Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Motivation for Continuing Lessons

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I want to talk again about when a student is ready to quit and one of the things that we can do, I’ve talked in a couple of other podcasts about how important the success screens are and I think they actually play a really big role in helping keep students motivated. So I just diff topic podcast on what we do. If a student is ready to quit, they might not have told us, but if we can feel like they are starting to get a little bit disinterested with the topics that we’re talking about and things of that nature, if we can feel like they are starting to distance themselves from guitar lessons Tulsa, maybe don’t come as often, maybe not practicing things like that. There’s lots of factors that play a role in that for sure. 


But one thing that we can do to help them be more motivated maybe depending on the student, is have these success screens that I’ve been talking about. So just to recap, a success screen is something that we’re creating a Curtis music academy that go through a series of famous musicians. So everyone from Bob Marley, to Beethoven, to Adele, to Justin Bieber, we want to take student artists that are relatable to all of our students. So not just pop artists, not just rock and roll and not just all these classics, whatever it might be, but we want a little bit of everything so that every student feels like we’ve got someone for them. And these success screens are sort of motivational posters of sorts that we’re making that kind of tell the life story of these musicians. 


Because for the most part, if you didn’t look it up and Google it, you would not know all of the setbacks and the problems that these musicians have had. And using these success screens is really awesome way to showcase the struggles that they faced and how they persevered through them. So I did another podcast today on perseverance and how important it is and taking guitar lessons Tulsa. But I think the perseverance that is evident in these success screens could be a major motivating factor for a lot of students who are taking guitar lessons Tulsa. So the success Greens show us the stages of life these musicians went to. We’ve got three screens on them through a windows, if you will, that talk about something hard that happened, how they came through it and where they are now as essentially what they are. 


So Justin Bieber for example, I did a success screen on him yesterday and Justin for actually was, he was found at just age 13 and I think if a younger student were to look at that, everyone knows who Justin Bieber is. So someone young were to look at this and be like, wow, I’m only a kid, but so is Justin Bieber when he was, when he became famous, he was just 13 years old. I think it could be a factor that might get people more excited and in music thinking, Hey, if Justin Bieber can do this, why can’t I? I’m 13 I could do the same thing that Justin Bieber did. So I think it’s a really great way to get people motivated to continue what they’re doing. 


Even if they start to feel like they are no longer excited in it. And these success screens are really cool because we’re going to have one in each studio room where we teach guitar lessons Tulsa and music lesson, piano lessons, vocal lessons. We’re going to have one in each room and we’re going to switch them out regularly so that there’s always someone new in there. That way student can come in every week and see someone even new who’s gone through something difficult in their life to just to that they know that they’re not alone. 


I think that’s part of human nature in general is just we want to know that we’re not alone and that someone else has gone through the same thing that we are going through. Whether that be personally, professionally, or musically even so the success screens can show the students that people have also had really hard times. Maybe people that are famous have struggled with the same things that the student has. It’s a really good way to showcase that and show them that they’re not alone in the struggles that they face. They’re not the only ones who got burnt out though, until no ones who almost gave up on their dreams of being a musician. Other people have to, and they’re incredibly famous now. So the success Greens are super important and I think can play a really big role in helping keep students motivated and to persevere through their music lesson. 


Another thing that I think we can do at Curtis Music Academy to keep people interested and excited is to be a little bit more vulnerable with them as instructors. So I don’t think that our instructors, I think that our structures do a fantastic job at getting to know their students and being open and fun with them. But I think our instructors may be, should be better about being vulnerable. And that means if they have struggled with something that they see their student is struggling with, maybe just talk about it. Say, hey man, when I was learning the guitar, this was really hard for me, but here’s what I found worked well and I’m sure that they’d do that in a lot of regards.


 But I think it’s really critical way to be involved in the student’s life almost to show that they’re not alone in what they’re doing and that they have gone through the same thing cause that the student has so that they don’t feel like they’re struggling unnecessarily. I think one thing that when you’re taking guitar lessons Tulsa is that you start to have a hard time going through something. Say you’re learning a song and you just can’t quite get it down. I think it would be very motivational as a student to hear that your instructor had struggled with that same thing too because obviously the instructors know what they’re doing.


 They’re really smart, they play fantastic. Well, it’s gotta be pretty intimidating to take a lesson from some of them, but I think that if our students were able to realize that they are human and that they did struggle through the same things that they’re struggling through, it would be really helpful factor for the students by keeping them excited and interested and just help them push through the hard things that they’re going through. Whether that be having a hard time learning a song or not being able to, to play the guitar properly. Maybe their fingers are hurting too bad. Things like that. Instructors can play a really big role just as the success screens can, because I think the students look up to both the instructors and these big famous musicians in the very same way.