Guitar Lessons Tulsa | The Importance of Education

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I want to talk about the importance of education when it comes to teaching students. So accurate music academy, I know I’ve talked about it a couple of times before, but actually every single one of our students, except for, I’m sorry, every single one of our instructors who teach guitar lessons Tulsa except for one is currently a student or was a student at the University of Tulsa. So we know anything about that school. It’s actually a phenomenal school with great programs. It’s actually the top ranked school in the state of Oklahoma and that’s where all but one branch directors came from or is currently studying. 


So we have a ton of incredibly well educated instructors and their education genuinely helps them be a better teacher because it helps the student learn better. We found a lot of times that the best musicians can be a terrible teacher. So for example, I have a couple of professors that are just terribly smart, graduated from Ivy League schools, did their dissertation with famous people and all of that. They’re just absolute geniuses, but they’re really truly awful. I teaching meaning they’re all over the place. Their lectures don’t make sense. They’re not very good at relating to students of those things, but we have managed to find a Curtis Music Academy instructors that are the best of both worlds. So they are genuinely incredibly smart and incredibly educated. 


They know exactly what they’re talking about and they know all of the music theory, anything you could mean to know when taking guitar lessons Tulsa, but they also have the other features that most people don’t pay or kind that you’re patient. The guitar lessons Tulsa instructors all around just exemplary models for students to look up to and they’re really kind and able to relate with them. And I think that their education plays a big role in that because all of us have been taught the importance of art and scientists. The well rounded education that we’ve received has genuinely helped us become better instructors when teaching guitar lessons Tulsa. 


For example, we have one instructor, Olivia, she is one of the most patient people I’ve ever met, so she has some students who are really young and just absolutely crazy. They are running around, running all over things, rolling on the floor, jumping up and down, banging all the keys on the keyboard and Olivia manages. Do you sit there with them? Be patient until they calm down and interact with them in a way that I’ve never seen anyone interact. For example, if they’re doing crazy things, so let’s say they’re banging around on the keys, Olivia will actually just step in and play a song that goes along with their key banging activity because she finds a way to incorporate the crazy stuff that they’re doing with music. I think that it’s just phenomenal. 


I don’t think a lot of other instructors are capable of doing that with extreme such extreme patients, unlike I’ve talked about several times before. This is one of the things that’s on a differentiator sheet, meaning that we want to be both your coach and your friend. I think that some of our instructors, all of our instructors actually really just exemplify this and they are phenomenal at doing it with each of our students. So we work really hard to celebrate successes and work with the students. So instead of reprimanding them when they fail, we want to build them up and be excited when they do finally succeed. 


So even if they mess up nine times on the 10th time that they finally get it right, we will praise them, be supportive of them, and show them all the excitement that they deserve. Because we think that building other people up and helping them work towards their success is the most effective way of teaching and working with their students and just getting to know them and building that relationship with them. You cannot build a relationship with someone, especially not a student if you’re just consistently reprimanding them and never building them up and celebrating their successes. I think that’s one of the things that we do best and then that really differentiates us from everyone else that I have seen. So we work incredibly well at it being effective in our guitar lessons Tulsa. 


We don’t just want to go in there and teach them a lesson and let the student leave. We would all leave a lasting impact on that student and really work with them to help them learn and accomplish their musical goals. And we do that through building them up and being excited with them and celebrating them at every step along the way. I know a lot of our instructors have taken guitar lessons Tulsa in the past with the stereotypical instructor that smacks your fingers with the ruler when you make a mistake and does things through force rather than through that are building them up and being excited about them. 


And that has had a terribly scarring effect on so, so many people, the crude, cruel, cold demeanor of instructors where they’re not being excited, they’re not excited, they’re just doing it for the money, they’re just doing it to teach and they don’t actually care about the students. And we try to be as far away from that as humanly possible. So we work our hardest to build one another up to build our students up and to help them towards success in every way that we possibly can. So every single one of us, whether it be me, the administrative assistant, or other instructors, if we hear something awesome, I have seen our instructors stop the lesson that they’re in and go to the other room. Just to congratulate that person, that student on doing something credible because we think that’s important to show them that all of us are invested in them, not just musically, but also as a person. 


We want to be a support group for these people over our students, support them in all of their endeavors, not just musically. So we want to show that through our acts and our actions and we truly do a good job at that and showing them that we care, showing them that we’re excited and that we recognize that they’re doing a good job. So our instructors are just some of the best. And like I said before, I think that a lot of our education has helped us a time, at least in terms of music theory, all of the things you need to know about teaching. But it’s also just helped us be better teachers in the fact that we are well rounded. We know how to relate to people. We know different tactics for teaching and being patient. Some of those things cannot be learned, but our instructors, Shirley do grant great, great job at blending all of those things together and being amazing instructors and teaching to the best of their ability.