Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Why You Should Listen to Your Students

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

Through the course of training an instructor. One of the things that we do at Curtis Music Academy is we focus on showing people how to vision music in a way that students would love to take lessons. And the thing about teaching music, and one of the problems that I have seen throughout the course of many people teaching music is that they assume that every single person is just like them. They assume that a student loves music and the only thing that is on that student’s mind is music through the course of a seven day week. This instructor is assuming that the only thing that this student wants to do is practice their instrument. And so when the instructor sees that student a week later and they haven’t made as much progress as this instructor would have made when the instructor was the student’s age, then they get frustrated because the instructor is thinking, well, if I did it, why can’t you? And this is just very frustrating for me as I view other instructors doing this because the fact is not everybody is as

musically surrounded as we are as instructors, we are around music 24 seven when we wake up, where around the music, when we go to sleep, we are around the music. And for someone who isn’t around the music that much, then they’re assuming, Oh, if I spend 20 minutes a week practicing, then that’s good. Like that’s, that’s a great amount of time. And although we should encourage students to dive in a little bit more, if you’re at 20 minutes, what if you practiced 30 minutes? What if you practiced 40 minutes and taking it one step at a time as opposed to demanding that every single student practices x amount, whether that’s an hour or some instructors require that their students practice 30 minutes a day and that’s all great, but we really need to figure out what is it that the student wants and what is it that they need. We can push students to be better. We can push them to try harder. We don’t want them to be toddled and to be going through all of their

lessons without learning anything. But the fact is we have to understand as instructors where these students are at and how can we effectively push them with out making them frustrated and upset. So specifically we just got a call from a mother of three kids who are currently taking lessons at a location near our city and the parent mentioned that the kids are just not enjoying the lessons because the teacher is forcing them to play songs out of the book and they’re just not that interested and they just want to be able to play some of their favorite songs and a song that would be fun to play as opposed to a song that’s in the book. Now, don’t get me wrong, at Curtis Music Academy, we do use books, but the difference is that we want the feedback of our students and we frequently ask them, how are things going? Are you enjoying this? Is there anything that we could do to help you learn to play better? And we don’t want to use a book if the student doesn’t enjoy

the songs that are in the book. So when we have students that come to us with these frustrations, we hear them with open ears and we make every effort to do what we can to ensure that they are enjoying their guitar lessons Tulsa and if they choose to quit or if they choose to quit the piano, that it’s simply because they don’t want to play music anymore. And if that’s the case then there’s just nothing we can do about it. But if there’s anything that they enjoy about the music and we aren’t providing them with that enjoyment, then we are doing them a very big disservice vest because we aren’t able to motivate them as students. So throughout the course of teaching guitar lessons Tulsa, as instructors, I implore you to hear what your students are saying here, what they are enjoying. That way you can help create a period where these students love music and they love learning and they love practicing because if they don’t love these things, then who cares if you are helping them to be the most like Mozart in 2019 if you’re training them to be the next Mozart and all they want to do is to play twinkle, twinkle little star.

They don’t want to play Mozart. Well then what are we doing where we need to listen to them and hear what they want to learn and help them to make that happen. So if you’re interested in taking guitar lessons Tulsa, if you are interested in hearing what it is that you would like to do, then I encourage you to go to our website and fill out the form for a $1 lesson because it is only $1 for you to come out and share with us what it is that you would like to learn. And we will lay out a pathway. We will send you on your way with you being a better musician than you were when you walked in the door. And all of that will be for just $1 for you to come check us out, see what we’re all about, and then you can go home and you can continue to practice like you’ve always done because we know that you’re an awesome person and that you are interested in music. So if you have any reason to wonder what it is that

your instructor is teaching you, what pathway is your instructor taking you on? Then I would encourage you to look back on the past few months of guitar lessons Tulsa and think about the pathway that they’ve been taking you on. Have you enjoyed that pathway? Have you enjoyed taking guitar lessons Tulsa and all of the different places that this instructor has taken you? Or are you looking for something more? Or are you looking for an instructor that not only loves classical and knows how to get you to be able to play amazing classical songs, but also someone who enjoys the music that you listened to, they’re not out of touch, they are interested and they enjoy hearing the things that you enjoy listening to. So those are some of the things that I would question as a student that is looking to take lessons or for a student that is currently taking guitar lessons Tulsa by looking at the pathway of the instructor and perhaps even looking at the way that you can continue to learn and find a pathway for that. Because we want to help you reach your goals and motivate you to the best of our ability so that you go home and practice for hours every single day because you love it so much that you’re excited.