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How does Curtis Music Academy provide substantially amazing instructors? So as a music academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of the things that we do is we provide music lessons for many different instruments. And if you’re searching for different types of music lessons in Tulsa, you will notice that there are many different places that you could take the lessons. And one of the questions that we get is how do we make sure that our instructors are not only well qualified, but also amazing people to teach music lessons? And the answer to that is by first and foremost, ensuring that our instructors are amazing people. They are people that I want to hang out with. They are people that I want to see doing awesome things. And if there are people that come in and I’m excited to see as their boss, then how much more will our students come to their lessons and be excited that they get to see these instructors.

And it really is important to be a good person, to be a personable human being that is genuinely excited when each and every individual student that takes guitar lessons Tulsa walks in the door that our instructors are there to welcome them and congratulate them for coming and sticking it out another week. So that is one of the biggest things that we want to see our instructors do. So if we are interviewing a group of people and we see a laid back person who’s slouching in his chair and he just so happened to bring his guitar into the interview and then he plays the most magnificent, wonderful melody in the whole wide world. And then the rest of the interview, he just slouches in his chair and choose his gum and sits with his arms folded. I can guarantee this person will not get a job at this music academy.

And the reason is not because he wasn’t qualified, it’s because none of my students are going to be excited about taking lessons with Mr Slouch face. They’re not going to be excited to walk in the door and see this guy who’s chewing his gum and not excited about the student and the progress that the student is making week by week, by week, every single time that student walks in the door. The only thing that they are thinking is that Mr Slouch face is thinking about how awesome he is and that is not the environment that Curtis Music Academy wants to breed. So our instructors are taught and we make sure that as a culture to be celebratory on every single success throughout the week, throughout the month, throughout the year, we want to press into your accomplishments as someone that is looking to take guitar lessons Tulsa. So one of the things that our instructors do differently is we meet you where you’re at.

We here where you want to go with your lessons. We want to hear your goals, we want to hear what it is that motivated you in the first place to take lessons and that’s where we are going to take you as you are looking to take guitar lessons Tulsa. Once you figure out your goals and what has motivated you to start taking lessons, we are going to feed that goal. We are going to make sure that we sent her our lessons around that goal and at times it may even seem strange that we are just constantly pressing into this goal, but because that is such an integral part of Curtis Music Academy, we will always refer back to your goal in the instruction of the material. Now, if you’re taking lessons for a year, if you’re taking lessons for five years, you will absolutely 100% without a doubt, have a change in your goal.

You’ll have a change in your motivation, you will have a change in everything that you first started lessons to now. And the reason for that is because as you get better at the guitar, you will notice how much further you can go. Then your original goal and in fact this is even a quote by I believe Bill Gates, he said the majority of people underestimate what they can accomplish in 10 years, but they overestimate what they can accomplish in one year and so through this, if you’re taking lessons for many years, you will absolutely notice I am well on my way to accomplish my goal. You may even accomplish your goal in half the amount of time that you originally noticed, but the thing is you are constantly looking towards that goal. You are constantly changing that goal and our guitar lessons Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy, well always be referring to that goal, so if you are somebody that has a difficult time understanding concepts, understanding lessons at Curtis Music Academy, you will get better at understanding the guitar and so that’s something that our instructors will absolutely do.

The next thing that Curtis Music Academy insures is that our instructors are awesome. We provide a weekly team meeting for every single one of our instructors to come and talk about the successes of that week. Our instructors come and they are pumped to talk about how amazing their guitar lessons Tulsa were the previous week. They want to talk about it. And that’s because every time our instruct, our students walk in the door, our instructors are, they’re greeting them, giving them a high five and pumping them up because these are the students that we are seeing every single week and we are seeing the accomplishments and we get to talk about them and all of the amazing things that they are doing every single week in our team meeting. Furthermore, in this team meeting we are talking about ways that we can improve as instructors. And the strange thing is no matter how amazing somebody is at any thing in life, you could be a NASCAR racer and you win every single race. You could be a game developer that developed the most amazing game ever. But if you are unwilling to take the next step and to continue to get better than you currently are, then you will no longer be the best. Somebody else who was technically worse than you will continue to grow and continue to get better to the point where they will get better than you. So all of our instructors are required to come and better themselves and to be coachable if they want to work at Curtis Music Academy. So that’s why our instructors are amazing.