Guitar Lessons Tulsa | The Studio House


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The next thing that I want to talk about in these podcasts is why our new location, the studio house is such a blast and how it’s how it’s so awesome. So I talked a ton about the studio house and the importance of comfortable space as, this is one of those things on a differentiator sheet. Like I mentioned in basically every podcast, the Curtis music Academy differentiator sheet kind of tells us what makes us better than everyone else, I should say, maybe not better, but the things that we think that we do better than most of the music schools because of our vast experience in taking guitar lessons Tulsa.


 All of our instructors have taken guitar lessons Tulsa for at least, you know, five to 10 years. They’ve been a multiple academies and they really know the ins and outs of what it’s like to take lessons and how the lessons run. So with all of our brains together, we have been able to craft an entirely different experience than what most of our instructors had. One growing up because we took, you know, the pros and cons from all those, added up all the pros. And we created Curtis music Academy with that. I shouldn’t say Ron did, but I’d like to think that some of our instructors helped in, you know, giving the feedback on the best and worst parts of the music lessons as they were growing up. 


But at Curtis music Academy, this differentiated, she just like I said, is the things that we stand on. So it’s what we’ve modeled all of our lessons on. It’s low, we look for an instructors, we, it’s kind of just our guiding principles I should say. Just like a list of things that we really pride ourselves on and the things that we really do best in and really care about the most. So one of the things on that list is a comfortable space and we have created that comfortable space exactly. At Curtis music Academy. So we used to have it, we used to have Curtis music Academy that was run out of run Kelly Curtis’s house. 


There was one little studio room in the front. Talk about humble beginnings. We had one, one little studio room where we could teach one lesson at a time and we were, you know how we had, you know, 40 40 45 50 60 students and this one little room that taught took lessons every week from Ron himself and Garrett, the guitar instructors. So between the two of them, they were teaching these students on rocking it out of this little room. But that little room, it was so cozy in there, they had a piano and a whiteboard. There was coffee and tea, a beverages and it was just super fun.


It was despite the fact that it was a small little room, they really made it work and they made the most out of it. There was even a little a chair and a side table with magazines on it in the back corner, really making the most out of the small space to be comfortable for guests and all of that. So even though we started really small critics, music Academy has always prided itself on having an incredibly comfortable space. So when we moved to the studio space back in February, it’s been just about a year now. I guess we wanted to make sure that we crafted the same comfortable space that we had seen and that we really wanted just kind of expanding on what we had already done. 


So one of the things that we did in creating this awesome space for taking guitar lessons Tulsa is wanting to make sure it was an environment that was really conducive to learning. That being said, it’s comfortable, it’s warm, it’s inviting. We have a ton of our students that tell us that they love to come to the lessons every week because so clean, it’s calm in there. The lighting is good. There’s magazines and beverages for them. The drink, it’s more of a relaxing thing than anything, especially for parents. We’ve had parents who tell us before that they sometimes get the lessons early so that they can just hang out in this clean, quiet space. 


Cause you know house is crazy. They’ve got kids at home and it’s kind of just a way for them to relax and that’s kind of what we see guitar lessons Tulsa as. I think that a lot of music academies really have high pressures for people who are taking music lessons. Then they really don’t really put it to be calm. It’s something that’s really enjoyable. It’s more of a pressure thing. So we want to make sure that our guitar lessons Tulsa are enjoyable and strictly enjoyable. Not just, you know, it’s not all about work, but it’s also about having fun in your lessons because music is really awesome and it’s played such a pivotal role in most of our instructors lives. And so, so, so important.


I want to make sure that our space echoes and echoes the importance of music. Casper as an that we do take it seriously and we do teach our students incredibly well and they learned so much the guitar lessons Tulsa with us. But we also have a lot of fun while doing so. That’s one of the best things really. We have so much fun occurred to music Academy and I believe that our space reflects that. So like I’ve said before, we’ve got two studio spaces in there. 


One is at the very front of the house, so you walk in the front door and it’s immediately to the right. There’s a beautiful set of glass French doors on it so that people that are sitting in the waiting room or the living room, I should say, you know, are right across from it. And they can see directly in that room especially, which has really good food, got young students whose parents want to be involved but don’t really want to sit in on the lesson because their student might get nervous or whatever that might be.