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All right, so I’m going to be discussing the importance of smashing a $1 lesson. And one of my first points about this particular topic about how and the importance of smashing first dollar lesson is why we even do a $1 lesson. Why is doing a $1 lesson as the first lesson, even a thing that we do. The reason that we even charge $1 for the first lesson isn’t because we give to a certain charity isn’t because, we want our guitar lessons Tulsa to be cheap for the first dollar lesson. Actually that does tie into the meaning and the purpose and the purpose. But the purpose is to create a no brainer. It is a nobody 


brainer to accept a $1 lesson because there is a low risk, right? There’s a little risk for, you don’t have to pay a ton of money. There’s a little risk and you’re not losing any money if you don’t like it and you haven’t spent too much money if you do like it. So all around it’s going to be a great option and it is a fantastic no brainer. And what separates us from other music schools. It gives us this purple cal effect. Having this purple cow effect will always allow us to stick it out in the, in this market that we have for guitar lessons Tulsa. And it only makes us, you get more leads or get more students involved in the academy and want to continuously come back because the first lesson isn’t about the dollar. It’s not even about the, just giving the student, it’s about sharing the value. 


It’s about sharing how awesome Curtis Music Academy is and how we are different. And it’s really just to show us off. It’s to share, share the value that we have here and we know that once you see it and only have to pay a dollar for it, you’re going to come back. And then, also how important it is to welcome the student after they arrive at their dollar lesson. This is super important, this area of welcoming. There’s a few things that we actually do when we welcome the student. First one being that we flag them down, you know, just stand outside so that they know that they are in the correct at the correct house. At the Curtis Music Academy we have a blue door and it is definitely house that separates itself from rest in that we do have a blue door, but people still have difficulty finding our locations sometimes even though we gave them specific, a specific address. And so first part as we stand outside, we are looking for them and we flagged them down and seeing it as soon as we see them, to let them know that they can park in our driveway and come on inside. And then once they do, come on, inside we B we introduce ourselves. We introduce ourselves with smiles with energy. Energy is the key. We want to have tons of energy as we are welcoming our first time students. 


After we have welcomed our first time students introduced them to both myself or anyone else there, we will then go about being hospitable by offering them water, tea, or coffee as their beverage. This is an option that we have for every single student, every single time they come to their lesson. Another thing that does separate us from other music schools, and then the third part of welcoming our students is that we show share with them the Curtis difference. They Curtis Music Academy difference and the credits difference is just a list of aspects and characteristics that completely separates us from other music schools. The point of this whole document that we actually have in a large frame in our lobby area where people can sit on comfy couches with beautifully colorful pillows with their beverage of water and the choice of tea, tea, coffee, or water is that we want to provide tailored guitar lessons Tulsa to each individual student. 


Why? Because each individual student has individual goals. Not all of them have the same goals. Some want to play for a talent show, someone to play just for mom and dad. Others want to make a music career out of it. All three of those areas and those paths have different paths. And so it’s important that we tailor fit the guitar lessons Tulsa to each student’s needs so that they get there as quick as possible and, and that it becomes the most fun as possible for them through our entire time with them and giving them guitar lessons Tulsa that Curtis Music Academy, the last and final area is well teaching. The lesson is actually not the s not the last, but the second last. There’s actually four of these points that I need to hit. The third point would be giving the lesson. It’s important that as we’re giving the lesson that we have incredible energy. 


Why? Because we’re super excited that the student is here taking their first lesson with us at credits, music academy. They could have literally gone to another music academy in Tulsa. There are many, there are hundreds actually and Tulsa. And we want to make sure that we make them feel most welcome and provide them with the most energy and excitement in their first lesson as possible. And so by doing this to do this, we give them incredible energy. We let them know, we’re so glad that they are here and we make them excited about giving. They’re getting their first lesson. 


And so that is what separates us is having that incredible energy when they arrive all the way through the end. And the end will be the most important, one of the most important parts of, of welcoming a first time student. And that part is called smashing the close. It’s important that whoever is in charge of closing your particular lesson at that time does a great job of arriving on time to close the lesson that they have, all of the documents that they need, including the iPad to take the card and the payment for the first dollar lesson as well as the rest of the month, the charge, so to speak. Also it’s important that they, inject at just the right time, just kind of watching and observing with a smile and just being ready to just step right in whenever the instructor is finished giving their lesson. 


And so, once they are done giving their lesson, you as the closer we’ll inject and, and, and jump right in and go through a script that we have prepared. it’s important that we follow the script exactly the way it has been documented out and typed out because if ever we get off of it, we will get other questions, other answers that we are unprepared to, we may be unprepared to answer, but, guiding the conversation through these specific, this specific script will enable us and allow us to answer any of the questions that we have prepared. So it’s important that we smashed this close by having confidence by having won, by having studied and, and practiced the script. It’s important to at least do it 10 times and be able to say it without looking. I, for one, have memorized this script and often often do it, meaning that I often often close our guitar lessons Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy. 


I’ve done it so much to where it’s, it’s like in my, I know it by heart. And so it’s important that I have tremendous confidence and that I’m not 100% looking around the room, but that I’m making eye contact with the students. Also, if the student’s parents are there, I’m making eye contact with them. It’s important that I have energy, that I am punctual and that I say the script exactly the way it is written, that way it goes smoothly as smoothly as possible. And my favorite part is just thanking them for coming and hearing out what the student’s goals were when it comes to piano, guitar, overall goals, and then I loved charging the card and also just letting them know that they can have a great day and being on the lookout for our [inaudible].