Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Confidence While Playing

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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast. I am going to be discussing confidence when playing guitar, how you can have confidence when playing the guitar. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I am a music instructor at the Curtis music Academy and have been a musician for 12 years, have been teaching music for five years, going on six years and have loved every single minute of the both the musicianship and the teaching in guitar lessons Tulsa. Oh man. How you learn lots when teaching guitar and how much you also learn whenever you’re performing and playing the guitar.

So today his podcast is really going to be how I can encourage you to have confidence when you’re playing the guitar. And first, you know, we have to ask where does confidence comes from? There’s a lot of mystery around a lot of things in life. There’s a lot of unseen methods tangible reasons. You know what may feel undiscoverable sometimes, but there’s a lot of mystery, there’s a lot of misunderstanding around a lot of things in life. And one of them is confidence. Is confidence? Something that you fake and put on. How does confidence, how is confidence created? That’s the question I want to nail today.

How has confidence created? Well, my first point is going to be a competence comes through repetition in guitar lessons Tulsa. Competence comes through repetition. All right? So whenever you’re competent, it means that you are very good or skilled or fluent in whatever you’re doing. And it takes much repetition to achieve that. So in my own experience and in my own life, when I was learning guitar as a 12 year old, I began playing the guitar for about an hour a day starting off. I remember my fingers would hurt like crazy because I was playing for so long, so early. However, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

If I didn’t learn guitar early, if I didn’t play as much as I did early and repeat the same songs over and over and over, I would have never gotten really skilled at it. If I didn’t repeat the, the G major chord, if I didn’t repeat strumming the same song that I was taught, learn for church the next Sunday, I would never learned the song in guitar lessons Tulsa. I would have never become competent in the song. I would’ve never become fluent in the song. So there’s gotta be a level of, you know, a certain amount of repetition needed to get, you know, your bearings on anything. You know, when it comes to driving a car. Think about it, if you drive a car one time, then that’s great. You drove at one time and that meant one time may have been an accident.

You may have done everything right on accident or that one time might’ve been terrible. But nonetheless, you are not going to be permitted to go on the street unless you’ve played for a certain or unless you’ve driven for a certain amount of hours. And I would take the same theology with music or playing the guitar, which is, you know, you want to play a certain amount of hours before you really, really can perform the guitar, you know, perform it for someone or, or you know, play in the pros so to speak. You know, drive with the big dogs or drive with the rest of the world before he can play with the rest of world. You’ve got to play for a certain amount of hours to be considered a great or good enough or an expert, you know? And so I’d say the amount of hours needed to become a master is 10,000, 10,000 hours in guitar lessons Tulsa.

I personally in my own life, have played for about 5,000 hours of guitar, maybe less. Nonetheless, I’m trying to reach that 10,000 hours peak at 10,000 hours. It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. You know, it takes 10,000 hours of singing to become an expert at singing. It takes 10,000 hours of driving to become, an expert at driving. It takes 10,000 hours of swimming, but to become a master at swimming, you know, a master 2000 hours is a lot of hours. And if you wanted to, we could break it down, break down the math, you know, 10,000 hours there. Let’s break down first. How many hours are in a day? 24. How many hours are in a week? So you’ll do times 24 times seven, 168 hours a week. How many weeks are in a month? There are times 4.3 weeks in a month.

How many in that 722.4 hours? How many weeks are in a year or how many really? How many months or in a year? Sometimes 12 so there are 8668.8 hours in a year. That’s almost 10,000 you know, but you’re not going to spend every single waking moment, 24 seven playing the guitar. Why? You’ve got to work, you got to eat, you’ve got to sleep, you’ve had to do all this stuff. So really when we divide 10,000 hours, say over the course of five years, you’re spending 2000 hours a year playing guitar over the course of five years in guitar lessons Tulsa. So over the course of five years, if you wanted to become an expert at the guitar, you’d need to spend 2000 hours a year doing it for five years.

So 2000 divided by 12 is 168 167 hours, 167 hours divided by four. That’s the amount of months. By the way, divided by 4.3 weeks and you get 38 hours a week, 38 hours a week, divided by say five days, seven hours a day, five days a week, eight hours a day. So that you’re talking about a full time job. That’s really what we’re talking, talking, making music. It just comes down to, you know, when you become really good at something, when you consider it a job. right now I’m considering, you know, music being kind of like a job. Am I ready to take the, take the step? Am I ready to take the step of becoming a true musician and artist and recording artists?

You know, that’s, that’s kinda my big question right now. Am I, am I actually willing to do this? So if I’m not, then there’s no reason for me to do this in guitar lessons Tulsa. But, man, what a joy it would be to earn a living through music. And so without further ado, we’re going to go to our next point, which is how, you know, confidence, how you can have confidence, what is confidence? Well, it’s owning what you know in guitar lessons Tulsa. And then, you know, my, my, my next point with confidence from playing guitar is keeping it simple. It’s important to keep it simple. So first we want to own what we know. You know, you’ve been learning some, some music theory and guitar, so own it, own what you know, and then to keep it simple, you know, whenever you’re playing guitar, keep it simple.

Just don’t overdo it, just play what you’ve learned. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Steve jobs. So keeping it simple is going to be key and very, very important to your success. Thirdly, you can have confidence when playing guitar, when you have more fun. And that is really a really important part. And that goes to my first statement of, you know, learning to love the instrument, falling in love with what you’re doing, playing guitar is going to be something. It’s an art, you know what I mean? Musicianship.

Music is an art. And so have fun with your instrument first in guitar lessons Tulsa. You know, and then keep it simple and then own what you know. You know, I’d say that would be kind of more, more of the order would be calf fun, own what you know. And then keep it simple I think would be a great, method, you know? So having fun, owning what you know and keeping it simple. That is how you, my friends can stay confident when playing guitar. Don’t overdo it and don’t over think it. Keep it simple and have fun in guitar lessons Tulsa. All right, sound good? Thanks guys.