Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Location

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

As a business owner of Curtis Music Academy. Okay. One thing that is a question that comes up frequently is the location of our studio. And as a business owner, where you choose to set your place of work is a very important decision that should be thought out very carefully. And with Curtis Music Academy, one of the things that we thought of very frequently was how we could make a location that is convenient for pretty much any person in the Tulsa area. And we want to provide our students with an easy to access location for them to take lessons without having to worry about where it is that they are going. So make sure that if you are starting a business or a music studio with that your location is easy to access and it is a location that people would want to, yeah. Walk into. And at Curtis Music Academy we are very intentional about the way that our studio

looks and the way that it is presented to our students. So throughout the course of teaching guitar lessons tulsa, we want to provide students with an experience that allows our students to have a relaxing day and a relaxing lesson. Many students have commented on how much they appreciate all of the things that we provide for our guitar lessons tulsa. We provide coffee, tea, or even water for our students so that they can go through and have a great time in their lesson and the location is helpful so that our students don’t have to drive for a very long way to reach the studio. We are located in midtown Tulsa, very close to the University of Tulsa and if you have a house or a apartment in Tulsa, chances are you will not have to drive very far in order to reach our home studio. And many business owners assume incorrectly that the location doesn’t matter because they could do work anywhere.

And this is simply not true when we are talking about meeting with students and having a relationship with people because people are human beings that have emotions and feelings and nobody wants to walk up to a weird looking house or they don’t want to go to a trashy apartment that smells like cat urine when they’re trying to take their guitar lessons tulsa because many people are thinking about where they’re taking guitar lessons tulsa and they’re thinking about what it is that the instructor is putting their time into in order to move forward with their guitar lessons tulsa. So if you are someone that is not intentional with your space, then chances are you are missing out on the opportunity to teach many students simply because they don’t want to deal with your mess, both literally and figuratively speaking.

If your life is a mess and you are going through a weird phase in your life, your students do not need to know about your students, do not need to know about all of the different weird things that you’re going through. You should be able to provide your students with a great ability to go through and learn to play the guitar lessons tulsa. And location is a very important part of that. You may have 13 people that drive five minutes to get to your home studio or you could be in a really far away area and have five people that have to drive a short amount of time to get to your studio. And in America it is all about convenience and it is about making a service that is easy for someone to agree with or easy to attend and have a good time doing it. So a lot of students well attend attended lesson and if they had to drive 30 minutes, they will very likely find someone that is closer to them.

And because of this, it causes music studios and businesses to struggle if they are very far away. So make sure that your location is in a place that is easy for people to access. It’s close to highways. That’s a huge point because then people are able to reach your location even quicker because of the highways. And then furthermore, make sure you’re in a centralized location like midtown where anybody can reach you in a short amount of time in order to take guitar lessons in Tulsa. If you are in a city that has a lot of flooding like Tulsa, make sure you do not have a location that is susceptible to flooding. Because if so, at the time of writing this article, Curtis Music Academy would be out of commission. We would be unable to teach students right now, and a business cannot grow by being closed. So make sure that you have enough resources to prevent a bad situation like flooding throughout the course of your business. Ownership.