Guitar Lessons Tulsa | What You Need to Know For Guitar Lessons

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All right. And this next topic, we were talking about the best things to know for guitar lessons Tulsa. In this topic, we’re going to discuss the knowledge part, the sections of music. The essentials of music. You know, methods, systems, things like that, that will help you as a guitar teacher, as an instructor. And as a student. It is important that we have structure. It’s important that we have knowledge, it’s important that we have understanding and wisdom. And that is something we must apply to just about every single thing in life if we want to succeed. So, you know, when you were building, and I’m going to start with this analogy. When we’re building, we need a foundation. 


You know, if we’re building a house, we need a foundation. If we’re building any type of building, we need a foundation. We need a structure. We need, you know, we need bars, we need, you know, pillars. We need to frame. We need a framework, we need a roof, you know, and then we need the outside. We need it to look good, right? So these are kind of the essentials of building anything, you know, establishing, understanding and establishing the knowledge on top of that understanding, you know, and then wisdom is how is the correct application of knowledge.


So we just need to make sure that we know when you know, how, knowing when and how to use technique, knowing when to use a certain chord as opposed to another cord, you know, understanding like context of that and with context we understand we, and then we learned the knowledge of variations of chords or voicings, you know, those are varieties of chords and they help us to and equip us to play different types of ways to play the same thing. And so best things to know for guitar lessons Tulsas, I’m going to start with the instructor side. When the leader gets better, everyone gets better. 


That is a quote by Craig Rochelle, leader of life church, in the U S one of the largest churches in North America, over 30 campuses and is doing phenomenal, incredible man. I’ve gotten to meet him myself. He is amazing. He says that when the leader gets better, everyone gets better. You know, so you know, you as a leader, it’s the best thing to know is that, you know, not only for guitar lessons Tulsa but in life if, if you get better, your students become better. Who you teach, what you teach becomes better. You know, the more you learn, the more you earn. And so, that’s Ty Lopez at least. So best things to know for a guitar, for instructors, it’s best to know that you, you’ve got to grow as a leader. 


You’ve got to grow not only as a leader, but as an instructor. The more you know, the better, the more you know about your instrument, the more techniques you know, the more chords, you know, the more methods, you know, the more systems, you know, the more, music that you know, the more songs, you know, the better, the more you play, the better, the more experience you have as a musician, as an, as a guitar teacher, the better. And so it’s really essential to know that for your guitar lessons Tulsa, you’ve got to be, you know, learning and reading books and looking up music theory and unders, you know, furthering your understanding and your knowledge base of music, you know, stretching and expanding your understanding of music. 


Because when you get better, your students are automatically going to become better for it. You know, so by you investing in yourselves, you’re automatically going to be an even more valuable person and instructor to, to others. So by adding value to yourself, you’re, you’re inadvertently adding value to others. So it’s one of the best things we can do. Another thing for leaders or guitar instructors to, to know for guitar lessons Tulsa is that structure is very, very important. You know, how we structure our lessons,  gives not only us a feeling of security and, and confidence, but it also gives the students a sense of confidence and safety and structure and feeling like they’re, they’re a part of something professional and solid. 


Whenever they’re part of something not solid, a lot of times it’s because they are not. They are not feeling that they are a part of something that is well thought out or structured. And so it’s important that we provide that structure for them and that they aren’t finding that or doing that on their own. And so I’m, here we are we’re talking about the best things to know for guitar lessons Tulsa. So best things to know for guitar. I keep having to come back to this because I get distracted often and I have to remind myself of where I am and what I’m talking about often. So, you know, as an instructor structure and instructors need structure. And so whether that’s Hey, first step we’re going to do is review. 


Second step we’re going to do is learn some new material. Then the third we’re going to revisit and recap. You know, that’s a very, very, very broad brief, format there, but an even better one. You know, because this one at least that we do kind of ties into one of our, our, our key, you know, values. It’s, which is being your coach and your friend. So, you know, for five minutes we’re asked that we’re going to develop some rapport, you know, ask them how was their day, how’s their life going, you know, and letting them talk a little bit and open up. 


And then for five minutes we’re going to review what we learned last and correct any changes or make any tweaks to what they are, have been practicing at home and make it better. And then for 15 minutes we’re going to learn some new material. So right there it’s 25 minutes. And then at the last five minutes we’re going to be talking about practice strategy for their week. And so I think this is really good. This is a really good method for developing, a rapport with your, you know, with some establishing some relationship and, and, and a good breeding ground for you to become their coach, but not only their coach but their friend. 


You know, when S, you know, making it very apparent that, Hey, we’re not only saying that we want to be your coach and your friend, but we’re making time in the lesson where we’re carving out time in the lesson to devote to that. And it’s Ash actually at the beginning of the lesson because that shows that Hey, this is very important that it needs to be the first thing we do. You know? So that’s what I love about what we do. That’s another really good thing to know for, for your guitar lessons Tulsa. 


And then another point is that we need to develop a system. So not only a structure but a system, a way in which we, you know, take our student and we take them through a process. Your process will be your system, so to speak. It’ll be the main part. At least it’ll be the, the core. So you’re, you know, you have an input of a new student or an old student or you either have it in a beginner, you have an average player or you have an expert player and advanced player. Those are really the only three things you’ll come into contact with. And from those I would say, you know, develop a process for all of those. How do you get someone from beginner to intermediate or beginner to advanced?


 Like that’s a big jump, right? But the essential guitar knowledge is the same no matter who it is, whether they’re a beginner, whether they’re an average player or whether they’re advanced. And a lot of times some of the most skilled players have a loop or a holes in their knowledge, have holes in their understanding and, and then it trickles down to average players. And then the beginners don’t know anything, right? So it’s important that we as instructors can give them the broad scope and know everything there possibly is to know about music for their instrument. That way we can instruct them and give them the most value and the most knowledge possible. 


But developing a system. So a series of steps that you take from the moment you receive the new student to the moment that they are, they reached their goal, right? And even after their reached the goal, you know, what did it, what does it look like for them after they’ve reached their goal? You know, say, Hey, I’ve reached, you know, if the student was like, Hey, I reached him. I reached my goal, but I want to keep taking guitar lessons Tulsa, you know? So having a strategy for that as well, it was important. And then for, for students, I would say, listen to your, the best thing to know is to be humble, be coachable and that whatever your, you know, think critically, but also listen and be teachable and apply everything your instructor’s asking you to do.