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All right. Today my topic, I’m going to be talking about why it is important to be on time and never be late to a guitar lesson. It is so vital that we manage our time well because if we don’t, we can’t manage anything. That is a great quote from the Amazing Clay Clark about Guitar lessons Tulsa and really just life. If you can manage your time, you can’t manage anything. And so I’ve taken this quote to be very serious in my life. I’ve taken that bit of information and applied it everywhere I could with my life. I’ve been promoted in areas because of this and applying this, but it’s the doer that is blessed and so, but that does not mean that I’m perfect. There have been occasions recently where I have been late to a lesson and what I learned was hilariously that I never want to do that again. 


And so it causes mayhem, it causes frustration, it causes lots of emotions for many people involved at the time of said person being late, but it is a learning experience. We all have things that we’re working on and we’re not perfect, but it’s important that we be consistent. And one of the ways we can be consistent is to be on time, to plan our day in the morning and stick to the plan until the day is over. And so this particular occasion, the person that was late to their lesson was me. I was late to my guitar lesson. Now I did have things that Kinda kind of got in the way and it was almost inevitable for me to be late. But nonetheless, excuses are for losers and I’m the loser. I’m someone who always wants to get better at my Guitar lessons Tulsa and be on time for these Guitar lessons Tulsa. 


And so I took it as a learning experience this particular time or this time. And what I learned was I need to be more punctual when I have things going on in the day. I need to start in, in things on time. And one of the reasons why I was late to this lesson is because of an event earlier in the day that I was not very punctual with. Therefore, I ended up late to a guitar lesson and it was a significant amount of time that I was late. I was 10 minutes late to this thing, which is a huge no-no, which is a huge thing that we never ever want to do ever again. And I was kind of talked to about it in a way that was very, very well done and I’m appreciative that it was handled that way and that I was not beat up and thrown off a cliff for it. 


But I had,been late 10 minutes and it made everyone else 10 minutes behind who was there at the academy that had to give a lesson. And so it not only made me, not only was I late, but I made others late. And that is what I never want to do is be a contributor to other experiences not going well. And so to save myself, I’ve got to be on time. So I am definitely preaching to the choir here. I’m not just preaching to you or talking to you, but I had learned that I need to be more punctual. And so when something ends, it’s it is, you know, you want, that’s why we put time stamps on things. That’s why we want to schedule things because if we don’t, we ended up being okay with being late. We ended up being okay with giving excuses for things that there shouldn’t be an excuse for and to become more successful and to be able to do, to do more. 


You’ve got to be more intentional and more of a manager, a better manager of your time and resources. Time is a ratio source if not the most, most important resource that we have. And it’s actually the one thing that we don’t ever get back, which is time. And with time being a resource, there is the saying that people say that time is money. Well that is not true because time you can’t get back money. You can get back, you can go work another job and get money back or you can sell something and get money back, but you can’t sell a portion of your life and get other time back. You can’t go and do anything to get time back. 


You can redeem time but you can’t get back really anytime. And so redeeming. And what that means to me, I guess is that you get something else done early. That way you can catch up to with the last thing that you did and redeem it, get it back that way. But that is sometimes not even, that’s just not the best route to go. It’s best to stick to the time slot and take the time and put all be all there. The all ears be all there in that time slot that you’ve given or card work fast and touch it once, so to speak.  You’d never want to have to come back to something because it just makes, it’s just time consuming and it makes everything else stuck. 


It just makes, makes you, it takes up brain space because now you’re thinking about how you have to go back and do something. You just want to touch it once. You just want to do it once and be done with it. And that is a good way to live by. So as I told you, I was late 10 minutes. I learned that I have to be more punctual. And so now I’m make sure that I’m a little bit more intentional with being punctual with my projects or tasks earlier in the day. That way I can have more or just have enough time, if not more time to do the things that I must 


or have to be at at specific times later in the day. And so a good rule of thumb is to take advantage of your downtime. This is how you can get ahead, which is always, which is actually the best option. You want to get ahead. You want to be ahead of the curve. You want to be ahead of the game. You want to be ahead of time, you want to be early, you know, and so taking advantage of any downtime, a lot of you is going to help you get ahead. And this is time management because time management isn’t, it’s an oxymoron. Actually. Oxymoron is two things that can’t really exist at the same time. And so an oxymoron is when we say things like, we must manage our time. It’s really, like I said, it’s an oxymoron. You can’t manage time because time never stops. Time is out of our control. 


And so instead of trying to manage something like time that we can’t control, we have to manage our priorities. We have to make sure that what, what needs to be first is first and not last. And so that’s one way we must, that’s the way we need to think about time. Time is not money and time management is an oxymoron. And instead of trying to manage time or control time, you want to have priority management. And so this is placing your priorities first in the day and then everything else that isn’t a priority can come last. And so for me, what that looks like is my Guitar lessons Tulsa on Monday that I have during the week. I must plan all of my Guitar lessons Tulsa on Monday, right? Because it’s my job. I get paid for it. Not only that, I, I really enjoy what Ma, what my job is. I enjoy my job, I enjoy teaching Guitar lessons Tulsa and it’s a priority that I do it well and I get better. And make money because the more I learn, right, the more I earn, the more I, the better I get, the better my students get, the more glory our students get, the more glory Curtis Academy kids, the better their reviews. So on, so forth. And so that is just a little bit of my story and how we can be good time managers or managers of priority.