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If you own a music academy, one of the things that you will absolutely face is when an instructor is not as awesome of a person as you first anticipated. Now we are going to be discussing some of the different key points of why somebody might not measure up to what you originally anticipated, but the majority of the time it is actually simply based on false representation of a specific person. So when they are being interviewed, they may present a persona or they may answer questions that they felt was the right thing to say, which apparently was because you were the one to hire them. But then as they start teaching guitar lessons Tulsa, you may realize this person, what they said is not what they are doing. It’s not how they are presenting themselves.

So you have to be careful. If you want to hire high quality people, you have to be able to read through their answers and to establish the true genuine person that you’re observing. One of our instructors mentioned that they are, are so in love with teaching that they only want to see students succeed, that they are excited about sharing their gifts with others. And we were excited to give them the opportunity to develop this opportunity of teaching music. And so we had a few students that were interested in taking guitar lessons Tulsa. And what ended up happening was this instructor taught the very first lesson with this student and did a phenomenal job. And the very next lesson, one week later the student took their lesson and the instructor hurried and rushed through the content and then only 15 minutes into the lesson they ended and rushed the student out the door and pushed them along.

And interestingly enough, this student was neglected 15 minutes of a lesson. They were prevented from learning twice as much content as they should have learned. And this was my first red flag. I was very, very concerned for this student that was not able to receive the full amount of instruction that they should have received in a week time. So as I spoke with the instructor, we worked it out. But you have to be careful. Why is this instructor choosing to neglect a student that is providing an essential amount of time to drive out to the lesson, to practice throughout the week, but yet they aren’t even able to practice for 15 minutes during their lesson time. This is concerning. And so you have to be careful because you never know what type of instructor you have. And so this is where accountability comes in tremendously. One of the things that we provide at Curtis Music Academy is cameras.

And if you have cameras in your studios, you need to view those cameras. This is perhaps one of the most important things when it comes to holding your staff accountable. It’s not enough to have cameras. It is not enough for you to be able to access those cameras at any given point. You 100% need to be able to store the footage of those cameras, either on the Internet cloud or on a hard drive or whatever. Because the thing is, I would have never known that my student, my personal student that is here at Curtis Music Academy to learn music, I would have never known that they were cheated out of 50% of the lesson that they were supposed to have. Had I not had those cameras where I looked back and viewed the lesson and saw that my student that contacted us to learn to play the piano was not in their lesson 15 minutes after they had taken the guitar lessons Tulsa. So you have to be careful. The other thing about cameras is that we have found our instructors of past doing strange things. We have found instructors being careless in their lessons and this is 100% unacceptable. There is absolutely no reason for a student to waste their time during a lesson. So to understand the full scheme of the situation, that’s what happened. So there’s absolutely no reason why an adult or a child needs to sit there and waste their time.

And if we didn’t have the accountability to have our team meetings every week to say, this is what we’re doing, well this is what we can improve on, then we wouldn’t even know that this is a value of Curtis Music Academy. That Curtis Music Academy under no situation cusses, we don’t waste the time of our students. We end lessons on time, we start lessons on time. This would be something that would be unavailable to our instructors. But now our instructors are amazing. We continue to develop as an academy and as we continue to develop our guitar lessons Tulsa, we not only get better as instructors, we also get better as teachers. We also get better as a family, as a community that is constantly learning how to do things better. And the best thing about being in community is that we get the feedback of multiple instructors on how not only one individual could do things better. We also get the feedback of how we can collectively do things better. We can provide more resources, we can provide more videos for our students, we can provide all sorts of information to better the impact of our students. And so that’s one of the things that hurt us, Music Academy strives for, is ensuring that our students receive the full benefit of their money, that they receive a full benefit of the time that they have with us because we want to see them grow. We don’t want to see them fail. We want to see them succeed and not to quit. The only way for this to happen is by constantly providing feedback and accountability to our staff and instructors.