Guitar Lessons Tulsa | New Location

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In this topic of the Curtis music Academy podcast, I’m discussing how the new location for Curtis music Academy has just been a blast. The blast. Oh my gosh, I have so much. So many good things to say about our new location. The ease, the smoothness of lessons, how well and how, how nicely done everything is. How much room there is, how much happier students are. I think the parents as well are very, very delighted and the sower of the students about our new location. And so it has been just that a blast. The blast. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I am a guitar teacher at Curtis music Academy. 


I teach guitar lessons Tulsa and you know, have been teaching guitar lessons Tulsa for six years and I’ve loved every single year and will continue to love it because it is one of my favorite things to do, which is to teach guitar. So, how has the new location just been a blast e-blast? Well, our new location has just been a blastic blast because it’s in a house. It’s not in Ron’s personal home, but it is at a new house, which has a really awesome big blue door and it’s kind of like a Hobbit door, right? It’s got a curved top semi-circle for the top. The rest is rectangle, really cool, really distinct. And a lot of our students who pass, all they have to Sue is to see is that big blue door. They know that that is Curtis music Academy. 


another thing that I love about our new location at Curtis music Academy is our driveway. I love how we can fit about four to five cars in one driveway. And also sometimes we can park in the grass in the backyard, which is nice if we just need one extra spot. Not only that, but we can park, you know, two to three people in the front, curb of the house, which allows at least eight people to be there at once, you know, including instructors, mixed with students. So, it is very, it has been very conducive. We’ve got two studios as opposed to one where really we could teach, you know, three students at once. 


And if we even had to, we could take our office, which was in the back and turn it into a studio for one lesson or two and we can have force the guitar lessons Tulsa  going on, however that would be pretty crowded in that, you know, meaning that there’s four instructors there and also four other cars for four other students. So that’s eight students and that’s about our max. So when we’re at four students every day, Oh man, that can kind of be a nightmare because we have students every 30 minutes coming in and so, which is a good, good, good problem to have. So it’s been amazing.


 I love it. I love the busy-ness, especially on Tuesdays or Thursdays or Wednesdays, actually. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, super busy. I love it because, you know, teaching I rarely think about time, as an instructor, as a person in, as a person, I just don’t think, I’m not very time conscious and I’ve had to become more time conscious in my life in career because time, you know, the clock, I think of it as, as you know, in sports you have to keep your eye on the clock because you have to know how much time you have. If you’re not conscious, it might time I get away from you and you could have scored way more points and possibly have even one if you were more conscious of the clock. 


And so I’ve had to learn that, you know, we need to respect the clock. We need to respect, you know, people’s time, not only their time but our time and you know, and just be winning, you know, win, you know, so how are we, when is, when we are on time to our lesson and we start the lesson on time, right? On time, if not even a little bit earlier. And then we end on time, you know, that’s, that’s winning for us. So I need help with that. You know, I’m not perfect at that by any means. If anyone is a needs judgment on this, it’s me. I’ve been late to a few students, not many, but just like two or three in my entire time at Curtis music Academy. 


And also I’ve, you know, went over time many times, which I’m not very proud of, but I’m getting better and you know, trying to be more conscious of time, which I’m just not naturally conscious of time. So, that’s one of the things that have really been awesome. It’s just ha being able to have two guitar lessons Tulsa going on at once if not three or even four when we’re maxed out. I love the fact that we have just the system of, you know, we have a pass code, which I can just, you know, knock in the past code and get in the building and turn everything on and wait til my student gets there to start my lesson and when they’re done, you know, if I don’t have any guitar lessons Tulsa after me, if I’m the last one to leave, just lock it up again and repeat. 


You know, I love it. I love the system we have. It makes it very easy for anyone to get in and get out as they need to. I love that we have a kitchen where we can cook food or you know, provide food and things for our guitar grill and chill students, which is a group guitar lesson, which is really fun and it’s much cheaper if you’d like to or be interested in that. And then our, I love, I love, love, love our instructing rooms and the lobby first, the instructing room, the instructing rooms are basically bedrooms turned into an incredible conducive and very fitting room for teaching music.


 There’s a piano and in both rooms there are windows in both rooms with blinds that we typically keep shut normally keep shut to avoid distraction. And there’s guitars mounted on the walls. There’s a mini couch in one room. And it’s just, man, it’s just awesome. It’s very simple. There’s a fan in a room as well and it’s very good lighting. There’s lamps, there’s marker boards in one as well. And it is just a very pleasant, a very nice place to teach. I love it. I love the fact, which is the biggest thing for me is that it’s an a house. It’s not in an office building, it’s not in a dark, you know, very, you know, commercial place not good for guitar lessons Tulsa. 


It’s in a home which is very inviting, which is a place that all students and anyone can relate to home. And so they feel automatically more comfortable and more at ease and just they can relax, they can relax with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee or a cup of water, which is the drinks that we, the beverages we have to service our, you know, parents and students. We also have music going on at all times to just kind of help fill in some, some space in the air and the atmosphere and nice low-fi beats going on, which is really awesome in guitar lessons Tulsa. Which I love. I, that’s one thing I listened to just about every day, if not all the time in the car because it just, especially at my own apartment, you know, which I love, you know, I just, they’re on some steady, you know, low-fi meats and I’m good. 


I can think clearly. I can work clearly and work well and it’s awesome. And so it’s very inspiring. And so that’s one, those are a few things that I love about Curtis music Academy. It’s been a blast. The blast to have just plenty of lobby space where there’s magazines and a coffee table where students and parents can just sit and enjoy their phones or enjoy in talking to another parent as they wait on their student to be done with guitar lessons Tulsa. And so it’s amazing. It’s just, you know, blasty blast. I love how parents are happy, but not only the parents are, how are the parents happy?


 But students are happy, they enjoy, and they love coming to the Curtis music Academy. I, I love it because Ron and Kelly have not only created an environment, a space where students are happy to teach guitar lessons Tulsa, get taught, but the instructors are happy to teach. And you as an instructor, I can say I love my place of work. I think it is the best place I’ve ever worked in my entire life, and I wouldn’t mind not working anywhere else. You know, it is by far the best place I’ve ever worked. And it is a blessed e-blast ultimately for me because it is a place I love one of my few favorite places on the face of the earth. And I plan to work here for awhile. So yes.