Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Comfortable Chairs

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So today I’m going to talk about, do you importance of having comfortable chairs when taking guitar lessons or piano lessons or even vocal lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma here at Curtis Music Academy? So like I’ve talked about before at Curtis Music Academy, we have a definitive emphasis on creating a clean and comfortable space where our students feel comfortable, welcome and invited for taking lessons because we found that at most other music schools, they simply have the attitudes that they will just do it here. And the space is typically dingy, poorly lit, dark, just not excited or energetic. And they didn’t put any effort into creating it that way. But I, Curtis Music Academy, we have the exact opposite approach and we really focus on making sure that our space is clean and comfortable. And that includes the chairs. So as you know, it is especially important when taking guitar lessons Tulsa, that you have chairs that are comfortable so you can sit in them and play the guitar in and obviously the chair cannot have arms on it.

So most chairs have armrests to sit your arms on while you’re sitting, lounging as they come up on the sides and they’re really comfortable. But when you’re playing guitar, you can’t have anything that comes up on the sides because your elbows and the neck of the guitar will not have anywhere to go. There’ll be trapped inside of the arm rests. So here at Curtis Music Academy, we made extra sure that our chairs do not have sides on the arms. So we went to the store and we picked up a lot of chairs that are really comfortable. They’re gray, they’re really nice. They’re from target I think. And they’re just very, they’re very comfortable for playing guitar or piano or even voice. So we’ve got these chairs all around our studio house in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have I think one, two, three, four, five at the dining room table where we have our team meetings and we all sit in one of the comfy chairs there.

And then in the second studio room, there’s a chair right next to the piano and that chair is for the instructor to sit in and teach and play. While the student is learning and playing the piano next to them. So it’s really important that we’ve got a spot for the instructor to sit in the room so that it’s not weird. And then was sitting on the same bench as the student for the whole lesson because that could just get crowded pretty quickly. So we made sure that we have a comfortable chair in there without our missed for the piano instructor to play while they are teaching their student. And that very same chair can also be used for a guitar instructor. So we have for guitar instructors and a lot of them teach out of that studio room studio too. And when you’re teaching guitar in studio two, you would need to pull up two of the comfy gray chairs without arms because both the instructor and the student will have a guitar in their hands and neither of them can have chairs with arms on them or else they wouldn’t have anywhere to set the guitar and their arms would not fit inside of the chair.

So we make sure that when there’s a student taking guitar lessons Tulsa that we put them in that room with two chairs without arms on them, the comfy gray ones. So those shares can be utilized in studio two for both piano instructors and guitar and checkers. And when a student is taking piano lessons, it’s also really important that the instructor have a chair that doesn’t have arms on it because then the piano instructor is able to easily reach up in, plan out on the piano or slide onto the bench if they need to play something more intense next to the student. So they all around are really great in that Second Studio Room for both guitar instructors and piano instructors. And in studio one the same thing applies. So there is one gray chair that we sit by the piano for the piano instructor to sit next to the bench and play along with the student while they’re taking their piano lesson and they’re able to easily reach over and help them if need be.

So it’s really convenient that we keep a chair right there. Really helps the guitar lessons Tulsa go smoothly as the lesson, as the instructor is able to sit close and play when they need to play and not be constricted by arm rests on a chair. So in that same studio rooms who to go one, um, which as you might know is the room that is first when you walk in the door, it’s very well lit. There are lots of natural light and in that room we don’t have a seating area. We don’t have a couch in that room. So we oftentimes keep another one of the great chairs in there for parents or guests at the student to sit in on the lesson if they would like to. So not only are those chairs good for piano lessons or guitar lessons Tulsa, vocal lessons, but they’re also really good for parents and siblings or friends to sit in on the lesson with them in that first studio where there’s not another seating space.

So as you might know in the second studio, we don’t need an extra one of those chairs for friends or family members to sit on because when someone is taking piano lessons or guitar lessons Tulsa and studio to Equitas Music Academy, there is a couch in there, a small couch in essence to people. It is a really comfortable couch and it’s very accommodating for those who are taking piano lessons, guitar lessons Tulsa or vocal essence because their family members or friends are able to just sit on the couch while they take the lesson if they would like to. So like I said, there’s no need for one of the gray chairs without arms in that room. But in that first two year room, we also often have guitar lessons Tulsa in there and since there is no couch in that room, there’s a little bit more space for teaching guitar lessons Tulsa. So when a student is taking guitar lesson, the instructor and the student, we’ll both sit in one of the gray chairs and if the student brought people along with them, then those people will sit in a great chair as well. But probably closer to the corner, just that they’re not in the way.

So those comfortable great chairs without arms on them serve multiple, multiple purposes. We have them in all of the studio rooms. We have them around the dining room table and we also will bring those chairs outside for the guitar grill and chill class. So this guitar grill and chill class is an outdoor guitar lesson. It is a group guitar lesson and there are six people in it, I believe. And these six people learn the guitar every single week together as a group. And oftentimes they will sit outside if it feels nice outside because that’s where they like to eat because we provide snacks and food for guitar grill and chill meetings. So they will often sit outside and we’d knew, not have outdoor chairs, but we do have the very comfortable, great chairs without arms on them. And these great chairs are capable of being drug outside.

So what we will do when they get here, if they want eat outside because it’s warm, we will just pick up the chairs and move them outside and we’ll also move out to small white tables that we have and we’ll just set those out there for the guitar grill and she’ll students to sit around and converse while they eat. And again, since it is a guitar class, it is really important that the guitar students, how chairs that are comfortable and don’t have armrests on because it is much easier to play guitar when they’re not arm rests on your chair because the armrests just get in the way and they’re constricting and they don’t allow the full motion of the arms that playing guitar requires. So since there are so many of them, it is fantastic that we have so many of the gray armless chairs that we can take out back for all of the guitar go and chill members to sit on while they play their guitar. So all around those gray armless chairs are really important to us at Curtis Music Academy because they allowed guitar students, piano students and guitar grill. And chill students, uh, to comfortably sit while they take their guitar lessons Tulsa.