Guitar Lessons Tulsa | We Created a Calming Space for Music Lessons 

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The next thing that I want to talk about in this edition of the Curtis is capacity podcast. It’s again, something that I talk about in most of the podcasts and I actually talked about in the last podcast that I just did here a few minutes ago, but this is the importance of having a comfortable space. So again, just reiterate what I’ve already talked about and said multiple times. What’s important about having a comfortable space as, as studies consistently show that when you have a comfortable space for teaching guitar lessons Tulsa no matter what that means to you, if it truly is comfortable and it’s actually a place that you want to be. 


I think that’s what makes it the most comfortable at anything is that it’s a place that people will want to be. If you’ve got this type of place where people want to be, where people want to take guitar lessons Tulsa, I want to study, this is the type of place that will most definitely say reception helps you in fraternity the most, I’m sorry, not for return, but you know, retain the most amount of information when they’re taking their guitar lessons Tulsa. So that’s incredibly critical obviously because we want our students to really thrive and we tried to do everything in our power to help them thrive. So for us, if that means, you know, taking the time to paint the walls, they call them in color into have oil diffusers and things like that. 


Comfort means different things to different people while in guitar lessons Tulsa. But for us, I can go over a couple of things in this podcast about what it actually means to have a comfortable space, what it actually means to put the effort in the time and the money into making it some more comfortable in somewhere that helps their students retain information and become a why they learn. So I’m going to take just a couple of minutes to kind of go through those things and what that might look like for us here at Gertrude’s Academy because obviously it looks like different things to different people.


 But for us at Curtis music Academy, having a comfortable space means putting in the intention and the effort to make it calm. And for us a calm means cool colors, minimalist decor, things of that nature. So when you walk into our studio room, you’ll notice that the lobby is fairly minimalistic. We’ve got a nice rug, a little coffee table in two couches, but that’s pretty much it for students of guitar lessons Tulsa. There’s a mirror when you walk in and lots of plants, so print plants obviously provide us with oxygen, they help calm and there’s a lot of scientific properties that really help you when you’re inside and you’ve got indoor plants. They’re actually really helpful for that. So we definitely have a lot of plans around the studio house that we water on a regular basis just to keep up with them and such.


 But we also have some light and music going, so we tend to play low five beats, which if any of you have ever heard of low five beats, it’s just really calm music. There aren’t new words we just played in the background as something that’s supposed to be relaxing and calming. So that’s one of the things that we do for sure. Curtis music Academy that we play. Things like calm music, it’ll have warm color. Coco is, I should say our center’s just really light, not obnoxious or we know we don’t want anything to be obnoxious or even remotely taggy because tacky, tacky, definitely not what we’re going for here at Curtis music Academy. 


So want to make sure that everything is pretty trendy and tasteful and kind of can stand the test of time. So that’s what we look for when we’re designing the space and picking out the car and things of that nature. The couches are a nice gray color. I think the color is pretty important to that because the color just says a lot about, you know, the space and it makes you feel more comfortable if it’s just a calm, normal color and not something weird, not a crazy color of any sort. So that’s something that we definitely do, as silly as it might sound, but we do focus a lot on color. So all of our studio spaces decorated the same color scheme. We don’t switch it up, which I think actually plays a really big role because I know that in spaces where every room is different, I think that’s actually really causes tension. 


And give you high anxiety when you go to different rooms and they’re painted bright colors and it’s all different colors, things like that. We tried our best to make sure that the both the same rooms are the same in the sense that obviously they are different because they’re two separate Rams and they’ve got different things in them, but the color of the walls are the same. The color scheme in the furniture, the same things like that. So the other room, just to bring out the first studio room, which we liked the most, it has a window in. 


It actually has four windows, so the four windows really help with the aesthetic in there. There is truly just something incredibly special, calming, and relaxing about having warm natural light in a space. Its really great. I do believe that studies have shown that natural light really does boost levels of chemicals in ones brain that put them in a better mood, so since we always want our students to be in an awesome mood while taking guitar lessons Tulsa, we are sure to provide them with the natural light that they need here at Curtis Music Academy.