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It just to serves as a guideline for the instructor, just to make sure that they’re keeping up with the things the students should be learning. That’s why we use the book. That’s why we use the guitar curriculum that I was talking about, so it is important that we have that book readily available to them. Now for a lot of firsts guitar lessons Tulsa, we don’t want to just give them a book if we’re not sure that they’re going to stay with us at Curtis music Academy, that would be silly as kind of just a waste of money. So what we do is we usually, for a first lesson, maybe second lesson as well, we’ll just copy the book. 


So we’ll make a copy for them so that they can have something to go home and practice that we’ll move up proof and then to give them, that’s one of the biggest things with piano is that you’ve got something tangible to give them so they know exactly which practice in a book is a great way to do that. Taking something home is really critical especially for first time students because like I said it is essentially just tangible proof that they learned everything or at least something in their lesson. They will be able to look back and remember exactly what they learned. 


So we’ll just give to them so that they can have something to take home with them. And then if they decide to take guitar lessons Tulsa, we usually have a book provided for them by the next lesson or so. But since copying things takes so much time out of time, we’ll work on, you know, scanning things and making sure that it’s available to us quickly so that they can have it prepared for the lesson. So when a student walks into the lesson room, we want to make sure that the music is all there for them, that they have the music which does tap, but that the instructor also has a construct just in case the student forgets because it is obviously the integrative responsibility to teach and to teach the music that they’re teaching them. So it’s pretty critical that we’ve got the abuser prepared for them. 


And then piano books that I’ve been talking about as really important, so we haven’t bought more than one piano book. I think that the same brand and everything, but one is for adults and one’s for kids. There’s also beginner and advanced books. So a lot of times the kids will go up to the advanced book. If they do well, they’ll do it. Go up to the adult book if they’re really flying through. Or now that we have at least one student that’s in the adult book, but he’s just a kid that’s cause he just flew to the kid book and is moving on to more advanced things, more advanced concepts. But like I said, the piano books really just serves as a guideline. So if a student comes in and they say, Hey, I really want to learn this specific song, whatever it might be, want to make sure that we have the availability to do that. 


So it’s not something so strict in sterile, it’s more of something that’s fluid. It just gives us a guideline. So if a student comes in and they want to learn something specific, we’re definitely gonna prefer that for them. Like I said before, we can, you know, arrange music in any way to meet their specific tastes and meet their specific playing skills and capacity, things of that nature. So we’re always ready to teach them for whatever they might need to learn, and we want to make sure that we have all the resources provided to them to do so. It is one of the things that we have found really separates us from every other music academy that we have seen or have been to or even the one that I attended for a short while is that its so important to give the students the resources that they truly need to succeed.


 If you think about it, its not very cool of a music academy to not provide those resources, but we have found that so often they do not. It is a bad idea to set your students up for failure by not preparing them with the materials and resources that they quite literally will need to be successful. There is quite literally a physical barrier between the student and success when we do not provide them with necessary resources and some things as simple and easy as a piano book or guitar tabs. If we are a music academy that truly cares about the success of its students and wants to see them succeed, then it is absolutely critical that we address their needs through providing resources. 


At curtis music academy we teach guitar lessons Tulsa with caring for students and helping them succeed as our primary purpose so its critical that we are upholding that through materials. At Curtis Music Academy I truly believe that we go above and beyond when it comes to providing resources for our students, as we have access to some really amazing and cool and awesome software that allows us to physically arrange the music ourselves on the computer and since we have such amazing instructors at Curtis Music Academy they are able to use the software to their advantage and help students by making sure they have the music they need. 


With this cool software we at Curtis Music Academy can make guitar lessons Tulsa even better because the student will not have to wait months to play the songs that they want to play. They will be able to play it pretty quickly because our amazing instructors will be able to write out and arrange that song specifically to the needs of the student. They are able to adjust things like the note patterns and chords and make sure that it matches the students exact playing level and range when taking guitar lessons Tulsa.