Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Playing Guitar While Singing

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Today, we are going to be talking about the topic of what happens as a guitar student when you want to begin singing and accompanying yourself as a singer and as a guitar player. So one of the things that can help if you are just getting into the idea of playing the guitar while singing is you have to understand that this is an accomplishment that requires you to be able to play two instruments at the same time. And the reason I say that is because a lot of people are unaware that your voice is an instrument.

So when you sing it is an instrument and if you have problems playing the guitar already, then when you start to add the element of singing along with it, the difficulty with that is the fact that you are now playing two instruments instead of just one. So if you are having difficulty playing the guitar, then I would recommend going ahead and continuing your Guitar Lessons Tulsa and continue practicing the guitar until it’s easy to transition between courts and it’s easy to play a song without really having to think too hard.

It’s important not to be thinking about the guitar if you’re also singing. Because if you’re able to free up some of that thinking power, then you’ll be able to do a lot more with your voice or a lot more with your guitar depending on the complexity of the song. So if you’re taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa, one thing that I would recommend you do is express your desire to be able to sing while playing the guitar and hopefully your guitar instructor would be willing to help you make that happen. And in an ideal world, you would be taking lessons with the best guitar instructors in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy because we would love to help you reach your goal of playing music while singing. And this is a feat that is absolutely a true and genuine joy to be able to do when you make it a reality.

So if you’re interested in singing while playing the guitar, I highly recommend to not give up on that goal and to attack it full force to be able to play guitar while singing. We can help through taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa. And another thing about singing and playing the guitar is you should definitely choose to find a song that goes in sync with the strumming pattern or the picking pattern. That way if you are singing the melody, you don’t have to do something that big guitar isn’t doing. One of the most difficult things about singing while playing the guitar is the difference in rhythm from your voice to the strumming pattern or the picking pattern and if you can minimize the differences and if you can make it so that you don’t have to have conflicting rhythms throughout the song, it’ll be a lot easier to sing to the song.
Now a great song where this can happen is in a song why Koombaya where the guitar is simply playing eighth notes and you can just strum up and down smoothly to produce a rhythm effect that is not going to be in conflict with your voice. A song that is actually quite a bit challenging to sing. Would it be a song, my brown eyed girl, which paradoxically is a song that is very easy to play on the guitar and it’s a very easy song to sing, but when you put the two together and you start to sing while playing the strumming pattern of brown eyed girl, what ends up happening is the rhythms kind of conflict with each other. So to try and do both of them at the same time can certainly be a little bit of a challenge, but not as much when taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa.

So watch out for the song that you’re picking and the song that you would like to begin learning because it is very important to make a wise decision on the song that you would like to start on to play the guitar and sing. And again, ideally this would be something that you’re a guitar instructor in Tulsa. Would it be able to do for you? If you come to Curtis Music Academy to take Guitar Lessons Tulsa for your first $1 lesson and you already know how to play guitar and you are interested in learning to sing while playing the guitar than what we can do is make that happen at your very first lesson.

We can pick out a song and we can start tackling this endeavor immediately. As soon as you take that first $1 lesson, Guitar Lessons Tulsa, we will make sure to address your goal and make that a reality. And we will start from the very first lesson. And it’s funny because we were interested in trying to figure out how to play the guitar and have a good time with our students. And one of the things that we have figured out is asking our students if they have any interest in singing while playing the guitar. Because if they do have interest, then we want to make sure to make that happen.

And that’s something that we could do throughout the course of learning to play the guitar. So whatever your goal is, we will make sure to address that and get you going right on that first $1 lesson by taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa to make sure that we can make that a quick and easy set up for you and to help that the way continue. And if you are confused about some of the things that you should be learning, that $1 lesson will help you to grow as a guitar student. So make sure you continue to research, find where you feel you would strive to be the best student ever and try and see if there’s different music schools that you feel would be a good fit.

And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our team at Curtis Music Academy and we’ll answer any questions that you have and help you to lay out a pathway to reach your goals of singing while playing guitar, whether that’s acoustic guitar or Electric Guitar, anything that you feel would be beneficial would help you a lot. And that’s going to be one of the reasons why we want to see you succeed throughout your lessons. We want to help you make the most of your lessons, whether it’s guitar or piano lessons. We want to see you succeed and we will help you make that a reality throughout anything that you choose to do. So I hope that that is what you choose to do.