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Okay. In this edition of the Curtis Music Academy Podcast, I wanted to talk about this topic called the wow factor. You might not know what the wow factor is, but I guarantee most of you guys have been into a business or a music school, hopefully music school taking Guitar lessons Tulsa or in any office or maybe grocery store or maybe even your favorite store. This might be the reason why it was your favorite store is because you had the wow factor. You walked in and you immediately said, wow, something that this business corporation, brand, person, left one, special person, made you say, wow. Or they captivated your, your mind in such a way to where you outwardly expressed in the Houston the word wow. This is what we call the wow factor. And the wow factor is actually, what hooks people in, what allows the salesmen to sell, to sell. 


It’s called the wow factor. So that is what our wow factor is. Mind, just to begin, my name is Steven and I am an instructor here at Curtis Music Academy. I teach guitar lessons Tulsa and I also teach vocals. I’m also the administrator and I’ve been the main administrator for only about two months now. But I absolutely love this job is one of the best places, iif not the best place I’ve ever been privileged to work. And I, and the reason why I love it is because I get to do what I love to do. Just about every single day I get to teach children all the way from, you know, five and all the way, even adults all the way up to 65 and 70 sometimes. How to play music, how, how to enjoy an instrument and have fun with it. And so it is the greatest joy to be able to take someone from where they are to where they want to be. 


And I get to do that with music. And so, one example of the wow factor is w, you know, with Curtis Academy at least is when we over deliver and you can over deliver in a number of different ways. One way that we tend to over deliver and make it a point to over deliver at Curtis Music Academy is whenever we have a, what we call a first dollar lesson. If you didn’t know our first guitar lessons Tulsa for people are just a dollar, that is a wow factor in itself because it is a no brainer to go take a music lesson from place that’s only charging a dollar for the first time, right? There’s a low risk. It makes you half. You’re like, what a dollar. I could literally go buy a slushie or a piece of gum. Now I’m at quicker for just a dollar. 


So it just really makes it easy to snag and catch people with that because they’re like, wow. Immediately that they’re wowed that their first lesson is only going to be a dollar, not $30. You know? And so that’s one way we overdeliver, is by our first dollar lesson. Another way we tend to, overdeliver at Curtis Music Academy is when we have those guitar lessons Tulsa, when we actually are giving the lesson, the dollar lesson upon the dollar lesson. We love to over deliver in our material, in what we teach. It really is a really important point to what we do. And so basically, you know, if I have, and this has happened to me this week actually, so I had a student who signed up to be given a dollar lesson. The first lesson with us was guitar. It wasn’t with me incredible. 


A young guy and he was just really interested and eager to learn how to play guitar and learned some scales, learn some music theory and just be able to gig around town. And so I was able to put together, just a beginner lesson for him. But this, instead of just giving him, you know, the minimum material that I could have just given him, I chose to give him double what I normally would give a dollar lesson. And so this is now because of the response I got from this, the results I got from this. This is how I’ve chosen to create my lessons, moving my dollar guitar lessons Tulsa moving forward is to give double the material. And so what had happened was, you know, I had met the student, great guy was awesome. He’s taller than me, bigger than I was, seemed like a really cool dude and just loved music. 


He walked in and we shook hands, introduced ourselves, you know, another wow factor on along the path is where we offer them, you know, soda, water or coffee, and also tea. And so that just really is like, wow, you guys have beverages too. I didn’t even realize that this was part of my guitar lessons Tulsa! Oh my gosh. Like I’m getting a dollar lesson. Plus I’m getting beverages. This is like the best day so far. 


And so that’s one way we also allow, so we want to hit three wows by the time they are leaving our doors at Curtis Academy for the first one is with the lesson only being a dollar. The second with our hospitable, attributes and characteristics. At Curtis Academy. So when they walk in, they immediately feel at home. Even if they’re at a completely random place, they will feel comfortable at their guitar lessons Tulsa.


And then third is when we’re giving them the lesson and that’s what we’ll talk about over delivering within the lesson. I for this gentleman planned double the material and so I ended up giving him two documents before he left. 


And during, you know, I had, what I did first was ask him questions about himself and really got to know him and, you know, learn more about his past and his, his experience level with guitar and, his interest in music for what genres of music he enjoyed, things like that. And, really got a well rounded idea of who he was and what his skill level was and kind of what his goals were. That’s really the objective with the questions is to figure out their goal in the beginning of their guitar lessons Tulsa and where they’re wanting to go with music because that’s, that’s the bullseye. That’s where we want to hit. And so we want to take them from where they are to where they want to be. Second, I began to teach him, just basics on what he may have already known, but just wanted to cover those because always good to cover those. 


After I taught him the basics, which were anatomy of the guitar, the basic caged system c, a, g, e and d major. We went into a little bit more music theory, which he didn’t know yet, which was the g major scale. This is why guitar lessons Tulsa is so awesome. We get to teach our students thing that they don’t know! And so, not only did I teach them the g major scale, but it also taught him the musical alphabet, which really blew his mind. And he just like he would, he said three different times. Wow, this is more than I thought I would get. 


So that is one way I was able to, while this young man before he left credits academy and that really put it over. And so at the end of the lesson, we want to take their information and really get them, you know, sell them on, hey, you know, this is definitely the next move for you. Let’s get you signed up for the whole month and see you at the same time, if that works for you. So that’s really the goal is to close each of the guitar lessons Tulsa. This is what we did with flying colors and so I’ll be seeing him next week. 


That is simply one example of just over delivering is, you know, with the third way we over deliver is just giving them so much, not too much, but just enough material for them to be successful. For them to be like, “Wow! If this is what it’s going to be like every single lesson and if this is what I learned in 30 minutes, I can’t imagine what I’ll be able to learn in a month or even two months or even six months time.” So that’s what really sells them. And you want to make sure that you give them that wow factor in each of the guitar lessons Tulsa that you actually hear them say, wow. 


And so don’t let them leave until you’ve, they’ve said, wow, if they haven’t said, well, probably didn’t do a good enough job. That  you want to definitely make it a point to wow them. And then, thirdly, you know, just here are some, you know, quotes from some of the greats, you know, everyone knows while Disney and Walt Disney world and how, you know, people have been for the years in decades, been amazed at what Walt Disney has, been able to accomplish. And with Disney world and these characters and the Disney land, Disney world, the excellence level, when people go to Disneyland, they are wowed. So, Disney always, always is able to deliver on the wow factor. So a notable quotable from Walt Disney, he says, whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again. This is what we want our guitar lessons Tulsa to be like.


And they want to bring others and show them how well you did and what you do. And so, that was from Walt Disney, another amazing guy, Napoleon Hill. He was the mentor of Andrew Carnegie. He says, I’m going, the extra mile is the action of rendering more and better service than that for which you are presently paid. When you go the extra mile during guitar lessons Tulsa, the law of compensation comes into play. And, lastly, the last, notable quotes I’m going to leave with you was my former boss, Clay Clark. I think the number one business man in the world. Incredible man, one of the, a great human being to work for and genuinely cares about people and where they’re going in life. And he says, the most selfish thing you can do for the growth of your wallet and Your Business is to wow the customer by consistently delivering more and better than they expect. And so really, I think the principle here is to give more than expected. It’s doing more than what was asked of, of yourself. So really those who you know, give and deliver, the more you give, I believe the more you receive. That’s more like a biblical principle. But I’m over deliver over proof over deliver, over, deliver, over, deliver. And then soon, one day you’ll be overpaid.