Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Things You Can Do 

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The next thing I want to talk about today is what we can do at Curtis music Academy. So this sounds a little lame, like an odd question to ask because obviously we teach music kick Curtis music Academy. But one of the things that we do see a lot is that our instructors don’t have a ton of students back to back sometimes. So for instance, someone might have a lesson for an hour and then they might have an hour break for the next student and they probably have already prepared. So they don’t need to spend that time prepping cause it’s kind of weird and they’re not really sure what to do for that hour. It kind of feels like a waste of time. 


So we’ve created a list at Curtis music Academy, you have things that are instructors and myself and Ron and Kelly can do if there’s not much going on around here.So I did mention that not every day looks the same. My past podcast, and this is really true, so some days you’ll be completely busy and completely stacked up, but it won’t have any time to do these things. But some days you might have plenty of time to do them. So we want to make sure that we’ve got stuff that you can do to fill the gap. There’s an awkward gap between your guitar lessons Tulsa or piano lessons or vocal lessons or whatever it might be.


 So I want to go over this list that we created at one of our team meetings actually. So at one of our meetings, like wild back, I know how, I’ve told you a million times how important these meetings are, but I want to find meetings a while back, maybe a few months ago, Ron gave us a list of things that we can do when we don’t have things, other things to do when we’re not teaching a lesson or something like that, just to stay on top of the place because it is a team effort to make sure it’s maintained and upkept and things like that so its not messy for guitar lessons Tulsa.


Because this is a whole minute, does have a lot of space. So it does get dirty at times. So we created this list, Ron gave it to us. And what we did at the team meeting is that we actually added to it, we added about the same number of stuff that was already on it. So we added like 10 new things to make sure that we’re just kind of adding to this guitar lessons Tulsa, kind of finishing it out. It’s one of the best parts about team meetings, like I said. So we’re all collaborative and we’re able to work with one another to do awesome things. And this is one prime example of that. Ron gave us the sheet and we were able to edit it together and make it an even better sheet because we recognize it. 


Greatest music Academy that it’s not about independence or just guitar lessons Tulsa, but it’s about working together. And that’s what makes us so successful here. So the first thing on this list of things you can do is talk with parents or family of a student in the other room. So this is really important to us. It’s being hospitable and kind to the people who are in the living room. We’re gonna make sure that even if they’re not me, even if they’re not the administrative assistant, even if they’re just an instructor, that when there’s pupil in there, we want to be kind and welcoming to them, ask them how they’re doing, try to remember their name, offer them a drink, coffee or tea or water or something like that. 


Just make sure that we’re always being on top of it and being courteous to our students and making sure that they feel comfortable while they’re here. So it’s really important that we talk with them when they’re in the room.Another thing that we do, it’s also really important, is greet people as they walk into the studio. So I mentioned before that our instructors have been instructed to greet people as they walk in the door, even if they’re teaching a lesson in one studio room, if no one else is there, but the instructor, it’s important that they get off from the lesson pause for five seconds, just enough to open the door and say hello to the students of guitar lessons Tulsa. 


Tell them to make the sums comfortable. Does the same thing as number one, kind of just making art students and their visitors and people who came with them feel fairly comfortable when they come in the door. So the next thing that you can do is record podcasts on your phone and email them. So these are exactly what I’m doing right now. Um, people could typically, people don’t choose this option because it does require more work than the others, but all you can, all you have to do is talk about stuff on this podcast and then email it to Ron and I can transcribe it for him.


It’s a really easy way to do that. So podcasts are one really easy thing that you could do when you want to come in the studio. I don’t know how much to do. Next thing that you can do is sweep the floors. So like I talked about, it does take a team to make sure this place stays clean and we stay on top of it. So the floors can typically use good sweeping every once in awhile. Make sure that they stay clean, it dust free because grass does get attracted and things like that. People get dirty, the floor gets sturdy. This grass stock. Then you don’t want to walk into a studio space and seagrass over the floor. 


So one thing you can do to sweep the floors, the next thing you can do is clean the glass table. This is pretty important because that glass table is glass and it does get fingerprints all over it.So that’s kind of a mess and it looks really dirty and dingy if we don’t keep it clean. So it’s really important that we do keep that, keep that glass table clean, make sure we’re always wiping it down with glass cleaner. Another thing you can do is wash the mugs. It’s pretty important to keep on top of it. Make sure that we always have cups cleaned so that people are able to get drinks when they want them. 


They don’t feel like they have to rely on us to get them a cup because then it sort of makes them feel like a burden. And that’s the last thing that we want for our students. We don’t want anyone to feel like a burden or like they can’t get water because there’s no cups out. So it’s really important that we always have mugs and cups. Next thing that you can do with clean and organize the kitchen.So the kitchen is kind of a catchall place, just a ton of stuff in there. Usually it’s where people drop stuff because it’s kind of hidden it in the back, but it doesn’t need to be organized and cleaned up a lot because you can’t see the kitchen when you come in. And in fact we had food for a guitar grill and show that we have on Thursday nights or Wednesday nights now, and the students go into the kitchen to get the snacks or dinner we have provided, so it is important that we keep it super clean for guitar lessons Tulsa.