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And this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we are going to be discussing how I can give you some advice for beginning students in guitar lessons Tulsa. This is my advice for beginning students. And my first point is going to be how you can learn at the pace of no mistakes, how next point is practicing a ton is going to be very helpful for you early on. And lastly, having fun and the importance of enjoying the process. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I’ve been a music instructor at the Curtis music Academy for one year now and it is almost mind blowing to, to, to hear myself say that I’ve been at the credit music Academy for a year. It’s been such an awesome road in guitar lessons Tulsa.

I have enjoyed every single minute of my time there. I feel like I’ve been pretty faithful with my students and their growth. And of course there are many, many, many areas where I could improve, especially in getting their documents in time for Ron to make them so that they have the moment. Next lesson. There’s many things I can improve on my, my communication skills, my preparation skills. I, I’m a doomsday prepper so I prepare, prepare for everything. But you know, we can always improve on one or two areas in guitar lessons Tulsa.

What’d you think? So anyways, I, without further ado, have been a musician going on 12 years. This coming March, I will be turning 24 this March 12th. And I can’t believe I’ve nearly been playing music half my life at this point. I’ve been playing music for half of my life and it doesn’t feel like it, but it might kind of settle in the realism, the realisticness of that number whenever I actually turned 24, I can’t believe I’m 20, almost 24. It’s crazy. I’m 23. And so this year is not over just yet. I’ve got many more things to accomplish, many things, many goals I have, I want to set out and do. And so I want to make sure that we in this, you’re big with finances, friendships, fitness, fun, family and faith.

And so without further ado advice for beginning students, I want you guys to remember, it’s important to learn at the pace of no mistakes in guitar lessons Tulsa. Learning at the pace of no mistakes allows you as a beginner to establish muscle memory. If you don’t have muscle memory and you try to add speed or add tempo to your notes or your scales or your chords, you will fail. So it is important to engineer, to teach your fingers, to learn at a consistent and moderate pace and to gradually increase that pace so that you can begin to build speed and you want to kind of lock in, you know, your, your gradual speeds so that you have muscle memory and then you can be kind of be on autopilot when it comes to playing music or playing your scales in guitar lessons Tulsa.

Whatever it is you’re learning. It’s important to do that so that you can, sound good, look good and feel good and have fun doing it. My second point for you guys is going to be to practice a ton is it’s going to be super important to your early development that you establish what we call a calluses in the fingers. Practicing lots early on, high levels of practice, whether that be 30 to 45 minutes a day, which is a very high level of practice is going to be crucial in guitar lessons Tulsa. And your turnaround time, of getting those calluses on your, the tips of your F, your playing hand, your left hand or right hand, if you’re a South pole, we’ll be, we’ll be will dramatically cut down the time by which you can play longer.

So if you want to play longer, play longer I guess is what I’m saying. If you want the ability to play longer, you’ll need to play for longer periods of time now. And then lastly, I wanted to discuss having fun and we’re kind of going to go into a little bit more of that as well. It’s important that as a beginning student you don’t take yourself, don’t take the instrument overly seriously. Now I am a person of, of good, moderate skill. I would call it on a scale of one to 10 10 being, you know, Tommy Emmanuelle and one being my sister. Then I would put myself somewhere between the five and the six range. I’d probably be more like a six or a seven. I’d say a solid six. I’m a little over average, I’m above average.

And so, you know, playing for 12 years, you kind of pick up a few things, a few skills along the way. And so they say that anyone who has played or done or exercise their expertise for for 10,000 hours becomes an expert at that thing. And so it’s important to put as many hours early on as possible because that’ll help you develop faster through guitar lessons Tulsa. And you know, one of my philosophies when it comes to learning music of course, is the point that my first point, which is learn at the pace of no mistakes, but another one is accuracy first and then speed. So you want to make sure that you are hitting and applying accuracy and with accuracy you can then kind of apply different tempos or different speeds to kind of ingrain and create these muscle memory needed to build even faster or master level speeds.

So we want to, make sure that we’re learning at a pace of no mistakes, right? We don’t want to learn, I’m making a hundred million mistakes in one scale that isn’t necessary, but it’s going to be very important that you set a pace and ask your instructor if you’ve gotten a music instructor and Tulsa or guitar teacher in Tulsa to help you set a pace for yourself at your level that will help you to grow and establish some muscle memory in your fingers. Secondly, we talked about practicing and early on we want to establish high levels of practice for our, for our students as instructors, we want to encourage high levels of practice. High levels of practice is not five to 10 minutes a day. And if you do the math five, if he did 10 minutes a day, that’s 70 minutes a week, which is an hour and 10 minutes a week.

However, I encourage minimum of 20 minutes a day for guitar lessons Tulsa, Monday through Saturday, which is one hour. Actually it’s two hours a week. So that is the minimum we want to be doing. You know, at least 20 minutes a day when practicing guitar, 20 minutes flies by so quickly you won’t even notice that it passed. And so by the time you pick up the guitar, it’ll already be time to put it down. And so just endure the time and have fun doing it. And so, and that’s my next point is just, you know, the importance of having fun is actually really important. And when it comes to having fun, it’s hard to have fun if you’re so concerned about what you’re playing and that you’re playing wrong. It’s fun to not sound good. It’s not fun to not be good. It’s fun to be good at something.

Right. I think we would all agree it’s more fun to be good at something than to not be good at something. I would beg to differ. We’re not having fun if we’re not good at it. It’s important to get good at having fun and the key to having fun is to learn how to practice, learn how, enjoy the process. That’s what practices, practices are. Process practice is teaching. Playing is enjoying what you’ve learned and displaying what you’ve learned. Having fun is doing both of those at the same time. It’s in, it’s taking what you’ve learned and enjoying it and almost not even thinking about it. Do you have to think about having fun on the playground? You have to think about having fun in the game. Not at all. You’re just enjoying the moment you’re enjoying the doing and that’s what it is in guitar lessons Tulsa.