Guitar Lessons Tulsa | A Day In The Life of An Amazing Instructor

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Today is Saturday, February 20th and I just wanted to go through, Oh, it’s not the 20th it is the 22nd that is correct. It is the 22nd and today at Curtis music Academy I taught about 10 students. We had quite a few different cancellations due to sickness and illness and through other events. However, through Curtis music Academy we talk about 20 students today despite many cancellations and we are just so ecstatic to be with all of the different people in Tulsa who are learning piano and who are learning to play a musical instrument because we genuinely appreciate all of the things that these students are learning and working towards to benefiting the progression of learning the piano. 


So on a typical Saturday, I typically wake up around eight o’clock and I begin teaching piano lessons at eight 30 and as I begin to get ready for teaching the piano lessons, I look at my calendar and I look to see if there’s any students that I am not prepared for well before I begin teaching any lessons. That way. If I need to prepare or if I need to create a new document or I need to purchase some new songs, I will have that ready to go before my students arrive. Many institutions or instructors assume that it is their job to teach a student when they walk in the door to the time that they leave, and this is exactly why Curtis music Academy does things very differently. 


We are not there to teach a student from three to three 30 and then say goodbye. We are there to think about them in between the lesson and to think of ways that we can help them to grow despite the fact that we only see them for 30 minutes a week. We are thinking about our students every single lesson and we’re thinking about them in between those lessons as well. So at eight 30 if my first lesson begins, I am thinking about them far before that. When I wake up, I’m brushing my teeth and I’m getting things ready so that I can be prepared for teaching our students at Curtis music Academy and for our other instructors. We have instilled greatness in it is that they can come and see you, what they are instructing their students as exactly what the students need to see and exactly what the students need to progress further in the next step of learning to play the guitar. 


Throughout the course of learning an instrument, many students find that there are certain fundamental techniques or basic rhythms and notes that can be a little bit tricky to understand. And unless that practice is put into their fingers multiple times, the technique will not be received. And because of that, we certainly want to help our students to learn the technique in a fun and enriching way. If the student is unable to receive that information in a fun way and it starts to get boring. And the fact is, whether it is a musical instrument or any other technique, some things are just flat out boring. But it’s very important to get started with those techniques so that as you progress and as you move forward, you are not limited to those fundamental techniques that once caused you to be difficult and playing the piano.


 So with that being said, many of our instructors prepare for our guitar lessons Tulsa for various hours each week. One of our instructors sets up shop at 11:00 AM on Mondays despite not having a single lesson on Monday. And that’s because that instructor wants to be prepared for every single one of his guitar lessons Tulsa for the upcoming week because he doesn’t have any students on Monday. That allows him to move forward and progress as an instructor to teach the students that he wants to teach and to move forward and get all of the things done that he needs in the week in that short amount of time moving forward. Some of our instructors get to the studio early every single day. 


So if you have a guitar student at three o’clock this specific guitar instructor will arrive at the studio around one o’clock two hours early to prepare for the guitar lessons Tulsa that she will be teaching that day. Now, two hours or an entire day may sound like a lot. However, as you continue to teach and you get better at teaching students of all different age groups and all different levels, then you get better and you don’t have to prepare quite as long. And that’s because you kind of have a system in place. However, you really have to be careful because at Curtis music Academy we certainly do not want to fall into a pattern where all of our students are doing the exact same thing.


 Despite their goals changing. We want to be able to manipulate the way that we go through things so that we can allow our students to grow and maximize the potential to reach their goal more fluidly. Every single lesson we want to push towards that goal, every single lesson. So with that being said, if we are stuck in our ways, then we are not maximizing the potential to reach someone’s goal. If it is a child or someone who just wants to learn the basics of an instrument, it might be a little bit easier to go into the pathway that each and every student does with every single lesson. 


And that’s perfectly fine if they are excited about their guitar lessons Tulsa and if they’re progressing as a musician. However many students, especially adults, might have a change to what the standard person would be going through for learning an instrument. If a student is excited about learning a song for his or her engagement, then perhaps all of the information that you teach is working towards teaching that student a song by ed Sheeran called thinking out loud because that’s every single person who has ever been engaged. That is the song that was playing when they proposed. 


It’s a fact. So with that being said, make sure to mix things up in your guitar lessons Tulsa. Don’t let every single student go through the exact same thing every single time. You should be able to help students grow and help your students to reach toward that goal during every single 30 minute guitar lessons Tulsa that you have with them, whether it’s 30 minutes or one hour for 45 minutes, it doesn’t matter. That lesson is designated for the fact that you are helping that student reach towards their goal to be more adapt to playing their instrument or to reaching their goal of playing whatever song it is that they’re looking to play or to perform at whatever event that they are looking to perform it. That is the purpose of an instructor. We are here to make our students lives easier and more adequate for learning an instrument. And that is why Curtis music Academy is different than everyone else.


 In fact, our first lesson is just $1 and that is why we love to see people walking through our doors and taking a lesson for the very first time for just $1. That way they can come in, have a phenomenal experience and even if they don’t continue to take guitar lessons Tulsa with us, we had the opportunity to meet with you for 30 minutes and give you a re Regulus experience and to help you to understand music even a little bit more. And when you walked in. And that is our goal at Curtis music Academy to help all of our students to grow and to reach their maximum potential throughout the course of taking guitar lessons Tulsa. And that is why we want you to be successful because every single person in Tulsa has the capability to become a phenomenal musician. Every single person in Tulsa has the potential to become an Austin musician.