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Now today in this podcast, I want to talk about the importance of having multiple pianos. So here at Curtis music Academy, like I’ve said before, we are just absolutely swamped with students. In fact, sometimes we don’t even have a place to put them in. We overbook ourselves on accident because we do have so many students and we are so flexible with their time schedules that most of the time most of our students want to come after school or after work. That means that a lot of our students are at, they’re coming at three 30 to four 45 area or after work from five 30 to six 30 we even teach lessons all the way up until nine o’clock at night but are definitely that. 


Our biggest, most popular time of the day is in the late afternoon, early evening because that’s when everyone is available for the most part.Unless your kids are homeschooled or something, unless one of the parents just home with the kids. There is really no, no time during the day to make lessons happen or come to the studio has to do so. So most of our students are in the evening. And that’s why it’s so important that we have lots of pianos in classrooms in order for them to play. So I’m Curtis music Academy. The majority of our students are actually piano students. That’s why we have way more piano instructors than we do guitar instructors. 


So for example, I think we’ve got three guitar instructors right now and we have four or five peanut instructors. So it’s really important that we keep our peanut instructors really happy and have plenty of students because we do have so many piano students that it’s important that we keep track of their hours as well and make sure they’re getting all the students that they need, but not too many to where the fact that they’re overwhelmed.But why do mean by having so many pianos? Is that at Curtis music Academy? Right now in our studio house, and we typically have those two studios as you know. 


But we also got a new piano and it’s in the back of the sooty house, just past the kitchen right next to the door that goes outside. So that is our third piano at Curtis music Academy. And it’s important because sometimes we do have to use that third piano balls on. Technically in a practice room. It is far enough at the back of the house that we’re able to teach lessons there if we absolutely have to. It’s definitely not our first choice but we are able to do it if we need to do so. So we do have those three pianos plus we have a keyboard in the office room. So many of you know I typically spend most of my time in the back office room at Curtis music Academy and I do all the logistics work and all the administrative work.


Right now I’m just doing a bunch of podcasts back here but it’s kinda tucked away in the back and by myself. So this is typically the office cause there is a desk in here, your computer and printer and all the storage stuff. This is where I do most of my work and where Ron does a lot of his work when he’s not teaching guitar lessons. But there is actually another keyboard back here. That way if we need to teach four lessons at one time, we definitely can. So this keyboard is actually probably our third option besides the two studio rooms is probably the third one that we’d go to because then it is in its own private room, although we often have someone working back here and usually me. But we also have the Fort piano in the back of the house. Like I talked about.


It’s really important because we have four pianos, which means we can teach four people at one time. And lastly, our last resort option is that Ronnie Kelly’s house. So we use the teach lesson down at Ronnie Kelly’s house. That’s where we taught all of our guitar lessons Tulsa. I credit music Academy until we just got too big and there was no space to teach them anymore. So we couldn’t have two  guitar lessons Tulsa going on at one time. We could only have one lesson going on at one time because there was only one person there, one does lesson room. 


So it was really important that we’ve got a bigger space so we could move and expand and get more students at Curtis music Academy, but also just make it more convenient for our students who have multiple students. Like let’s say they’ve got sip siblings. It’s important for the parents to be able to come and send their kids and they can do it though us and at the same time, which is why it’s really important to have two or three or four meeting rooms at the studio house, but we do have a studio space still available at Ronnie Kelly’s house, so that one room we converted back into a studio room once we moved into the studio house, so we can’t teach  guitar lessons Tulsa out of that one as well.


So it’s quite not, not quite as convenient. It is definitely an option if we happened to overbook ourselves, which sometimes happens just because we want to be really flexible and if this is the only time that a student is available, we would definitely make it work for them because our priorities definitely the goals and the needs of the student and not really us or our instructors. We want to make sure that we are as flexible as can be and give them the perfect time for their  guitar lessons Tulsa so that they, feel like they are being treated fairly and have the time that works for them because we’d much rather cramped students or have a student at the other house as opposed to not to have, not keeping a student just because we didn’t have space for them. So, but it’s why we are looking for a new, bigger studio space.


One with even more rooms, more practice rooms, so we can have multiple guitar lessons Tulsa going on at one time without having to send them to the other studio location. But it is, really important that we have so many pianos. Especially because guitar, you can kind of play it anywhere. It’s a little bit more flexible and where you can play. If you have a guitar, you can take it to the backyard, you can take it to any of an empty room. It doesn’t have to have a piano in it. But one of the things is really important for us is that we have so many piano students and pianos are really hard to come by and they’re also big and take up a lot of space.


 You have to have a piano teaching piano student, so it has to be in a room that can support a piano and hold one. And it’s not like you can just move it from place to place. So we do have several pianos at Curtis music Academy just to make sure that we have enough room for every single one of our students who wants to come and take guitar lessons Tulsa with us because we have so many of them and we want to make sure that we’re able to accommodate them all at Curtis music Academy.