Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Perseverance in Lessons

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This next topic is going to be about how to persevere and stay the course with guitar lessons Tulsa. I am a guitar teacher in Tulsa. I give guitar lessons Tulsa, you know, and I’ve been teaching probably for about five years, going on six years now. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12. I am now 23 and I’ve been playing for 11 years and in that 11 years I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve learned principles, I’ve mastered basics and am learning new knowledge on top of my, the foundation that I have laid and also that others have helped me lay at, you know, my instructors have helped me lay. 


It’s important for us to persevere in trial and tribulation and trial and persevere and stay the course when things get hard because the reward is on the other side. On the other side, like will Smith says there is bliss on the other side of fear. I really, I liked that he said that it kind of just kind of adds to this concept. It’s not fear that you have, but it’s hard to persevere when things get tough whenever you’re giving guitar lessons Tulsa. As a guitar teacher, the biggest hurdle I think for a lot of beginners, beginner guitar players is the calluses. 


And a lot of times when you’re, when you’re learning guitar, this, depending on what type of guitar you are learning on, but you know, there are three different types that we most I’m most encounter when it comes to guitar students. It is the steel string guitar, which is the modern day, you know, acoustic guitar, you have the flamenco or the classical style guitar. They’re both two different types, but the classical guitar and it has nylon strings, so a little bit lighter, a little bit easier to play, a little bit more flimsy. And then you have the electric guitar who is typically nine times out of 10 has thinner strings and her easier to play. 


I highly suggest that an electric guitar for a, for a basic lesson and a S and a beginner student, it is far more easier to play on a on an electric guitar than it is on a steel string guitar. It will improve your confidence and it improve your desire to learn when it’s not very difficult. Starting out. I would suggest the electric guitar for the beginner guitar plate, I would suggest steel string for the transition from an interview beginner guitar player to an intermediate guitar player and I would definitely go with as steels train or a nylon string guitar from intermediate to advanced. 


This will at least ensure that you are not trying to overcome too much, too early. One way you can persevere and stay the course in your guitar lessons Tulsa by your guitar teacher is to practice often practiced off practice. Often you want to practice at least 30 to 45 minutes a day with a guitar minimum of 20 minutes, so anywhere from 20 to 20 minutes to 45 minutes, we’ll definitely ensure that you know you are building callouses in, in the correct, in a timely manner and that it won’t last too long. If you are practicing 20 to 30 minutes a day, Monday through Friday, you should have your callouses built within four to five weeks and they will cease to be sore. They will start to, the soreness will start to lessen, but it will increase the longer you play, the more you push your fingers to to play for longer periods of time, 


help you to play for long periods of time and up your practicing time. Whenever you begin to develop calluses, let’s say that you’re practicing 30 minutes a day and you have been for the last four weeks. You start to see callouses building up on your fingers. You start to notice, Hey, I can play for a little bit longer. I can play for probably an hour straight and at that hour then my fingers begin to feel sore. Well, that’s awesome. I would say if you can play for an hour and you notice, Hey, after an hour, my fingers then begin to become sore.


 II would up your practice time to from 30 minutes to 45 minutes a day, Monday through Friday for the next four or five weeks after that, you’ll notice, Hey, I can pretty much play for an hour and a half without my fingers being sore. And so I, once you noticed that I had up at another 15 minutes, I would start to play maybe for an hour a day. You know, whether that’s what the first with a song or maybe you’re playing a riff or lick or you’re just sitting at the couch on the couch watching TV. It’s awesome to do that. By the way, whenever you’re just practicing a scale and you’re just watching TV and you’re just getting better while you’re having fun watching TV, you’re just enjoying yourself, man. 


I just personally, I love those times. It’s just awesome and it’s so productive. Right? Two and two things at once. That’s the type of, that is definitely the type of multitasking I like. So you know, this, this topic of, you know, staying the course, the persevering, how to persevere and stay the course through guitar lessons Tulsa is, is all about your desire. It’s all about, you know, being strategic about our growth and staying the course, staying encouraged, you know, taking things one baby step at a time is the sure way to stay the course and persevere through your guitar lessons Tulsa. 


If you have a little wins, little wins lead to big wins. And so create as many little wins for yourself and your instructor will also help you create little wins for yourself as much as possible. Breaking down big goals into hundreds of little wins, tons, tens of little wins so that you can begin to build correctly, right, and reach the, the desired goal that you’re trying to achieve. This will help along with keeping things fun and maybe playing a game, maybe maybe playing with a friend, maybe just riffing with a friend, jamming with a friend. This will kind of help create some fun times and kind of allows you and an audience and a time to really experience the guitar skills you’ve learned this far. 


You know, kind of embellish embellishment into just and indulge into the gift and the gift and the gift of knowledge, the gift of you know, practice and your heart and seeing what your hard work has earned you, you know, that’s what happens in those jam sessions with your friends, with your dad or your mom is, man, I’ve been working so hard. Let’s put this to work and see what I can do now. You know? And so you grab a friend and say, Hey man, play your song and I’ll just kind of riff over you with this new scale that I learned, you know? 


And so, and see how long you guys can do that without your fingers being sore and maybe even time yourself. Man. It’s, it’s really fun to learn with others and to play with others, who are as good, if not better than you because it grows you at the same time you get to see kind of where you’re at and maybe things you would like to maybe learn moving forward and things that maybe your friend will do and you’re like, Oh man, how’d you do that? I’m going to ask my guitar teacher if, if they can help me learn that, you know. 


So staying the course is all about making and enjoying the journey, the journey, enjoy the journey, enjoy the journey by taking baby steps, making little wins. You know, instructors, this is very important and I’m speaking to the choir here. I’m an instructor and have been for five going on six years. And I find that sometimes it is challenging to make, you know, guitar lessons Tulsa fun for your students, but it’s all about figuring it out, you know, figure out what makes them tick, what things would be fun. Kind of throw a left fielder, just something just wack and just, you know what? Hey, we’re going to test your skills right here for this lesson, for the half of this lesson. And, I think you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of doing. And maybe it’s going to surprise you and maybe you’re going to be super excited to learn some more guitar.