Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Picking Songs

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Finding songs that are enjoyable to play for your students. So throughout the course of taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, you may notice that some instructors pick out songs that are really awesome. Why off some other instructors might pick out some songs that are really not awesome. So what we want to do as a guitar lessons tulsa instructors is to make sure that our students never have to play a song that is not awesome. We definitely want our students to enjoy learning and playing the guitar lessons tulsa without having to play a song that is really boring or not exciting. So if you are playing the guitar lessons tulsa and you’re playing a song that is not awesome, then the problem is that you will be less motivated to play and you’ll be less motivated to master the song. So throughout the course of your lessons, you’ll want to speak with your guitar lessons tulsa instructor to make sure that you indeed are receiving awesome songs to play throughout the course of your lessons. If you are one of the people that would like to continue to progress with your guitar lessons in Tulsa, then if you have really awesome songs to play,

then you will be motivated to practice and do, you will progress in your instrument much quicker than someone who’s playing yeah. Communicate with your students to find out what it is that they enjoy playing and what it is that they enjoy listening to on the radio. If you can find out what interests your students, you’ll be able to pick songs much more efficiently that are awesome songs. Okay. Throughout the course of taking lessons, you will be more motivated to get better if you’re playing songs that you genuinely enjoy and songs that you just want to listen to and play along with. So it’s a very, very important thing to be able to play songs that you enjoy listening to and playing. Furthermore, some guitar lessons tulsa instructors are only able to pick songs that they themselves enjoy listening to.

So a lot of times your guitar lessons tulsa instructor is going to have their own preference for music, but if they are unable to branch out and appreciate other types of genres of music, then they’ll only be picking blink one 82 songs for you to play and you don’t even care about that band at all. Nor do you care about that specific genre. So you will definitely want to communicate that with your guitar lessons tulsa instructor so that he or she can pull out songs that are enjoyable for you to listen to and enjoyable for you to clay. Yeah. As for myself as the owner of Curtis Music Academy, we want to make sure that our students are continually progressing and learning different types of genres and learning different types of things with their lessons. So if a guitar instructor is teaching strumming and chords, we will also want to integrate scales and different modes and patterns throughout the course of their lessons.

And one of our guitar instructors does a great job of branching out even between genres. So if a student likes to stick with one specific genre key, we’ll make sure to help you to appreciate and become well versed in other types of genres as well. And the reason that this is honestly very, very important is because as a musician you will need to provide music to songs that you don’t necessarily love. And if you are a musician that is playing for a band, a cover band somewhere in Tulsa, you’ll notice that sometimes cover bands ask you to play songs that you don’t necessarily love or that it’s the genre that you would typically choose. So because of that, if you are a good enough musician to be able to play songs that are not in your wheel house, you will do a much better job in that situation than you would if you only knew how to play metal. Or if you only knew how to play punk rock.

Okay. So being able to, to find songs that you enjoy and songs that you can get your start in, but then being able to branch out and find other songs as well. That’s something that is very important. Besides the branching out of different genres. Another thing that you can be thinking about is as a guitar instructor in Tulsa, what you’ll want to do is pick the top five songs of any genre and go through and really dive into these different categories and find songs that are re gay. Find songs that are Celtic, find songs that are pop top 40 songs of 2020 top 40 songs of 2010 top 40 songs of 2000 find different areas in different genres and get a list of the songs that you can present to your students so that you’ll always have a song that they will enjoy and for a different type of genre.

If the student doesn’t necessarily like the genre as in they didn’t choose to learn this song. One thing that you can do is you can go through and play a few of the songs for that student and then asking him which song would you like to learn through this? And then they will let you know and that’s a great idea. If there’s a song that you are picking for your students, have a list that you can present to them so that they can pick and choose the song that they liked to learn as opposed to you just pulling it out and saying, we are going to learn this song. Unless of course they’re the ones that choose Two, learn the song, and if they’re the ones that picked this on. So those are all great ideas for an instructor that is having a difficult time picking songs and finding good songs for their students. But the biggest thing is to be in communication with your students to make sure that they are in fact enjoying the songs that the practicing and that they’re moving forward in that situation.