Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Maximizing the Effectiveness

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All right. In this podcast we’re going to be talking about how to maximize the effectiveness of guitar lessons Tulsa. When I think of how to maximize the effectiveness of guitar lessons Tulsa, I think of one first effectiveness and effectiveness has to do with how I’m doing what I’m doing. And so the process by which I do it. And so without further ado, my name is Steven. I’m actually been a, instructor for going on six years now. Total where I’ve been, I’ve been teaching guitar and I’ve loved every single minute of it. I’ve learned so much about students who are younger students who are older. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a musician and as a communicator and as a teacher and instructor and how to instruct those well and what not to do as well. Not every instructor is a great instructor or not every musician I should say is a great instructor or a great teacher. 


Why? Because just because you’re a great musician doesn’t make you a great communicator and teaching is all about communication and so fell further due, how to maximize the effectiveness of guitar lessons Tulsa. I think when we’re looking at the effectiveness, how to, how to maximize the effectiveness of guitar lessons Tulsa, we have to look at how we’re practicing and guitar lessons Tulsa. You know, how to maximize the effectiveness of the guitar lessons Tulsa, not necessarily the guitar practice at home, but in your 30 minute, 45 minutes or one hour lesson with us at Curtis music Academy. 


We want to make sure that that time is being utilized as best as possible. That that time is most efficient as possible, and that every minute is not wasted. But every minute is focused on reaching your goal from the beginning to the end. We want to make sure every minute is being used to further you to your goals, to make sure that, you know, the first five minutes has to do with us understanding you and understanding your day and becoming your coach and your friend by asking you how your day is, how your day’s going, how we can better help and assist you in your practice at home. 


You know, and in that first five minutes and we’re reviewing what it is that you have been working on during the past week and if there are any areas of improvement that need be addressed, we will help you kind of fix those areas and we can help you, you know, maybe create a better habit or create what we call perfect practice. So it has to do with, you know, maximizing the effectiveness of your guitar lessons Tulsa has to do with the Maxima, maximizing the effectiveness of your time in my opinion. And so time consciousness is important. Again, this is something I’m saying, but I’m also speaking to the choir because I am the one that needs the most help in this. 


And I think out of all the instructors at Curtis music Academy, I think I’m the one that has the hardest time ending the lesson on time. And so when it comes to effectiveness, you know, if, if you’ve got a 30 minute lesson, do your best to maximize that 30 minutes and have purposeful timeframes for each section, each point that you want to make for us. And the way I actually structure my guitar lessons Tulsa now and thanks to Ron and Kelly are, you know, the first five minutes is you know, coach and friend time, you know, we’re asking you specific questions, how, you know, how was your day this week? I mean that’s kind of, not necessarily specific, but we’re asking particular questions to kind of help us get to know you and let you know that, Hey, we care about not only getting you to your musical goals. 


But also we want to get to know you. You know, we want to be your coach, but we also want to be your friend. And so we spend the first five minutes asking them how their day was, how is their life? And also we give them room to talk and to say, you know, Hey, this is, it’s going great. Or Hey, you know, this week’s kinda been tough on me. I’ve actually had this going on, this going on and this over here going on and, or you know, Hey, I’m just, I’m all right. I’m just kind of feeling discouraged with my practice time. You know, just kind of giving them a slot to, to, to speak and to say what they need to say and to get to know us as much as we get to know them. 


And then the next five minutes is going to be spent reviewing the last lesson and reviewing the last lesson is all about correcting any misunderstandings in the knowledge or the instruction and also any areas that need to be addressed in the application of that instruction. And so that’s a really important five minutes and does definitely push us forward as if we’re, you know, going forward without checking. If we’re on the right line or on the right path, then you know, we’re losing, you know, we don’t know where the, we’re not for sure where we’re going, we don’t understand something. 


And so when it comes to teaching the student and refreshing with them of previously learned subjects, we want to ensure that they understand by reviewing, reviewing is very, very important because it ensures that, you know, it also, it gives them the opportunity to say what’s on their mind about it. If they, if they don’t understand or if they have a question, we’re giving them that opportunity to ask it. And then we are also, you know, doing a double check or trusting that they know and we’re paying attention to what we taught, but we’re also verifying that they did.


 And so trust but verify is always a good way to live. And then, you know, depending on the time that you have, whether that’s a 30 minute lesson, a 45 minute lesson or an hour lesson, you know, you want to carve out a good chunk of time, say 1530, sometimes even 45 minutes to go over new material and speak on and teach on things that you know, need to be learned. So, and this is also to help them reach their goals as well. And so in a 30 minute lesson, you know, we’ll have five minutes of rapport, five minutes of review, 15 minutes of new subject material, right there is 25 minutes. And then the last five minutes we’ll use to kind of recap and also talk about how they can be practicing during the week. That’s what a 30 minute lesson looks like. 


45 minute lesson looks like you know, you’ve got your five minute rapport, five minute review of the last lesson and then, or revise, I call it the report revise. I think it’s a recap. But anyways, we revised for five minutes and then we for 20 minutes or 25 minutes, that is 25 minutes. We will go into new material. So in your 10 30 minute lesson, you’ll have 15 minutes of new subject material. On your 45 minute lesson, you’ll have 25 minutes of material. So it’s jumping up 10 minutes. So you’ll have your five, five 25, that’s 35 total. And then at the end you’ll have five.


 Actually you’ll have 30 minutes, sorry for the subject. 30 40 and then you’ll have five minutes at the end. So five five 30 and then another five minutes to end it. And then for 45 minute less, or I’m sorry, an hour lesson, you will have five five 45 and then five. So those are kind of the breakdowns of the time and you know, the whole point is to make sure that that you plan the lesson time. You know, I think when it comes down to it, whenever you want to maximize the effectiveness of something, you have to look at the process by which your you’re, you’re walking, you know, starting from a to Z, you know, from a first five minutes till the last five minutes is from a to Z. And then you know, you want to revisit that as you’re planning at home. 


You might be sitting at your dining room table, you’re on your computer, you’re planning the lesson out for this particular student. You start with five minutes and then you’re at the last five minutes and then you want to revisit that. Making sure that your statements may be are planned in the middle. Kind of some key points you want to hit. Kind of thinking of this as almost like a speech, but a speech with application and direction and guiding. And so you’re going to have some key points in there that you definitely want to hit. This is a sure way to in make sure that you can be effective.