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We recognize at Curtis Music Academy that at home you’re supposed to be doing the things that are just the mundane. If you keep messing up on this one note, just practice that muscle memory, things of that nature. Just be sure that your fingers are constantly active. If you’re playing the piano or even like guitar, that muscle memory is something that you’re definitely building at home and just expounding upon and learning new stuff. So people who are diligent doers are using that lesson time to go over the things that they struggle with and they’re using their practice time. Did you go over the things that are just mundane, not the actual hard stuff.


 So that really important for us at Curtis music Academy to do that. Make sure that our students are properly prepared to go home and practice. So another way that we have prepared our students to have all the resources necessary to them is by providing those resources for them. So we have a sheet on the back of our Curtis music Academy differentiator sheet. We have a large list of things that says, you know what we offer here at Curtis music Academy, and that’s in a couple of different categories, but sometimes we offer things like sight reading and composing, things like that that you wouldn’t get in a normal music Academy. 


But we have so many musical experts at Curtis music Academy, people who have actually studied this and they’re really good at teaching well-rounded things. So they’re not just teaching UPN or guitar or also capable of teaching you songwriting or composing or vocal. These are things that are really supplemental to your guitar lessons Tulsa. But this sheet kind of just goes over all of the resources that we offer. And at the end of it, it talks about the resources that we offer you at home. And I think this is the biggest part, biggest thing that we do better at Curtis music Academy is the things that we are allowing you to take home with you.


So like I mentioned, we do send our students home every day with specific things to practice. Typically we read them down on one sticky note for them, but additionally, if they’re struggling with something during the week, let’s say they had a piano lesson on Monday and come Wednesday, they go to practice and they really cannot figure out how to practice what it was. They don’t really remember where their fingers are supposed to go. They can just give us a call. I cred to music Academy, Ron or I are basically always available for a phone call and you can just call or email or even text us and just say, Hey Ron, I’m really struggling with this.


Can you, can you remind me how to do that? And we have a ton of resources available to our students to make that possible. So one of the things that we do is we can record us playing with our fingers. So we’ll just take a video of our fingers on the piano playing the part that they’re struggling with. They can even give us specific measures and we’ll pull up that song for them and just play it so that they can see where your fingers get. That is. I think one of the craziest things that we do that’s so obvious in one of the easiest ways to remember the piece that you’re trying to play in guitar lessons Tulsa. 


But not a lot of music schools do that. But we definitely do that here at Curtis music Academy. We’re really good at sending those supplemental videos, things like that. We can also send you an arranged copy. If you lose your copy of the music, we can send it to you again cause you’ve got all of those saved, things like that. We want to make sure that we are just truly an adequately prepping our students for when they get home because we know that that’s when all of the real, the real hard stuff happens and that’s where you really need to be actively practicing, keep up with all the stuff that you’re learning in your guitar lessons Tulsa. 


So no matter what instrument you’re learning, whether it’s guitar, piano, or vocal, we offer a ton of resources. So just like I said, we could send a video of us playing the piano piece. We can do the same for guitar. I didn’t really mention that, but guitar is no exception. So I know a lot of our younger students really struggle with where to put their fingers when they’re learning guitar in guitar lessons Tulsa. And that’s where we’ve created documents, like the guitar anatomy sheet that tells you exactly what every part of the guitar does, tell you exactly why it is the way that it is. 


And it also just shows you where your fingers are supposed to go and tells you what makes the noise. Things like that. Just really helpful tips for people who have never really played a guitar before. I know personally, I don’t know anything about the guitar and I, if I were thrown into a first lesson, I would really be completely clueless as to what everything does and how you can play it. So I’m really glad that we have the sheet. I think it’s super awesome way to let our students know and be prepared when they get home from, from the guitar lessons Tulsa. So we can send videos, we can send copies of music, we can also arrange songs.


 I haven’t really talked about that in this podcast yet, but I’ve definitely talked about it before in previous articles. But we arrange songs for our students based on their individual and specific needs. So we know all of our students are at different places, and so we recognize that we can’t just give the same stunk to every student because it’s not in their playing level. So one of the things that we do that’s really awesome for our students would arrange music specific to them in guitar lessons Tulsa.