Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Strategies For Learning

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Every day we receive phone calls about people that are potentially interested in taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa. And I would like to address one of the things that is important to us as instructors of music with teaching lessons and in a competitive competitive field like guitar lessons Tulsa and piano lessons and voice lessons. One of the biggest struggles is that there is a plethora of places that you could take lessons at. So what is it about Curtis Music Academy that causes us to stand out in this saturated field of music lessons? Well one of the things that we have found is all of though we do not charge the least amount for music lessons, we have found again and again that there are so many music schools in Tulsa that charge well above what we charge and everybody is going to provide different instruction.

And so we’re not talking about getting your lawn mowed where you could have one person mow your lawn for $15 you can have another guy mow your lawn for $40 but at the end of the day your grasses cut. Well when it comes to music lessons, you could have a 30 minute Guitar Lessons Tulsa with Curtis Music Academy and you could have a 30 minute lesson with some other guy, but our guarantee is that you aren’t going to learn more in our 30 minute lesson then you would somewhere else. And furthermore, you are going to reach your goals faster than you would somewhere else. And so we want to make sure that our price makes sense for anybody that is interested in reaching their musical goals. We don’t want to charge an arm and a leg.

We have had many people come to us with frustrations about how much other music schools charge and how their instruction and the contract actually takes in vantage of the student. We don’t want to take advantage of you. We want you to view your weekly guitar lessons Tulsa as a way for you to consistently take one more step towards reaching your goal. We do not want you to view your weekly lesson as a fee or as a pain in the side. We want to help you reach that goal. And then secondly, a lot of other music schools will gladly receive your money and then they will throw you into the curriculum as they do with every single student they put you down, they give you the same book that they’ve given.

Every single student that’s ever walked in the door and they are unwilling to meet with you to hear about why you were even interested in learning music in the first place. And we want a personal connection with our students. We want them to be so excited to come to their lesson that they are just as excited to see their instructor as they are to see you learn music. So that’s the thing we, we want to see your success and watch you grow as a musician throughout the course of your guitar lessons Tulsa. Now, other music schools here in Tulsa have what I call a difficult time viewing their business through the lens of a potential student.
One of the things that Curtis Music Academy genuinely strives for is to view our school through the lens of a potential student. We want every single room to be spotless. We want every single room to look so inviting that you would assume that you are in your own home. We want to make sure that you aren’t genuinely excited to take the lessons at the location of our studio. And we want the studio space to smell good. So when you walk in, it smells like amazing lavender. We don’t want you to come in to a musty old cinder block room with nothing on the walls with concrete that hasn’t ever been painted and the floors aren’t even carpeted.

And these are places that we have seen in different music schools in Tulsa, and this is one of the things that we really strive for. Making sure that you are welcome and you are relieved to walk into our studio. So if that’s you, if you’re somebody that really appreciates cleanliness and an environment that is going to help your learning to be conducive to what you are being taught in your lessons, then this is the place for you. You can learn in a nice clean environment without having to worry about the place smelling every time that you walk in the door. So I hope that that is something that you would appreciate for anyone that’s interested in giving us a try. So okay, so with that being said, lots of people would enjoy taking lessons at Curtis Music Academy even if it is not the first place that you originally intended on taking lessons.

If you have interest in learning to play the guitar in Tulsa, then this is very likely a place that you would enjoy taking lessons because you would have the opportunity to share and express the things that are most important to you and we would be glad to accommodate to whatever it is that you are looking for. If you have an idea in your mind already about what you would like your lessons to be structured around, then we would be happy to accommodate and make certain that you are learning at a rate that is challenging but also reasonable as you take your music lessons. Now, not everybody learns the same way. Some people are visual learners, some people are auditory learners. And lastly, there’s also kinesthetic learning where people learn by doing.

And that is a very practical way that musicians learn because if you don’t learn by then, chances are you are in a lecture type music class and that would not be good. You really should learn to play an instrument by replicating and doing it yourself, which is going to help you to learn to play the piano. And some people learn by auditory. And so at Curtis Music Academy, we have no problem playing a piece for you so that you can hear how it is supposed to sound. Because if you’re unable to hear how it’s supposed to sound, it can be a challenge to play a song. Lastly, if you’re a visual learner or then reading the music on the page is a likely going to be the most beneficial way that you would learn to play that song. So I hope that that would help you as you’re learning.