Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Perseverance

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So now I want to talk about perseverance as it relates to taking guitar lessons. So I know that perseverance is often a term that’s thrown around whenever you don’t want to do something or it’s getting hard, tough and you need some motivation. Everyone says, hey, you got to persevere. But what does it truly mean? Well, I think that perseverance means that we need to push through the difficulties, push through the pain, the things that hurt and things that are difficult and keep moving forward towards our goals. So I think that the biggest way that perseverance relates to taking music lessons is that sometimes you’re learning really difficult things. In fact, most of music is pretty difficult and it takes a lot of practice and time and effort and accredited music academy. We want to make sure that we help you through every single step of that. 


But one thing that is required on the student’s end is just general perseverance. For example, one way that you can develop perseverance is by setting a musical goal for yourself. I talked recently in a podcast about the importance of goals and why we need to know what they are here at Curtis Music Academy so that we can tailor each of our lessons towards the musical goal. But another way that they’re important that I didn’t really talk about is that they’d help you develop perseverance. Let’s say you’re wanting to learn a song to play for your dad. Let’s say he’s sick and you need to learn a song to play for him, and that’s why you decided to take lessons. 


Well, perseverance in this case would mean when this song gets really difficult or when you’re starting to get bored with your lessons, it means that you should look at your goal, the thing that you started, the reason why you started taking music lessons in the first place. You should look at this and think to yourself, wow, I took these for a reason and I’m going to finish them because of the same reason. So perseverance is actually completely internally revolving around your personal musical goals that you set for yourself and it’s pretty easy to set goals. Like I said earlier, I think one of the best ways to send music goals is through remembering why you started taking guitar lessons Tulsa to begin with and sticking to them because the same reason. Now obviously your goals will shift throughout taking lessons.


 So let’s say you accomplish your first goal. Let’s say you set a goal specifically to learn one song while you finally learned it. Does that mean you’re going to stop taking guitar lessons Tulsa? Probably not. But you can always set new goals and that’s the thing about goals and why they’re so awesome is that they could constantly be evolving and changing with you and your own musical tastes. So for example, if you came in and you started wanting to learn classical music, you started doing it, learning classical music, you maybe decide that you don’t like it as much as you thought you did well then, or you can just do is change your goal, start learning something else. We’re really flexible here at Curtis Music Academy and we want to teach you whatever you want to learn genuinely. 


So if your goal changes halfway through, then heck will change with you. It won’t change the course of our guitar lessons Tulsa to match whatever you’re wanting to learn as a student. So I think perseverance is incredibly important because it helps you to stick to what you’re doing. It makes it worthwhile to push through when things get hard. I know I started taking guitar lessons Tulsa and I kind of just got burned out. I didn’t even take them very long, but when I did, I guess I didn’t have a clear enough goal or maybe it just got not as exciting. 


I didn’t stick to that goal. Well, if I would have ticked a my goal, it would have been extreme perseverance because I didn’t really want to. But this perseverance is really crucial in taking guitar lessons Tulsa. And if you don’t have perseverance then you’re not gonna last very long because music gets hard fast and actually kind of starts hard for a lot of people. But at Curtis Music Academy, we try our hardest to make sure that our guitar lessons Tulsa start and end and they’re all easy and very incomprehensible because we do have a ton of experience and taking guitar lessons Tulsa. So we know that it can be hard. And with the pool of people that we have, we really work together to try and make it as easy as possible to teach our students because of all the experience that we have combined.


 I think that’s really awesome thing about Curtis Music Academy is that we do have so much experience that we are really able to rely on that experience and work with one another to make teaching as as understandable as possible for our students. So that’s something that really differentiates us from everyone else that we focus a lot of perseverance. We actually have a poster hanging up in our living room where our little couches are and stuff. It says there’s a difference between a diligent Duer and to happy hoper and a diligent doer is someone that has perseverance. So on this graph it shows a person that keeps going up the mountain. When things get hard, they continue on up to their goal because they look at their goal, they’re always looking forward and trying to improve themselves, and they recognize that it’s going to get hard and that it requires a lot of work to stick to it. 


And the diligent door is the one reaches all of their goals and ends up really satisfied and happy with their music lesson experience. Overall. On the other hand, we’ve got the happy hoper and this happening over it does not have perseverance, so they might have musical goals, but they’re not acting on them. They’re not doing the things that they should be doing to accomplish them. That means that when things get hard, they switch and they try to learn something new. Well, you can’t really learn something new unless you’ve got the basics down. If you got all the fundamentals and you’ve practiced, you can’t really continue on to something new and that’s what the happy hoper does. 


So we try to produce a lot of village and doers here at Curtis Music Academy, people who have a ton of perseverance, and we’ll keep taking their guitar lessons Tulsa when things get hard because difficulty is inevitable. It’s just a fact of life and it just affected music in general. So we try to have diligent doers instead of happy hopers so that everyone can accomplish the musical goals and can learn all the things that they genuinely want to learn, and then we can help them get there. So we help people develop perseverance by helping them set musical goals for themselves and by encouraging them and building them up and helping them when it gets difficult. Because like I said, it will get difficult. And our job as music instructors here at Christian Music Academy is to help all of our students through that.