Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Conducive Learning Space

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One of the things that is very important with taking guitar lessons Tulsa is that you want your environment that you’re taking music lessons in to be conducive to learning. So one of the things that is very important here at Curtis Music Academy is just making sure to be intentional about the way that our home studio looks. One of the things that’s kind of interesting is we are not aware of the fact that we are teaching lessons out of the house and how the first impression is very important. And yet people are coming up and nobody knows what to expect unless they’ve watched our videos, unless they’ve done some research. But if they’re expecting, oh Curtis music academy, it’s going to be this giant building and there’s going to be people everywhere and there’s going to be so much music all throughout the building, this is going to be a great, and then they pull up to a small house and they’re kind of like, whoa, what’s going on here? But what we have found is that rather than having a giant building where you have almost like a retail space, we don’t want our students coming into a game stock that smells gross. You’ve got this teeny tiny broom and you have like an amp with chords lying around. Um, it’s just not a inviting place to learn how to play an instrument. And so when we have people coming up to a house, we have to convince them that this is an awesome place from the time that they drive up and see the house. So we have the door wide open. As soon as we see a car driving slowly, it’s likely their first time experiencing guitar lessons Tulsa, because you can tell that they’re kind of confused about what to be looking for.

So you’ll see these cars driving a little bit slowly. So we have the door wide open and will be waiving that way. They’re like, okay, this is it. And then as soon as they walk in the door, there’s no doubt that this is an awesome place to learn. It’s just from that initial, I am pulling up to a house, but we’ve also done some things to even make the outside appealing. We make sure that our grasses cut. Then it’s a nice well kept yard. We make sure there’s no trash outside and we make sure that the yard is in perfect condition. And then we recently painted the windows, the uh, front door and it’s a nice welcoming color. But anyway, as soon as they walk in the door, you’ve got these uplights that make the room looked really interesting. It’s intriguing, it’s clean. We make sure every single day to sweep we vacuumed so that the rug looks nice and recently vacuumed the couches almost every single time that somebody comes and sits on the couch.

We repless the pillows so that it’s welcoming for every single person walking in the door. And then we have really interesting furniture. We have a side board that is modern. We’ve kind of went with the mid century modern feel as we have developed this furniture. Um, are dining room table is really the most awesome piece of furniture in my opinion because I picked it out. I didn’t even need my wife to pick it out for me. It’s just a really neat piece of furniture. It’s like glass top, the, the base of it is metal and it looks really awesome. And anyway, as people are coming here and they’re just interested in taking guitar lessons tulsa, we try to make it a nice feel for them. And then once they get into their studio and they’re starting to take their guitar lesson in Tulsa, they can see different things about the cleanliness of our house.

If it’s not clean, then it’s our problem. And so we have made sure that there’s no cords on the floor. We make sure that the studio rooms are swept and vacuumed. We make sure to dust cleanliness is just so important and it’s so intentional for us to make sure that when people come here, they’re not grossed out by anything, and we want to give a nice reason for them to come here and feel relaxed once the lesson starts. Obviously we have an amazing staff of Tulsa Guitar instructors and we just want to provide an excellent service at an excellent price, and we just want to make sure to benefit all of our students as we’re going through and confirming that things aren’t going well for them. And so as you take your first step into Curtis Music Academy, you may notice that the wall has recently been painted. You may notice that the ground looks amazing.

We make sure that the walls are painted and they’re a very comforting color. They look as if it’s just a nice mellow space for you to enjoy your time here while you’re sitting in the room. So if you are distracted easily, if you have a lot of clutter that’s going on and it’s causing you to have a difficult time paying attention to your guitar lessons Tulsa, then this is the place for you because there’s not going to be a lot of distractions because everything is clean. Every time you come here it’s going to look clean. And that’s very important for our students to be able to have a clean environment for them to enjoy taking lessons.

Another thing that will help is we’ve also had the paint in the dining room that’s a little bit different. It’s a little bit darker, which helps to provide a little contrast from one room to the next. As you move around in your lessons, whether it’s in studio one or studio too, you’re going to have walls that are a little bit different. And we also have a really interesting poster in the main room which provides a little bit of an explanation of how we do things differently than other music schools and in fact one of the articles and information on that poster describes exactly what we’re talking about in this podcast, which is allowing this studio space to look awesome and clean and it’s very intentional going through that throughout the guitar lesson in Tulsa. And so the poster describes different ways that we are different and intentional with our studio space. The backyard is quite large and we actually utilize that for our guitar grill and Chill Group Guitar Course tulsa, which is a nice change of scenery if you’re always used to taking lessons inside of a studio space when you’re outside in the context of a group guitar course, it helps because you’re kind of in that natural environment of where you would imagine utilizing your gift as a guitar player because you’re in a group, you’re outdoor most of the time by a campfire, grilling out, eating steak, eating hamburgers, eating hot dogs, and if you want to play guitar in front of people, this is a great course for you to experience that because it utilizes all of the elements that we would naturally want to play guitar around. Especially through guitar lessons Tulsa. So even our back yard is really utilizing the studio space efficiently and it’s a great space. Like I said, the grass is cut. It’s a very interesting place to learn to play the guitar. So that’s kind of another way that you can experience a clean and organized manner in which you take your lessons.