Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Thursday Meetings

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Another topic I like to talk about, I’d like to talk about today are what our Thursday team meetings are like at Curtis Music Academy. I really enjoy giving, or, you know, attending our guitar lessons Tulsa or I’m sorry, our guitar lessons Tulsa, our meetings at Curtis Academy, they’re incredibly fun. They’re punctual, so they start in the end on time always. I think there’s only been a few times where we have went over a few minutes over, but it was all something we were in agreement with to go. And Ron is very, very, very intentional with ending with starting and ending on time and being honorable and honoring the time of the instructors that he has under him. Ron is an incredible, incredible guy. He’s an incredible teacher and incredible leader, incredible owner and incredible boss. And, so I’ve, I learned a lot from him every single week. Things that I like about our Thursday meetings is the fact that they do actually start in, in on time. 


That’s something I typically don’t think about a ton actually, but I always, I notice, I notice, in the day of is that, you know, just how important it is to honor the, the, the time that people have. And when you’re leading, you know, it’s important to stick to your word. And if you say you going to start at a time, certain time that you start at that time and you don’t start any later or, you know, any later and you also end on time. You know, Ron is very, very, very punctual and he’s not only punctual with our meetings, but he’s also punctual in his, in his own, instructing guitar lessons Tulsa. Another thing I really like about, our Thursday meetings is that, we each have an opportunity to kind of share. We go in a circle of what was the highlight of our week in just everyday life. 


I really liked being able to share the good things, the exciting things that are going on in my life. And I love the opportunity to hear the exciting and fun things going on in other people’s lives. You know, because life is going on all the time. 24, seven matters, no matter where, whether we like it or not. And so, you know, I, it also opens the door for people to learn and to kind of get a glimpse into my own life and what’s going on. And it gives me an opportunity to get a glimpse and see what’s really happening in other, my other friends, my and my fellow instructors, Ron and Kelly, the owners’ lives. And so it only gives us things to conversation about outside of work. You know, it really kind of builds, the trust and relationships and of others. And so, it’s been a really fun aspect of our, you know, meetings. 


Another thing I really enjoy is getting to kind of tell the group or tell everyone in the meeting what student is doing really well during the week or in the, in the past week of guitar lessons Tulsa at Curtis Academy. And so we have a student of the week, for each other or a highlight, so to speak. Basically we go in a circle and say, you know, Ron says, all right, who is, who’s the student of the week for you? You know, as a, as your instructor with all of your students. I have 11 students right now and or eight students right now actually. And they all do really well. Some learn at different paces, some faster, some are younger, some are older, some talk a lot, some don’t. And so there’s a lot of variety and a lot of things to, to, you know, look at and appreciate and to grow and learn from in that week. 


And so I get to share what student is doing is really being highlighted and who’s highlighted to me, you know, in the, in the, in the week what student has shown incredible growth and what student has been doing just an amazing job with whether that’d be practicing at home or you know, just listening in the, in the guitar lessons Tulsa or just, you know, picking things up really quickly. It’s something I get the opportunity to share at our meetings. And also I enjoy hearing how well other, instructors students are doing at the meeting. You know, they get to share, who’s really been on the, on the radar for them and what they’re doing. And it also kind of, as I’m listening to, you know, another instructor kind of Brag on one of their students. It gives me, you know, insight into ways I can, maybe it may come from ways that they are, the instructor is describing things. 


And so sometimes he’ll bring up an instructor will bring up the way they described it that worked maybe describing or specifying how to practice at home. And then that instructor at the meeting, it goes into what they, what, how they described it and what the result was, how, how well that worked for them with this particular student. And me hearing that as a, as a, as a observer and a listener at the meeting really helps me to grow as well and maybe figure out and here’s some things that I would do differently and maybe I could implement in my own, cool in my own, you know, guitar lessons Tulsa that would work for my students. So it’s just really awesome and it gives us all instructors and Ron and Kelly the opportunity to kind of tell what’s going on and our week. And also, you know, at Curtis, again, me for us, another thing, the third thing I really enjoy about, our meetings at Curtis Academy is that we just, we kind of have fun. 


We just have fun. We enjoy talking to each other, we enjoy getting better. And Oh, no, part two of this third point is that, you know, we, we grow, you know, Ron and Kelly really do pour into us. They equip us with better methods. They, they seek out ideas from us as instructors, giving the guitar lessons Tulsa of ways that he can improve the overall business, the overall academy and how we administer documents.How we print off documents. He’s, researched programs and implemented programs that make, creating documents easier and more fun and really tailored to the student, which is really the, the vision I think and the, the objective. And what sets us apart from other instructing, instructing academies. And so it’s just really quite awesome. It’s an awesome hour. We can just call it off the awesome hour at Curtis Academy where we get to learn and grow from Ron and Kelly at the, at the academy, at this, on this meeting. 


And we also get a chance to hear each other’s, perspectives and, and what’s going on in their weeks. So it’s the most productive hour, I believe, of the Curtis Academy Week is when we have our team meetings where we can come. And Ron really equips us and teaches us the business and teaches us how to, you know, teach better, how to instruct better. He encourages us. He sometimes will let us know, hey, you need to do better at this. You know, Kelly, we’ll print off documents where, you know, they will observe our guitar lessons Tulsa because we have cameras in our, in our instructing rooms. And when I’m giving guitar lessons Tulsa, it really allows me the opportunity to get better if someone’s watching me and observing. And that’s exactly what Kelly and Ron do. And so they’re able to kind of grade us so to speak on how our guitar lessons Tulsa are doing every once in awhile and give us feedback. 


And so having good feedback from people who know what they’re talking about from people who have been there and done that and who are actually teachers and, and have gone to school for teaching really is a awesome mentorship. I thoroughly enjoy it. I, it is one of my favorite times of the week, my favorite days of the week actually. And it’s an opportunity for, I see it as an opportunity for me to get better. And so, our Thursdays are just awesome. They’re just productive. They’re fun. I love getting to see the other instructors and see how they’re doing. And, you know, talking about music, talking about a, they just traveled to Ireland or Italy and didn’t invite me. I just love hearing about that. I think it’s the best thing in the world when a friend doesn’t invite you to Italy or thought about you. So I’m not, I’m not bitter or anything, just say. So it’s a lot of fun and, uh, I think it’s great. I have a lot of friends there. my instructors, my fellow instructors, I see as my friends, and that’s the environment that Ron Kelly are providing by having this team meeting. And so it’s been one of the best times of my life.