Guitar Lessons Tulsa | New Location

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The topic I’m going to be discussing today is on how our new location, the Curtis Academy, Curtis music Academy location has been a blast. The blast. Well, there are many reasons why the Curtis music Academy new location has been a blast blast. I will just give you some knowledge of the past. The old location or Ron’s home was the first location of Curtis music Academy and was a fantastic location as a smaller school, as a smaller Academy, as a smaller studio. We had one studio room where we taught music lessons, guitar lessons Tulsa actually. And when I taught guitar lessons Tulsa, I taught at the Curtis music Academy, which was at Ron Curtis’s house.


 It was a fantastic location. We had one room where we taught in the room. There was a piano, there was a glowing piano actually. It had led lights that changed colors. Super, super awesome. We even had drinks, beverages, tea, coffee and water in this room. We had a small couch where a parent or guardian could sit and enjoy watching the lesson and we had a few chairs in there as well as well as a white marker board so that we can draw and give visuals for our students who were taking guitar lessons Tulsa. My, one of my favorite 


characteristics of ROMs house where we hosted curse Curtis music Academy lessons or guitar lessons Tulsa told us it was the fact that it was small, it was compact and we had a system. It was very, very fun and we quickly outgrew that location when we really created, the reason why we outgrew the location is because we started to acquire more and more students through our advertising. It was awesome. We, I gained more and more students each week, more and more students each month and began to experiencing, began to experience difficulties with the parking situation. Ron and Kelly’s driveway at the first Curtis music Academy location or studio was nice and fit six cars.


 Well at the time there were four instructors and that’s four cars, so that only left room for a few more students to come in. However, when two instructors were there as well as run Kelly’s cars, it became difficult to have students back to back 30 minutes, 30 minutes back to back hour, 30 minutes back to back and not have students or instructors parking in other residents drive, front houses. And so this became an issue quickly and we didn’t want to last very long. We didn’t want people or neighbors getting mad because we were in their front driveways or parking spots, not parking spots, but we were in their front the front of their houses. 


And that became really frustrating for some of the residents in the neighborhood. Not to mention Curtis music Academy was in a neighborhood, as you may have guessed, because it was at Robin Kelly’s home. Let me start it. And so that was really fun and enjoyable to try to figure out. But Hey, good problem to have. Right? It was a great problem to have because it meant that we had to grow in order to bro. We had to get a note now another location and that new location was another home and it was amazing. So this new location is now in front of the two you college in Tulsa where we give guitar lessons Tulsa. And also I’m a guitar teacher at the Curtis music Academy in Tulsa. And so 


What I love most about this new location, Curtis music Academy and why it is a blast. The blast is because we have a longer driveway and we have our own, we have a new studio room, so we have not just one studio room, but we have two studio rooms and we can also have a third. There’s a third extra third area where we can give another piano or even guitar lesson and B. Okay. So this allowed us to triple in size and at that triple size we would then begin to experience some challenges with parking. But until then we were good. It was a good step, good next step. And so we’ve taken that next step. It’s a great place.


 It’s more comfortable. Ron and Kelly have used their own furniture to furnish this new location and the furniture looks great. Guys when you walk into Curtis music Academy, studio number two, you get a feeling of being at home. It’s very comfortable. We have a nice sofa, two nice sofas, a nice coffee table with magazines spread across the table. We have nice low fi beats music playing as you’re walking in. It smells great. It feels great. It sounds great. It looks great. And the first thing we will always do whenever you walk in is be hospitable and ask. 


And you know, first actually we would introduce ourselves with a smile and a handshake and eye contact and then we will offer you soda water or coffee, tea, coffee or water. Actually not soda, but hopefully that will change. And then your future. I know we have actually just added, a beverage that is in the tea area and it’s a pumpkin spice because it is more autumn. And so I, I hope that during the winter time we will actually add another beverage, hot chocolate to our, cabinet. And that will be really fun because I know it’ll be cold, but it’ll be awesome and it’ll be fun and it tastes so good. Hopefully Ron and Kelly catch me saying this cause, and hopefully they are reading this because I want them to get the hot chocolate.


we’ve really loved this new location. It’s provided us the space we need, the amount of students we need to take a maybe a third step in the near future. And we’re looking at places even currently as I speak about that. And so we’re definitely at the same point where we’re going to need to make a decision very soon about a new location, a third location to have Curtis Academy. And it’s going to be beautiful. It’s going to be awesome. And this is, the season is just been a blast. The blast. It’s been super fun. I’ve, you know, grown three, four times the students have had before and starting out.


 I’ve got 22 students now. I enjoy teaching new students every single month. It has been super incredible to get to plan and systemize and you know, grow as an instructor. Thanks to Ron and Kelly every Thursday. You know, in our instructor meetings they pour into us, they teach us, they help us to hone our craft. They ask us questions on how we can always get better. We analyze what we’re doing so that we can be better each week, each month, each year, and it’s incredible. It’s been a super duper awesome season and I know we’re only going to grow and get bigger from here.