Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Keeping Things Tidy

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And so our guitar go and chill. Students will come into the kitchen to get food and stuff. So it’s kind of embarrassing if it’s dirty. So it’s really important that we make sure it’s clean and organized and perfectly organized and not dirty. They can come in and see it. We’re not embarrassed by all this stuff everywhere. The only thing you can do is dust the piano. So this is one that you might not quite think of off the top of your head, but the piano is you get really dusty cause they’re just sitting in open rooms.


And like I mentioned, we do have four pianos occurred, music Academy. So while it doesn’t take long to dust, there are four of the pianos. So if we stay on top of them and everyone cleans one piano, then they’ll all be consistently and constantly clean up and things like that. So cleaning the pianos is actually really important because when a student sits down at the piano, it’s really obvious if it’s dusty and dirty, you know, it’s really not, it’s really obvious. It’s hard to hide. It’s dusty, you don’t, it kind of feels dirty. Want to make sure that that’s the last thing that people feel at Curtis. Music Academy is dirty. 


So I’ve talked a ton about the importance of crafting this comfortable and cozy space. It’s supposed to be relaxing and for most people mess in dirt and stuff, it’s not relaxing. It’s actually stressful.So it’s counterintuitive to what we’re trying to aim for occurred with music Academy. So want to make sure that we are staying on top of that and making sure that everything stays clean. The next thing that people can do is what are the plants. However, the plants are actually sort of piggy and sometimes I over watered them on accident when I watered them, I don’t want them, I want to make sure that they don’t die and the soil doesn’t stay dry.


 But sometimes we overwatered them and they don’t drain properly cause they are indoor plants. So wanting the plants is important but we need to make sure that everyone checks on the plants and makes sure the soil is dry before watering it. Because if it’s wet already that it doesn’t need to be watered and it’s going to be overwatered and you might kill the plant.So, but what in the plant isn’t there? That’s important. It needs to be done. I know when I was out for awhile in the summer the plants started to die a little bit cause they kind of just get forgotten about. If you don’t have, you aren’t constantly thinking about it. 


Another random thing that you can do, if you have a weird gap between your guitar lessons Tulsa, Eckerd HES Academy, you can search for runaway guitar picks. So we have a ton of guitar picks at Curtis music Academy because we do teach guitar lessons Tulsa and we just a lot of guitar lessons Tulsa per week. So students bring in their own picks and they probably have more in their guitar case. Then our instructors have their own picks and then run has a ton of pics. So between that there’s probably hundreds and hundreds of picks around this place and we’ve got little vessels of pics all over this whole studio house bed.


It’s really important that you can pick them up because we don’t want to see guitar pics on the ground and we want to hold on them so that we have extras when students forget theirs or when instructors forget those or whatnot. It’s really important that we keep up with that and make sure that we keep ’em organized to the same place. So we always know where to find them when we need them because guitar picks are really important. But it’s really funny how many we have here at critical music Academy and nothing you can do is text your friends and ask them direct Google reviews for us. 


Google reviews or something really important for us at Curtis music Academy and we actually have over 105 star Google reviews, which is the most out of any musical and Tulsa, and that’s actually what draws a lot of people to us is the number of sheer Google reviews that we have. And they’re all great Google reviews. I don’t know if I’ve talked to this in awhile, but our Google reviews are phenomenal and people pointed them in, they’ll say, I was on Google searching for guitar lessons Tulsa and I saw that you all had this many five star reviews.


 So that really a drawing factor for them and allowed them to come in and experience critic music Academy firsthand because they saw the awesome Google reviews that we do have. So it really serves as a almost to first intro. First a first impression of Curtis music Academy. The number of grabs, our Google reviews that we have, you can read them and see what people have to say. It kind of gives you a really great impression of Curtis music Academy and we hope that that impression sticks with our students as they keep taking guitar lessons Tulsa. The other thing you can do is organize the magazines on the table.


So I talked about this and one of my job duties is making sure that it’s clean and tidy in here at Curtis music Academy, but we do have a bunch of magazines and business cards on the table plus from Ron’s wedding show information. So we want to make sure that it stays clean and tidy because there’s so much stuff on the table if it’s not properly kept up. It kept up with, it looks really dirty, so it’s pretty important that we are making sure that that always looks organized and clean because when kids come in, they obviously have little hands and they start grabbing out things. It’s important that we make sure that we put it all back in order so that it doesn’t look messy when the next family comes in to sit down. Make sure it’s relaxing again and just not, not dirty but relaxing.


The other thing we can do at Curtis music Academy, we’ve got a weird gap is to clean the mirrors with the gap glass. So we have a ton of glass in mirrors at Curtis music Academy is part of our aesthetic. I think it really looks clean and tidy and like a home. So you, there’s a lot of mirrors in home just as there are a lot of share. Curtis music Academy. So they do get dirty just like the glass table and it just helps the overall aesthetic and look at the place if it’s kept up tidy and there are clean glasses and stuff like that. So the next last thing you can do is clean the whiteboard. 


So I’ve talked a lot about these whiteboards at how important they are because we’ve got whiteboard in one studio rooms and in the office, and they do get really dirty because we chose not to use real white boards, so sharp boards. And when you wipe the marker up the sharp board, it does not come off 100% of the time and they require a lot of scrubbing with some whiteboard cleaner. So it is messy looking and we want to make sure that those look nice and cleaned so that our instructors can feel free to write on them when they need to, to teach the lessons even more effectively. So these are just a couple of things. You can do. Occur to music Academy when you’re bored with stuff, or do I have a weird gap between your lessons.