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And this edition of the podcast, we are going to be discussing how to set musical goals. So setting musical goals is going to be key in your ability to have a student reach their full potential. And in my experience of the year being at the Curtis music Academy, I haven’t been able to teach students of all ages, anywhere from five years old to 50 years old. And so it’s been a blast to getting the teach for a year. However, I have been a music instructor for five going on six years now and have learned so much about teaching students, creating guitar lessons Tulsa for students, learning different learning styles, self-improvement as an instructor and self-improvement as a student of the craft and also how to improve my own abilities by analyzing and systemizing how to use time management to create more effective lessons and have a plethora of other things.

I’ve been a musician for going on 12 years this coming March and I have loved every single minute of it. I’ve gotten to play many different concerts and gigs such as coffee shops or bars or restaurants where I have been for two to three hours playing. So I understand, you know, stamina. And when it comes to music and playing, I also haven’t been able to play on stage or such as the channel eight news and Tulsa, Oklahoma singing my own original Christmas song. And also I have been able to play on American idol and kind of run the yard and into all the auditions there and win two rounds of the IO process.

And so without further ado, my name is Steven and this is the Curtis music Academy podcast where we talk about topics to make you a better instructor and a better musician. So without further ado, we are talking about how you can set musical goals. My first point when it comes to setting musical goals is setting goals one Oh one which is start smart. And by start smart, I don’t mean start off with something, you know, intelligent starting off. However, this will meet criteria rather, I mean, starting off with a smart goal, a smart goal or S M a R T is actually an acronym for the words specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time limited goals.

It’s important that your goals when, when setting any kind of goal that it’s a very specific goal, a measurable goal, an achievable goal, something you can definitely achieve, something relevant or something that you know, relates to your skill set or something that is key you’re capable of doing. And also time limited or time sensitive. As I like to say, I like to think of time limited as you know, a set amount of, time, literally maybe like 30 minutes to an hour or time limited in the sense of one day, one week, one month, one year type of limited goals, time limited goals. So without further ado, our first letter in the acronym for smart will be specific. It’s important to set specific goals, specific, goals will help you to know when you’ve actually achieved something.

It’s the differentiator so that you know that you don’t surpass the goal or you so you don’t come short of the goal. It’s a very specific, clear, concise, precise understanding of the point at which we will be able to cease where we are or stop and arrest as in a journey. So having a specific goal is going to be very important because if you don’t have a specific goal, then your guitar lessons Tulsa will start to feel like they’re just going on and on and on without any end. And that can sometimes be a little demotivating and possibly even detrimental to a student’s current music career if they don’t feel like they are progressing, if they feel like they’re wasting the time, their time in guitar lessons Tulsa. So it’s important to have a specific goal. The second letter M is for measurable. Do you have a measurable goal?

Something that can be measured? You know, I love these quotes that are like, you measure what you treasure, you know, if you treasure your time, I would set, as you know, measure your time. If you measure, if you treasure, you know, skill well you will make time and measure out what’s needed to kind of get good, good skill. Maybe it’s a better guitar, maybe it’s new instruments such as a tuner or a anything else, you know, pitch, tuning fork or new picks. You know, you really kind of invest in the and the instruments that you’re using to better you. Some people, you know, measure their time.

You know, some people measure their ability, maybe they wouldn’t do as well. So measurable. You want to make it measurable. You want to be make it something that is, something that’s not too daunting and something that isn’t too, too little, but something that can be tracked. You know, you want to make it measurable. Something measurable would be, you can play the G major scale from top to bottom one time. That’s measurable. You can play the, you made your scale at 40 beats per minute one time. That is measurable. You can play the GC and D chords using this specific strum pattern that is measurable in guitar lessons Tulsa. And so, you know, the more specific, the more measurable it can be, the less specific, the less measurable it can be.

I remember that. Thirdly, we have a for achievable make something, you know, don’t do something that is just impossible, but something that is definitely achievable. I think that one’s pretty self explanatory. But we will continue to talk about it. Something that is achievable would be, you know, it was really starting from where you are, you know, something unachievable would be a beginner expecting to be Tommy Emmanuel. Is that achievable? Yes, it’s achievable. However, there are a few other factors that come into play when trying to reach that particular goal such as time or you know, specific goals that you need to hit and skill or quality, you know, when it comes to that. So, achievable.

Next point is R for relevant, something relevant or something that relates, to what you’re good at in guitar lessons Tulsa. You know, why would you, you know, seek out to play, a woodwind instrument if you’re trying to learn a string instrument, you know, is that relevant or is it even relevant to your skill set? You know, say you, you, you’re not musically inclined whatsoever, but you are technically inclined in guitar lessons Tulsa. And so, I’d say a relevant goal would be to shoot for your strengths, not for your weaknesses, you know, build your strengths, not your weaknesses.

And then lastly, time limited goals, which are some of my favorite because I love maximizing time and I love, monetizing things in guitar lessons Tulsa. And so time sensitive or time limited would be set a certain amount of time aside to get to practice something or to, devote to a thing or another. So, without any further ado, we were talking about how you can set musical goals and we’ve established that setting goals in general is going to be a key method you can use. Which is the smart method, which is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time limited goals. I hope that helps in guitar lessons Tulsa. Thanks for listening. Thanks for reading. And we will see you in the next podcast.