Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Motivating Factors

This content was written for Curtis Music Academy

Throughout the course of taking guitar lessons, there are many things that can present awesome motivating factors throughout the course of your Guitar Lessons Tulsa. So if you have friends that also take Guitar Lessons Tulsa or if they take piano lessons or really any type of instrument for that matter, then you will likely find that by being around these other musicians you will be encouraged to try to practice more. You will likely put in a lot more effort into your instrument and that’s because your friend group is part of your motivating factors. So if you are interested in diving into a new adventure by learning an instrument, then I would encourage you to get plugged into either a Facebook group that has other musicians in Tulsa or find a guitar shop in Tulsa and see if there are any groups that you can get involved in to help you as you are taking guitar lessons to help just motivate you to continue with this adventure.

Now, throughout the course of my life, I have always had a strong group of friends to help me throughout my years of learning instruments. I not only had a friend, group of piano players when I was learning the piano, but when I began learning the guitar, I had many friends that also played the guitar that could help me if I had any questions with learning and by having questions and by having help outside of my guitar lessons. It was very encouraging for me because I always had somebody there that would motivate me to learn something new throughout the course of learning an instrument and if you are someone that produces a large following, if you are the type of person that people respect you and want to be around you, then it’s very likely that you will have a lot of fun learning an instrument and having other people come to you to help you because they want to see you succeed.

If you have many friends that play instruments, many of them will either be very happy to show you how to do things easier. They will be very happy to share with you all of the things that they have learned that have made a difference in their guitar ability. And then you will likely have some friends that have been playing guitar for 10 years and then you come along and start dominating after just a few months and that’s because you did the right thing and you started taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy. And by doing that, your rate of understanding and the efficiency in the instruction that you received helped you to progress in such a short amount of time that student or that guitar player that had only been playing for 10 years is now jealous of you because you are progressing much faster than this specific person.

So you very well may find that a friend or peer is upset with you because you are growing so fast and you’re doing an awesome job and they probably would not be interested in helping you because you’re just growing so quickly. However, there aren’t many people like that. And if you find that you’re running into a lot of people like that, then I would probably check my attitude to make sure that even though I am dominating at the guitar because of taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa, then I’m not rubbing it in other people’s faces because that’s not cool. People might not be jealous of you, they might just think you’re a jerk. So don’t be a jerk if you are learning the guitar very quickly, just to be a humble person that is willing to learn through all of the resources that are available to them throughout their connections and their music lessons and the performance opportunities.

There’s all of these things that can help you to grow as a guitar instructor or as a guitar student throughout the course of your Guitar Lessons Tulsa. So go ahead and utilize the things that are around you. And if a student has any questions throughout their guitar experience than perhaps you would be able to help them with their ability down the road. So you never know what could happen and perhaps you would be a very good resource for other people that are attempting to learn the guitar as well. And if you are somebody that is willing to share what you have learned, then you can always find hope in the fact that many people will appreciate all of the things that you have done for them because of taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa.

So if you have learned a lot from other guitar instructors, if you have to learn a lot through other people that have played the guitar, then I would encourage you to give back to the community by sharing what you have learned as a guitar student. Because one of the ways to really grab onto the guitar and find better ways to play things is by teaching. And if you are able to simply share with others the things that you have learned, then it can be a great opportunity for you to grow as an instructor and us. And if you have any interest in attempting to find better guitar lessons than what you have experienced in the past, then I would encourage you to go to our and fill out the form to take your very first lesson for just $1.

And in fact, if you are reading this on our website, just click in the top left corner, Curtis Music Academy, and it’ll direct you straight to the form to fill out so that you can meet us and we can help you diagnose any problems that you are experiencing and just help you be a better person as you learn the guitar. And if you have decided to continue taking lessons with your previous instructor, we’re not going to be upset. Why don’t you take lessons with us just for $1? So go ahead and fill that out so that you can be a better instructor and a better student. Because even if you continue taking lessons where you currently are, you will still benefit from the one lesson with us and it’s only $1 so you can’t lose, you will learn something new and you will experience a great opportunity to grow in your instrument throughout the course of that $1 lesson.