Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | My Experience at the Other School

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So now I’m going to talk about what my experience was at the other end music school that I took lessons at. So to better understand what we had Curtis music academy are doing well, I went to another music school to see how they conduct their lessons, to see what their process is like for admitting students to see the way that they charge and all of that. We wanted to get a better idea of what we are doing well and what we can improve on just by seeing what other music schools in the area and do. So as someone who has always wanted to take piano lessons, I decided to pick a music school in the Tulsa area to take piano lessons at. And then I was able to get a feel for how they do things, how they run their business and how good or bad they do their lessons.

So it was really important for us at the, I went to do that because I genuinely did want to learn the piano and I still do. So it was good for all of us involved because I was able to report back really crucial information on what we’re doing. Well here at Kurdish music academy and I was also able to to learn how to play the piano, which is something that I had always wanted to do. So it was a win win for everybody. But my experience there was overall not bad, but I really did not enjoy it as much as I enjoy lessons here at Curtis Music Academy. So this place that I took lessons, what I didn’t like right off the bat was the atmosphere. So like I’ve talked about are Curtis music academy dozens of times we focus a lot of energy and effort in the atmosphere that we create for taking lessons.

So we have a home studio by the University of Tulsa and in our home studio we have crafted unique cozy space that feels like home. So it is really an ideal learning environment because there are couches in is cozy, there are essential oil diffusers and there’s coffee and tea always for your own enjoyment and just a lot of elements that make it feel like home. So it does just for environment. It’s not a sterile environment rather just employees that you feel comfortable. We put a lot of effort and intention into making a comfortable space for our students and I genuinely felt like the other music school that I took piano lessons on did not do a good job at creating a comfortable space. Rather it felt sterile. It felt unsuited for my age group and it just was not an ideal place for learning. I felt a little odd when I was in there, so when you walk in the door it’s not welcoming, it’s dark, it has nothing on the walls is mostly concrete.

There are rules hanging everywhere. It just not a place that I really wanted to be. Rather it felt like I was in an elementary school. There were like squishy foam mats on the floor for where they teach the classes. Two small children and as a grown adult I just, oh odd taking guitar lessons in Tulsa there. So you can tell quite clearly that they did not put effort or intention in designing their space. But rather it was one of those things where it felt like they said to themselves, well I guess we’ll just do it here. I guess this is as good a place as any. And they probably were hoping that it wouldn’t matter where they taught the students. But I can honestly say that it makes all the difference in the world because the atmosphere of a place is really what draws you to it or pushes you away from it.

So if you walk into a place and you just really don’t feel good about it and you don’t feel comfortable being there, you are not going to want to continually take lessons. So that is one thing that we have done really well at Curtis music academy. We teach our guitar, piano and vocal lessons in Tulsa at a comfortable space that we have intentionally designed and put a lot of effort into so that when students and their parents come in, they are relaxed at peace and in a good mindset to just learn whatever instrument they are wanting to learn. Another thing that I really did not enjoy about the other place that I took guitar lessons in Tulsa was that the curriculum was the same for every student. So my instructor purchase book, which by the way I had to purchase myself at here at Curtis Music Academy. We did not make our students pay for the books that they are learning.

I know rather we cover that cost, so it’s all included in the price that they pay per lesson. So we don’t make them pay for the books or learning materials rather we include that in the total price. So I had to pay for the book and I could tell that it was a book that was the same as all the other students my age. So it was a beginner book for adults and it just was very generic. I felt like error is not getting the attention that I deserved and it was not getting the particular tailoring of the lesson to my own goals. And I had, I went in with a very specific goals and told my instructor exactly what my goals were, but it wasn’t until I took guitar lessons in Tulsa for quite a while that we started to even discuss what my goals were. So here at Curtis Music Academy, we are very good at tailoring each and every lesson to the students goals.

So when they come in they will know exactly why we are teaching them what we’re teaching them and how that pertains to their individual goal. So we don’t have a standard practice that we use for every student, but rather we tailor every single instruction to the student personal, individual goals. So that is really great that we do. And I really felt like they did not get that at this other place. Another thing was that I just really did not click with my instructor. I was paired with an instructor. I don’t know what the criteria was, but it was probably simply the time availability. But I just didn’t click with him and we had several guitar lessons in Tulsa together, but every time it felt kind of awkward. We weren’t really friends. Uh, I didn’t feel like I could even really tell him about my day because it felt weird.

And one thing that, that we really do well at Christmas music academy is we focus on being students coach and their friend and it’s both sides of the coin and we have to have both of them in order to succeed. So we do. And this place that I took guitar lessons in Tulsa at really did not do a good job at making sure that the instructor was birth, my coach and my friend because I felt a little odd being there every time I didn’t really feel comfortable and we just didn’t click but accurate. As Music Academy, we make sure that our instructors and our students click well and that they’re able to be friends and at the instructor is someone that the student can look up to or just be friends with because that makes for a better learning environment all around. And it makes students more motivated to learn and to take guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So since I didn’t really click with my instructor, I felt like I lost a lot of motivation to do well because even when I did do well, I was on getting a lot of encouragement for that. I wasn’t getting the excitement that I should ever saved for doing well and for practicing and for mastering this thing so quickly. But I think that we do really well at that accurate music academy where our instructors are so invested in how well our students do and the progress that they make, that there’s genuine excitement that comes about when the student does a good job, when they master something that they’ve been struggling with. It really does make all the difference and how well the students learn because that genuine excitement is really just motivating and it, it helps them want to learn because everyone loves encouragement. Everyone loves feeling the sleeve accomplished nothing.

So I’m feeling helpful that the student be both your coach and your friend and that they are an encouraging presence. It also is really important when taking guitar lessons in Tulsa that you create a space that people love to learn in a place that they’re comfortable and they feel like was designed specifically for them. It doesn’t feel weird that there they are. It doesn’t feel like they’re out of place in a place for children. So we have put a lot of effort into those things occurred. His Music Academy, and that is what I learned that through taking guitar lessons in Tulsa at another music school in town.