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When it comes to giving guitar lessons Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy. One thing I incredibly and really love is the furniture going into Curtis Academy. I think it’s a fantastic, fantastic prop or a item that is very, very comfortable and just the living area space when you walk in is super welcoming and just really allows for you to feel at home and really kind of sets us apart from a lot of other music schools. I really like the design of the rug at credits music academy. When I stepped into the living space, it feels like a place I would love to be all day. It feels like a place where I can relax and enjoy myself and maybe even work on some things. It’s a very peaceful room. t’s a very, it’s right next to the windows, so it’s like, you know, the sun is shining through and it’s really warm. 


And there’s also magazines there that are, you know, Tulsa University magazines or home and style, interior, interior design, magazines, wedding magazine, fashion stuff, just a little something for everybody. Music. It’s really cool to have all those things. And really just, you know, look at, be able to look around and feel at home and feel like, you know, you’re not in a constricting officey type environment. I also enjoy just the fact that our academy is in a home whenever I come to and I’m driving to my job or Curtis Curtis Academy to give my guitar lessons Tulsa. I love the fact that I’m driving up into a house not and office space or someplace downtown and you know, middle of downtown Tulsa that’s, you know, kind of rugged or very corporate feeling, but it’s just an welcoming environment that is very nice and cheerful and light happy. 


I feel good whenever I drive up into the driveway, Curtis Academy, getting prepared for a guitar lesson and  I love being able to, you know, sit down at the dinner table, so to speak, or what we call our office table Curtis’s academy. And the night that there’s nice chairs, they’re gray. They’re very contemporary, yet more vintage actually. And the the living room space, the furniture, everything is like super nice and uptodate and it doesn’t feel like you’re in an old person’s home or her, your grandmother’s home or your uncle’s home unless your uncle’s home was really natural or your or your grandmother’s house is really nice. Also, I mean that is a possibility that your grandmother or uncle or family members home could be really nice. So not to stereotype grandma’s or anything, but it is really nice to arrive and enter the through the door of a home to give my guitar lessons Tulsa as opposed to an office building that I go to and everything has really thin carpet and the walls are white and it’s just very blessed or very just monotone and everyone’s wearing suits and stuff, you know, suits and ties and business dresses and high heels and it’s just a much more comfortable environment at Curtis Academy. 


And as I’m, you know, printing off my materials for my student, my guitar student before my lesson, 20 to 30 minutes before my lesson. I really just enjoy the fact that the office is also in a, in a reverted bedroom. We’ve changed the office, a the bedroom space into an office space and it’s just really nice. You know, it’s, it’s a nice feel. You’ve got your printer in there and Ron has his computer, his laptop, things like that. yeah, shredder and just really cool. I like how he’s transformed the place and, all the furniture, like I said, it’s really nice and up to date. We’ve also, man, I really enjoy era, our hospitality area where we have coffee, tea, water, hot water. and coffee, if I already said coffee, my apologies. But it’s just a super enjoyable space to be in. You’re like, you know, in the neighborhood of, of, a Tulsa neighborhood, outskirts of downtown Tulsa in front college campus. 


And it’s just a place where you feel like, man, this is, this is, this is home. You know, this is familiar. This is something that I’m not, you know, unfamiliar with, you know, it’s just someplace cool and a place that I’m honored to call my, my workspace, my workplace. And so when I’m giving my guitar lessons Tulsa, my student arrives, you know, really before they arrive in waiting on them, I actually began to, stand up next to one of the windows or facing the, the, the forefront of the house. I’m going to have to door, I’m really just kind of peering out the windows, keeping an eye, checking on when my student is to arrive. Once it starts approaching F, you know, 10 to five, five to 10 minutes before their, before our lesson time, I guitar lesson time with my student. 


 I just love that they are pulling up to the house. I love the feeling of just going out and open them and opening the, the house door, the front door and just welcome them, welcoming them in side of the house. And then once I opened the door and welcomed them inside the house, you know, smiling, shaking their hand, calling them out by name, looking them in the eyes. And first thing I do is actually ask them how they’re doing, how they’re doing, how their week has been. And also thirdly, you know, would they like something to drink, you know, given that it’s been summer, it’s been really hot the last couple of months in our, city and Tulsa, it’s been, one of those thirst like, you know, dry tied or cotton mouth type seasons. So it’s just, you know, really hot outside. And so we have water, ice, cold water to, to offer our guitar students and music students. And they really liked that. They liked the options of having coffee, 


tea or water, who knows. We might even add soda or a, you know, hot chocolate in the, in the near, in the near future. And then, you know, approaching winter, I think, you know, apple cider and ORC, hot chocolate would be a nice touch, of the season. So, those are just a few things, that we, the first three things, you know, we do when our guitar student, when my guitar student arrives. So, after I, you know, I’ve been hospitable to them, depending on if it’s their first lesson or or not, I will actually just, lead them into the room and say, Hey, well, if you’re ready, let’s come on in and get all situated for our lesson and, begins to get the lesson. And as a suggest a another point, you know, I think, you know, from my perspective, I enjoy every single aspect of going to Chris Academy from the time I get there to the time I’m there. 


And I’m like, you know, preparing for my guitar lesson, to the point where I actually invite the student inside the doors and welcome them in and be hospitable, show hospitality by giving them water or, or anything else that they need. And then, you know, beginning of the lesson and then once they leave, you know, we’re smiling and, you know, we kind of just recap the lesson, what went in the lesson and we thank them for coming and just say, have a great day and we can’t wait to see you next week. You know? I think their point of view is also really important. And I’ll kind of get into that into my next topic. But, their perspective of what’s going on is also really crucial to our success as a, as an academy. And it has a really huge impact into how successful our students are in guitar lessons Tulsa. 


You know, if they enjoy where, like when they, where they go to learn, I think they’re gonna have a better time learning and a more productive time learning also that that is. And so not only the student, but also the parents in guitar lessons Tulsa. You know, a lot of our students have parents, a lot of our students are under 18. but we also have adults, students who, you know, are not necessarily parents yet. So, but we’ll definitely talk about that in the next topic. And just on the perspective of the student as well as a lot of the parents of each individual student and their experience with Curtis Academy guitar lessons Tulsa.