Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Hospitality is Key


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The next thing that I want to talk about in this edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast is how we do hospitality here. Curtis Music Academy and how and why it is important. So hospitality is something that is incredibly important in nearly every aspect of life. If you’ve got friends coming over. If you are going somewhere else. If you own a business, anything like that, you want to make sure that you are approachable, comfortable in a place that people want to be. That’s everyone’s basic goal, right?

They want to be a place that people want to be. Whether it, again, is in your home, in your office or anything like that, you want to be hospitable and waste. You should at the very least, you should want to be hospitable. So our Curtis Music Academy, we take hospitality very seriously. So what we do is we focus a ton on the customer and I say customer, but I really should say students. We focus a ton on the students. We want to make sure that everything that we are doing is lining up with what a student might want in their guitar lessons Tulsa. So I’m going to go through a couple of ways that we show hospitality here at Curtis Music Academy.

That tends to be different from most music academies. So for one Curtis music academy, we focus a ton on opening the door. It sounds like something important, but trust me, it is really, really important. So at Curtis music academy, when students are coming into our building, whether it’s the first time or their 100th time, we want to make sure that we’re opening up the door for them.If we are able. So obviously, there are times when instructors are all teaching guitar lessons Tulsa and a student walks in and they can’t just leave their lesson to go open the door.

But when someone is here to open the door, when the student does that obvious student before that one or something like that, we always want to make sure that we’re opening the door for the student and opening it up with a smile on our face. Opening that door really just shows that we want to invite them in is very inviting to have a door be open for you. It shows, hey, we really do want you to come inside. Please come inside and see us. Please come inside and take guitar lessons Tulsa with us. So opening the door is something that’s really, really conducive to hospitality. It’s something that we take very seriously. So that is one way that we show our hospitality here. Curtis Music Academy, another way that we show our hospitality is by knowing our students names. And this doesn’t just stop at the students.

We also need to know their siblings’ names, their relatives’ names, whoever brings them to their lesson reads in a dare name, whether it’s mom or dad or grandma or grandpa or anything like that. We need to make sure that we know their names, that we can address them by name. I cannot show just how important it is to know your students and their relatives by name. It really shows a lot of intention on your part. Plus Features has consistently shown that people love to hear the sound of their own name more than anything else. So if you are using someone’s name and saying out loud, even if you know you know that they know, you know you’re their name or something like that, it’s still incredibly important.

People love to hear the sound of their name. It’s comforting. It’s something that we just like biologically. We like to be noticed. We like to be known. So saying someone’s name has a huge impact. More than most people ever understand. And I don’t quite honestly understand why it does have such an impact. But all I know is that it does for sure. So we want to make sure Curtis Music Academy that we’re focusing on unknowing people’s names. Now, for me, the problem is not that I don’t know their names, because for the most part, I do know all of our students’ names, all their parents’ names. What happens for me is I forget to see their name when I see them, so I might know it.

I may have it in the back of my head, but if I’m not actually saying it to them, I may as well just not know it. You know, it doesn’t make it that much better if I’m not actually using it doesn’t help. So it’s really important that we not only know their name, but that we use it when we’re talking to them. So that is something we do. It’s a little bit different here at Christmas Academy if we focus on knowing people’s names in guitar lessons Tulsa.

Another way that we show our hospitality and probably one of the major ways that we do it is by providing beverages to our students and their parents. I remember so every time they walk into the door, it is our job to greet them and to offer them a beverage. It’s a one two punch. So we did it. We need to offer them a beverage while in guitar lessons Tulsa. And keep them so. That is something that we do, and it’s really important that we do that because it shows again that we want them to be here and that we value them and that we think it’s really important to offer them something that we think they would want while in guitar lessons Tulsa.

So even if they have consistently turned down our beverages over and over and over again, we always have to ask, even if they’ve been asked by every other instructor is still important that you ask because it just shows that we all care that each and every one of our instructors cares and cares enough to offer you a beverage, even if they know you’ve already been offered them before. So that’s something really simple and really important that we do is offer people beverages. So we have a ton of tea. That’s one of our new things that Kelly’s been picking up: a ton of different types of teas.

So we try to rotate those out every once in a while, make sure that there’s always different new exciting teas in there. But that’s one thing that’s really awesome that we’ve been doing. Another thing that we have is coffee and we’ve got regular coffee and decaf coffee and also hot chocolate. And hot chocolate is a really big fan favorite over here during the wintertime. And for kids. Kids love that hot chocolate to go with their guitar lessons Tulsa.

And most of our students, if their parent allows it, which they usually do. We’ll come in and make our drink cup of hot chocolate, which is really awesome. And we just really love to share that with our students. Make sure that they know that we care and have something to provide them. So that’s one small and simple way that we show our hospitality to our students. And we think that is really, really important at Curtis Music Academy for our guitar lessons Tulsa