Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Finding Success Through Perseverance

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As a guitar instructor in Tulsa, we have found many different ways that students are able to find success, especially younger students that have a difficult time starting out, but they persevere and stick through it and these are the students that are able to express musically very interesting ideas and to show others just how successful one could be by taking guitar lessons. Now as a younger student that is having a difficult time, especially on the guitar where it’s a very challenging thing to play the guitar and through the strength that is required and through the placement of the fingers that is required of the students because precision is key. However, many students will find success through perseverance and attempting to do their best for a long period of time. This is especially true for people that choose to dive into guitar lessons Tulsa. And so with a younger student who is likely to be in school, whether that’s middle school or high school or even grade school, 


one of the amazing things that you can witness as an instructor is how consistent practice with an instrument helps students in all areas of their lives. And there has been many different researched topics about how music in general being able to play music helps people with their brain activity as well as their ability to understand mathematics and different educational topics. And although that is all true, what I would like to talk about today is the organization and the the commitment and the self control that is required for students to practice an instrument for a diligent amount of time for weeks, months or even years. 


And this is in turn a very important feat to be able to do so that students can use this same thing to homework to difficult things that are presented to them and if they are able to find success in the guitar lessons Tulsa, especially when it is very difficult for younger students who are starting out. But if they are able to find success in that they are able to look in different areas of their lives as they grow up and find that when a person is diligent and when a person is consistent with their progress, that they can come out on top. For instance, many people will experience a time in their life where they have a difficulty with paying their bills and are you a student that has practiced they guitar and found the diligence in that they will be able to see the correlation and understand that a student that learns to give it their all and to do their best, they will find success in all areas of their life throughout the course of putting in the work. 


Many people here in America have a entitlement ideology. They feel as though things should be given to them and that they shouldn’t work hard to be successful. They shouldn’t have to find what works for them, which is completely opposite of what is required for guitar lessons Tulsa. They should just be able to sit around and be successful through the hard work of others and through our ancestors. And while in America we live in a day and age where many opportunities are afforded two people. The ideology that we can’t have things handed out to us for free is not something that will ever be represented in the musical community because nothing is easy when it comes to learning an instrument. It’s not an easy feat. It just takes consistency and the ability to continue to progress in an instrument for many years, and this is what you would want to see through teaching a younger student is the consistency that is required to move forward and develop as a musician and as well as a human being. Because all of the things that are worth it in our lives are given to us by hard work and if it’s not hard to achieve it, then it’s not celebrated and it is not 


valued as a commodity or as whatever it is that the item would be described as. If it was easy to learn an instrument, if it was easy to learn to play the guitar, nobody would need to take guitar lessons Tulsa and there wouldn’t be such a high value for these celebrities who are able to play an instrument outrageously well and that’s because it’s difficult to achieve the success that celebrities are able to have. It’s the same way with football. It’s the same way with sports. If it weren’t easy for these athletes to achieve this success that they had gotten, then there wouldn’t be these celebrities on the NFL. Making millions of dollars because everybody would have the opportunity to do that. And so this idea where things should be handed to you are just not seen in the realm of sports and in the realm of musicality and other things. 


And so because of this students that are able to learn an instrument and practice that consistency is the key. Some students, students will practice for five minutes a day. Some students will practice 50 minutes a day or even an hour a day. And the whole thing about this is that what we want to see with our students is not just a 30 minute lesson every week and then they go home and drop the instrument down. We want to see consistency throughout the course of their guitar lessons Tulsa. And so if a student practices for five minutes a day every day, we would rather have that happen than for a student to practice for 10 minutes twice a week or for 20 minutes twice a week. The consistency and the daily practice is going to be what helps that student to succeed quicker than the amount of time that they put into it. 


It’s the same thing with working out. If we work out at the gym and we twice a month, the likelihood of us finding success in our athletic goals is very slim. However, if someone goes to the gym every day, the likelihood of their, of their athletic goals to be achieved is much more likely, if not inevitable. That’s because consistency is what it takes to be successful. So if you are a student or someone that is interested in taking guitar lessons Tulsa, one of the things that you should be looking out for is not whether or not this will be difficult or whether or not you are musical, because that’s frankly quite irrelevant. The whole thing is that it requires consistent time over a long period of time. It’s not something that will be achieved in one month, but through consistency, you will find success as a musician, as you take lessons.