Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Staying the Course

And this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, I’m going to be talking about how to persevere and stay the course and your guitar lessons Tulsa. This has definitely been a challenge for me and so, and I believe that I have broken through that and been able to keep and stay the course and persevere through adversity, persevered through a little way, little hiccups along the way in my guitar lessons Tulsa, not only giving them but also taking guitar lessons Tulsa and also learning guitar, learning music as just a musician. I have definitely come across many adversities, many little hiccups along the way, many stumbling blocks and I can teach you how to persevere and stay the course and your guitar lessons Tulsa as well. Today we’re going to be discussing how to celebrate the little wins. Don’t be so hard or critical on yourself and how to stay inspired.

So without further ado, my name is Steven. I’ve been a musician for 12 years and have enjoyed every single minute, every single hour, every single day, week, month, year of it. I have played in venues such as coffee shops and this Tulsa area. I have played guitar and bars. I have played my own concerts. I’ve held my own concerts. I have enjoyed playing for Christmas concerts, shows with, with other friends who are musicians and singers. I have also been able to do some American idol as well. And that was a really enjoyable time and a whole nother level that you must be at to be able to win and get through to the levels or through the round of those of those types of competitions. And so I’ve had much experience in my 12 years. So I’ve been playing guitar for a decade, a little over a decade now and have lots to talk on Austin, teach on.

And I hope that this helps you. I have been working at the, as a music teacher. I’ve been teaching music for five years, going on six years now and have enjoyed the process. I have also been working for the Curtis music Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been for 11 months now, going on 12 months, so a year next month and have enjoyed every single minute of my experience here. Probably. No, I am for sure. This is the best music school you’ll ever attend. And so without further ado, let’s discuss how to celebrate the little wins when we, uh, PR and how to persevere and stay the course. The first point is celebrating the little wins. It’s important one to keep an eye out for when your students are passing a threshold. When they’re crossing a milestone and they’ve learned something, something that they’ve learned to help them in their next step or something that they have learned to help them conquer their goal and achieve their goal.

It’s really important that along the way as instructors, we set the little milestones that our students can clearly reach to help them become the best they can be and to reach those goals in guitar lessons Tulsa. Ultimately, it’s super important that we are celebrating the little milestones that they cross as they learn guitar. This will help keep them excited and happy about their progress and ultimately will help keep them at your music school. The next point I wanted to talk about was how we shouldn’t be so hard critical on ourselves, neither as instructors nor students. And this one is speaking to the students.
It’s important students that as you are making progress, as you’re being patient, as you’re being going through the process of becoming a, from starting from a beginner to an intermediate guitar player, to an advanced guitar player, wherever you’re at in that spectrum, that you are not so hard on yourself and that you don’t set expectations of yourself that are way too high and unachievable. There’s a really great,goal setting method by which it is best to gauge how to set goals, which is called smart goals. And that’s an acronym. Smart is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.

And so go ahead and look that up. That will help you tremendously to not set goals that are too lofty or too high above your head to where you can’t even reach them even in a decent amount of time. And so we want to definitely as your instructors help you and encourage you along the way and encourage yourself along the way as well. You know, let yourself know, Hey, I’m doing a good job and that’s why we set these milestones for you so that you have a sense of self esteem, have a sense of accomplishment along the way. That way you’re not going weeks or months without really feeling like you’re accomplishing anything. So it’s really important that you don’t be so hard on yourself or critical of your practice or effort or progress.

It’s important that you do not criticize the process and kind of nitpick and say, well, I’m not doing this right so I must not be doing very well or I keep messing up on this thing so I must not be really progressing as I think I am. You know, that’s kind of seeing through the lens of a critic and trying to point out the negative things about what you’re doing. Instead. What we can do, and this is just a practical tip as a, as a musician, is to help you go ahead and encourage yourself as well as be positive about what you’re learning and how you’re progressing. Point out the positive things as opposed to being critical about the negative things.

It’s important that we do that in order to stay in, stay encouraged along the way. And my last point, we’re going to be talking about how to stay inspired and how important that is in guitar lessons Tulsa. It’s so important that we maintain inspiration throughout the process of learning our guitar or taking guitar lessons Tulsa because when we’re inspired we, we play more. When we’re inspired, we do more. And so I would want to pose this question. What inspires you? What keeps you loving the guitar? What keeps you wanting to play guitar? Is it watching Sean Mendez on a YouTube video? Maybe, maybe a music video of him playing guitar, maybe a live performance of Justin Bieber playing guitar.

Maybe one of your favorite rock bands, Metallica and how well that they play in the music videos. Or maybe it’s a James Taylor and how you love how he has a very, you know, sit down, kind of more intimate feel with his, he love his finger style guitar playing. It’s important to kind of trial and error, look at YouTube, you know, and usually it’s through seeing someone in guitar lessons Tulsa. So whether that’s TV or whether that’s, you know, listening to the radio or whether that’s watching YouTube, find out what inspires you. From my own example, what’s inspires me is when I do see someone like Justin Bieber or you know, Tommy Emmanuel who’s a, you know, over 60 and he’s one of the best guitar players in the world. That is something that definitely inspires me.

He’s never, I’ve never seen him mess up. And it’s incredible that someone over the course of time can learn an instrument so well to where they’ve mastered it and they can teach it as well and communicate it. And so that’s what I love. That’s what inspires me. Also what inspires me is seeing live performances of bands such as the Jonas brothers or Justin Bieber, or do a Lupa or you know, Katy Perry, whoever it is, it’s inspiring Sean Mendez to see those guys play and sing. And so without further ado, that is how you can persevere and stay the course in your guitar lessons Tulsa. As instructors, celebrate the little wins as students. Don’t be so hard and critical on yourself and find out what inspires you so that you can stay very, very inspired.