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Now I’d like to talk about the importance of our team meetings. So we have weekly or Curtis music Academy, and I don’t talk about these often anymore. I don’t really know why that I did that, why stop talking about them. But they are really important to our success at Curtis music Academy. So I talked to him before. We have these team meetings regarding guitar lessons Tulsa every single week and we have a month, Thursday nights, the SPS, seven 30 here at the studio house, but now they’re at seven 45 at Rodney Kelly’s house. So it doesn’t really matter so much where the West, where the meeting is I should say, but it doesn’t matter who was there and things like that.


 So I’ve talked about in a couple of podcasts ago about how important it is that I keep track of everyone’s hours and such. I also keep track of our team meeting attendance.That’s how important it is to be at these meetings and make sure that everyone is there. Because at the C meetings we talk about all the important things for the week. We go through recaps and stuff like that and we aim for the future. So it’s really important that we’re all there so we can have more effective and the maximum efficiency of team meetings to talk about guitar lessons Tulsa.


 So. So I want to take just a second to go through all the recaps of our last team meeting and all the things that we talked about at every single meeting. So I’m going to take a look at the, the sheet that I have filed away. Ron makes a sheet for every single team meeting about the outline. So he’s going to go through all of the points, any rights in it so that he’s positive that he goes through everything that’s important.So I keep these in our binder that we have all the important stuff in. There’s a tab in it called meetings and that’s where I discuss all of the, it’s where I include all the team meeting outlines that Ron creates for all of our meetings.


 So I want to go over a couple of things from the last meeting. So this meeting since today is Wednesday, was last Thursday on September the 19th and so the first thing that we do is we go through our good news of the week. So not just didn’t related, but any good news in life because we do care about each other as and characters’ and Ron and Kelly and myself. We want to get to know each other and be comfortable talking to each other. So we go through and go talk about the best part of life that week, see what was awesome, what the best part was.


We go around the table and we ask everyone that. Then we go through and ask what the student went of the weekends. So we start off with something non-work-related and then we move into something that is work-related based on students, the student wins of the week. So who the best students are for the week. And like I’ve talked about before, maybe I haven’t, but once we go through and everyone lists their student one of the week, so the most awesome killer student for the whole week and we pick one from each week. Who did the best out of all of those students said last week we had five student wins of the week and then we picked one of them and that student will get the student win of the week award that we had started doing.


So they get their little picture featured in a picture frame that we’ve got and give them an award that they can hang up.It’s like a certificate of sorts. So it’s really fun that we do that. I think it really shows the students that we care about them and that we are all talking about them and helping them improve. I think it’s really encouraging to them. I would imagine. So the next thing that we do after the good news section and the student word of the week section would be the benchmark review section and the benchmark review is kind of just going over the important things that Ron has to share with us.


 So we want to talk about these days is the Christmas recital for guitar lessons Tulsa that we’re going to do. It’s not particularly your recital, nor is it going to be Christmas themes I don’t think. But it is our winter celebration and it’s going be December 1st and we’re trying to decide whether or not it should be Christmas themed or just winter themed, what, what the theme should be.Firstly, because we did have our last celebration type thing was back in February I believe. So it’s been awhile, probably a long time coming to do one of these new celebrations


So it’s really important that we all talk about it and find that perfect balance of everyone’s desires and what they think would do best. So this benchmark review has been talking a lot about what this risotto should be. So I just found out recently that we’ve been looking at a ton of venues trying to pick the perfect place to do our little celebration for the end of the year. The Christmas theme would be super fun because everyone loves Christmas and it’s really happy. Plus it’s just a really easy theme to decorate for it, especially because it’s going to be in the holiday season on December 1st kind of a jumpstart Christmas for a lot of people, I think.


 I think it’d be really fun to be Christmas saved by, some people think it should just be winter themed because you know, we get a lot of Christmas around the holidays and we don’t want to burn people out on it.So that’s kind of what our benchmarker do has been recently. It’s probably what it will be at a team meeting tomorrow night and spa. But the next section that we kind of added as the student concerns section in this section, we go over what students were concerned about, whether they were concerned about their playing or concerned about them practicing. We’re concerned that they’re gonna remain a student anymore.


 So we kind of go through and we talk about these students and see what we can do to make them either stay at Curtis music Academy, earn tour the guitar lessons Tulsa a little bit more. So we’ve got a couple of students who might, who might be younger and really hate practicing or to say that they don’t like their guitar lessons Tulsa anymore. And we want to try our hardest to make sure that we create for them a good time, want to make sure that they’re having fun and doing whatever we possibly can on our end to make sure that we’re keeping them as a student.,