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All right. These are some of the best things to know for guitar lessons Tulsa. If you’re an instructor, if you’re a student, I’m going to begin with the instructor this time. Some of the best things to know for guitar as an instructor, honestly I would say everything is the best things to know the best. It’s best for you to know everything as a guitar instructor and it’s best for you to know that you don’t know everything there. That is why we should have a at least an hour a week or I would even say to two hours a week of studying music as instructors, whether that’s taking guitar lessons Tulsa at ourselves or reading books.


 The principle is just to continuously be learning as an instructor about your instrument that you’re teaching, you know, become a not just, just you, you become a student as well of your instrument and this will help you just to be better overall. A few elements that are good to do would be definitely building blocks, you know, basics, fundamentals first and then go from there. Some fundamentals with guitar lessons Tulsa. And Tulsa would be as a guitar teacher would be the musical alphabet, the G major scale. Another good thing to know would be intervals, which is the measurement between notes and what they’re called. 


And they also have tenses or emotions attached to those intervals, which kind of create tension or ease in the body or you know, kind of give different sounds. And that’s great because it helps you kind of distinguish music. What sounds minor, what sounds major and happy, what sounds minor and sad. You know, what sounds augmented in intense, what sounds diminished and demonic. You know, it’s good to know intervals because it’s really the foundational piece of music. Another good topic would be scales. It’s very helpful to know scales because scales are the building blocks of courts. And so if you know your scales, it will be easier for you to begin learning triads. You know, we’ll talk about that in a second, which are the formulas for courts, you know, so there are different types of scales. 


You know, you have major scales which are happy and typically you know, in a lot of partying or, or fun music or songs that just really want to, are intended to lift you up. And then you have minor scales which are more for a sad songs. Sometimes you know, it’s mixed in with blues music a little bit, but it’s really dark and kind of sad, depressing songs. If you’ve ever writing a song about a breakup on your relationship or maybe something sad or unfortunate that has happened to you, you would use probably a minor, the minor scale. 


Another scale would be the major pentatonic scale. The major Pennock. Tom’s 10 pentatonic scale is a really fun scale. It’s simple and it’s basically all of the notes that sound good. If you were to play these notes in the song, a lot of people riff or solo from this pentatonic scale or even scales in general. Another scale would be the minor pentatonic. As you may have just read. I did discuss the major pentatonic, so there is a major and minor pentatonic as well. And so the major pentatonic is a happier sound. And the minor pentatonic scale is a sad or dark or dreary kind of sound, kind of melancholy, dark, gloomy sound. And honestly the minor pentatonic scale is one of my very favorite scales. It’s fun, it’s my style of music. 


And then there’s another scale, the blues scale, the blue scale is my absolute favorite scale and it’s used in much in many blues songs. It’s always used in blues songs, blues songs. The blues scale is very similar to the minor pentatonic scale. And so with an octave thrown in there as well, two nodes thrown in there. And so this scale is really fun to riff off of because major artists such as BB King John Mayer, you know, Jimmy Hendrix have have used the scale to create some of the most well known music of all time blues music. And so there’s also, you know, a lot of blues in jazz and jazz is really the culmination of all scales.


 It’s, it’s the science and the genius and the complicated side of music that is, takes a master really. And so it takes a master of knowledge to know that and to be able to do that. You know jazz, I mean more more jazz music in my opinion. Another way that for the instructor would it be the best thing to know on guitar? Another good thing to know would be triads. I told you I would go into it, but triads are what we call the formulas for courts. It kind of explains and demonstrates why a major court is a major court. Why a minor chord is a minor chord. Why an augmented chord is an augmented chord. 


Why a diminished chord is a diminished chord. Why a suspended chord is a suspended cord and also what a seventh core. Why a seventh chord is a seventh chord. It helps us to understand how to get certain sounds when we would like to. Music is very mathematical and much of math is used in music and I think that it’s best to know at least the Nashville number system when it comes to music. So the Nashville number system since we’re on the topic is another great piece of thing to know. When it comes to music. As a guitar instructor, the national number system was created to be able to transpose easily amongst many musicians at the same time, bans when bands are playing together and the singer needs to change the key or the director needs to change the key. 


The Nashville number system knowledge makes it very easy and effortless to simply transpose a key to hierarchy or even a lower team. It is a system that is quick, easy, and when everyone in the band understands it, it makes playing together as a band more enjoyable and fun. Good things to know as a student is to be coachable at guitar lessons Tulsa. It’s important to be coachable, understanding that you may not know everything about guitar and that’s okay. 


Okay. And that it will be a process. Just like anything as a process when it comes to learning, there is a learning curve to everything, so take your time. Another good thing to know is to be patient and to study music, not just at your guitar lessons Tulsa, but on your own. Maybe look up some YouTube videos, maybe try to learn a song on your own. Challenge yourself. Another good thing to know is that you are not alone. That many other people, many other people like yourself, and even one of the greatest things to know is that your instructor even, was that a starting point and had to go through the same process that you are even going through, right?