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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we’re going to be discussing how you can have confidence when you are performing on the guitar. There are many different scenarios where you would be performing on the guitar. You could be performing by yourself with a small crowd or a big crowd. And so we’re going to be discussing our competence happens through repetition. How you should have competent confidence when performing and how having more fun when you’re playing your instrument will help you be more confident.

And so, without further ado, my name is Steven. I’ve been a musician for 12 years, going on 13 years and have enjoyed and learned many life lessons, many principles, many strategies and tips and tricks and how you can be an incredible musician yourself through taking guitar lessons Tulsa. I’ve also been teaching music for five years now, going on six years and have enjoyed every single year, every single minute of it. And lastly, I’ve been a music instructor at the Curtis music Academy and Tulsa giving guitar lessons Tulsa for one year now, almost going on two years.

I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. I’ve learned tons, things about music. I’ve learned tons of things about teaching. I’ve learned tons of tips and tricks on how to communicate music, how to teach music, how to instruct, how to guide, how to be a guide in this journey to helping people reach their goals. And that is what instructing is really about. It’s about telling people what to do, how to do it, and how to be successful in reaching a goal in guitar lessons Tulsa. And I think if you can communicate well and you can break down a goal so that the individual, the student, the person, the client, whoever it is, can become successful. Success is just setting a goal and reaching it in guitar lessons Tulsa.

That’s all successes. And so today’s podcast is going to be talking about how you can have confidence when you’re performing, how to have confidence when you’re performing. And so without further ado, my first point for you is competence. Through repetition. It’s important to, if you ever trying to develop skill or get good at anything to do it over and over and over, because the more you do it, the more you will, the faster you’ll get. Good at it. Right? As an example, from my own life, I was a young musician of 12 years old. When I started playing, I started to play an hour a and that hour a day turned into three hours a week.

That three hours a week turned into playing at church, two hours a week in itself. So an additional total five hours a week and at five hours a week, that’s a good little part time job there. And so it’s been an incredible journey. And I tell you what, when I was first learning the acoustic guitar and before I was ever taking guitar lessons Tulsa, I had to take the guitar, get a pic and strum and learn chords on YouTube and repeatedly apply myself over and over every day.

And so I had to break down my time breakdown, my hour breakdown, my, the YouTube video. You know, I was trying to learn songs. It was like trying to eat steak all at once, you know, in one bite. And that isn’t the most practical. And so what I did was I would learn one chord and I would play that chord over and over until it sounded perfect, and then I’d learn a new cord and I’d play that chord over and over until it became perfect. And then I’ve learned two more chords, so four chords total until they all sounded fantastic.

And then I would put the chords in order from which one was first to which one was last, which created a progression and what was what we call a progression in music. And I would play that progression over and over going from one core to the next, very, very slowly so that I transitioned chords very well. And then I began to develop the song. The song began to develop and you started to recognize the tune. You could hear the distinction in the music. And so that was really a time of hard work. And I tell you what, in that time I wasn’t thinking about how hard it was. I was thinking about how good I wanted to get.

I thought I wanted to think about or I was thinking about how good I was going to be and how good I was going to sound and so I was willing to give through the why, get through the what and the how, the how hard it was the what my fingers felt like because I know I knew also why I was doing it in guitar lessons Tulsa. I wanted to be a musician, I wanted to be an artist. When I grew up, I wanted to be a a recording artist who made a lot of money traveling and playing shows and songs for people and doing concerts.

And so I developed competence guys. I developed a skill in the, and to become skilled at anything will require you to do it over and over until you’re good at it. There’s just no other way unless you were in the matrix and they downloaded a program into your head which made you immediately good at Kung Fu or immediately good at playing the guitar like Tommy and Manuel. There’s just simply no other way. And so that is one way you can have competence and that is the repetition. Now. Second is confidence. Confidence. When you’re performing, how do you have confidence when you’re performing well?

We’ve taken care of the competence dilemma, which was we just didn’t do it enough so we didn’t do it well, but once you’ve done it many, many times and you’re in your room at home with nobody around, you’ve practiced out, you flushed out the kinks, you’ve worked out the kinks in your music and your songs and now you can play about five 10 songs in guitar lessons Tulsa. Now you’re confident in your ability. So this is what I’ve learned is that competence creates confidence. Now without confidence. If you’re not confident, confident in something, could you also say that you’re not very competent in it? If I’m good at, if I’m confident at driving, why am I confident? Is it because I know I can do it?

Exactly. I’m confident in driving because I’ve done it plenty of times. I’ve practiced, I’ve practiced over and over and steering in. Switching gears in using the the gas pedal and using the brake pedal to where I feel confident that when the time comes, when the time comes to use and need to speed up or slow down, I know exactly how to do it and I know how to do it well and therefore I’ve developed a confidence and a confidence with driving. And it’s because of repetition, which leads to competence, which competence leads to confidence. And so that is how you can have confidence when you’re performing.

Tip number one, repetition, which will lead to competence. And then from competence you can then experience confidence and win. In my last point, when you have confidence you have more fun. And so people ask, you know, how do you have fun? Well, it’s fun. Hard. Is it hard to have fun? If it’s hard to have fun, then I would question what are you doing and do you feel like you’re good at that? And if you’re not good at it, how can you become good at it? Well, I think at the end of the day it comes down to how many times have you done it to feel comfortable doing it and become competent where you’re very skilled at it.

It takes you less time to do it than it did initially in the beginning stages. And so you’ll go through these phases of learning before you actually become and start having fun at your concerts. Have fun playing in your room. Have fun playing in front of hundreds of people like I did an American idol. And so last points, and just to recap, today we were discussing confidence, how you can have confidence when performing. And so how y’all have competences, anything in anything. Confidence in anything is repetition. You’ll need to do it at least for 10,000 hours before you become a master. And then from there, competence, competence is being good at it. Then you’ll have confidence. And lastly, because you have competence, you’ll have incredible amounts of fun.