Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Spring Celebration

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Yesterday was Sunday, May 19th and Curtis Music Academy had their spring celebration for our students that take guitar lessons tulsa with us. And it was a great day. A lot of people had a very enjoyable time sharing all of their hard work with their family and friends. And I would like to talk about all of that fun stuff today. So I arrived to the venue at 11:00 AM and I began setting up for the, the event I brought speakers, I brought all of my equipment and I began setting up. And the equipment that we have is quite a lot of different things. So we have two speakers, we have a PA system, we have a very awesome keyboard that the students play on during outdoor events. Rather than bringing a piano out, we are able to have a very nice weighted keyboard for our students, which is a great thing for them to be able to do.

That way people could enjoy the music and get nice and relaxed prior to the event starting. So after all of this had happened at about three o’clock we began our student recital and the performances were for our kids that take guitar lessons tulsa. So any one of our kids that are younger, they can take guitar lessons tulsa with us and perform at these events. And so we had about 15 of our younger students that were able to share all of their hard work that they had been producing over the past couple months. And one of our students had forgotten their book and it was not a big deal. It was not a stressful situation for them because we were very flexible to the situation and we were able to schedule that student to perform later in the portion of the day so that they were still able to play a song, which was great.

And then furthermore, just being even more flexible, one of our students arrived quite a bit late. They arrived about 15 minutes after the kids recite all had ended and even still we were able to get that student up and play the song that they had been working on and it wasn’t a big deal. It was really fun. It was just a good opportunity for these guys to share their hard work.So then with those 15 students that performed, we didn’t have any problems. There wasn’t any student that made a huge mistake and was embarrassed. The biggest thing about performing in front of people is that it can cause someone to forget a part of the song.

It can cause people to make mistakes that they don’t normally make. However, one of the things that we really strive to help our students to remember is that it is not a day to worry about perfection and making sure that everything is all in order. It’s literally just a day to show people that you have spent the time practicing this instrument over the past year, over the past month, however long it’s been, and you are provided with an opportunity to experience it with other people who are doing the same thing as you and to share that hard work with others and to have that connection with other students as well because they are in a very similar situation as to ourselves. So if a student makes a mistake, the empathy is very real with the other performers because they know that they are just as likely to potentially make a fumble on a note or do something that they don’t typically do.

And that’s why we really strive to make it an environment where mistakes are not expected. But if they happen, we can smile and move on the show, go on, continue playing even if you make a mistake. That’s what we want to provide with our guitar lessons tulsa. So then after the students, after the young students had performed, then our instructors got up and we played some songs as well. And as we went through, we played for a little bit less than an hour from about three 30 to four 30 is the time that our instructors were able to play. And so we had prepared to play quite a few songs together as a band. So the owner was on the keyboard part of the time and then he moved over to play percussion for a little bit at the time. And a few of our instructors were playing guitar and then we had another instructor that floated back and forth between percussion and keyboard as well.

So it was a four part band and it wasn’t a extensive amount of practice that went into playing for that hour. But it was a lot of fun. Irish students enjoyed it very much and it was a great time to guitar lessons tulsa share with our students that we also are able to get up there and share with them all of our hard work. And then after the instructors performed, then we had the second round of performances for our students, and this one was for the adult students and some of the younger children that weren’t able to make it to the first recital. They were able to get up there and play with the adults, which was actually not a big deal at all. Fact, one of our youngest students who is five years old, was one of the students that wasn’t able to make it to the first kid’s recital. So he came to the adult one and he performed and he played two songs, and it was really cool to see the experience between both of those generations. So it was great. It was a, it was a really fun day at Curtis Music Academy.