so that commitment, that desire and entails that I practice harder and longer and more intentionally and also invest in myself a lot with a lot more intent intention than just to play it as a hobby. It’s enjoyable to play as a hobby, but a hobby can become a time consuming practice in your life, but if it makes you happy, why not? However, guitar for me has become not only a hobby, but a passion and not just a passion, but a calling. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. And it’ll only get better from here. And I suggest even for myself to invest, you will never go wrong investing in yourself. So invest in yourself. Get some guitar lessons Tulsa and come to Curtis Music Academy.