Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Our Amazing New Space for Teaching Lessons

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The next thing that I want to talk about in this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast is one of the things that, again, I’ve talked about in most podcast that I’ve ever done. Probably there are a million podcasts that I’ve done over the specific topic and that’s because this topic is just really incredibly important to us and ask at Curtis music Academy, as many of you know, we are growing very, very rapidly, so we’ve got about 125 students right now and we had just a hundred students back in, you know, October. So that’s really rapid growth for a couple of months to have that many full time students come on board, which is incredibly awesome for us and it’s, it’s really phenomenal.


 It’s definitely not a problem, but it is something that we’re going to have to deal with pretty soon in guitar lessons Tulsa. So we are rapidly running out of space. You know, as I’ve talked about a ton, it’s really important to have a comfortable space when teaching guitar lessons Tulsa. Studies have consistently shown having a comfortable place when you’re taking guitar lessons Tulsa, whether you’re teaching them or taking them. Having a comfortable space to do that and helps the student to retain the information and help them to do just so much better when they’re taking those guitar lessons Tulsa. 


It’s really phenomenal what all that research shows. So that’s one of the things that we tend to focus on a lot here at critic music Academy is making sure that we have a comfortable space. But one of the parts of having a comfortable space is making sure that we have enough space as it’s, so in our studio right now, as you know, we have two studio rooms and a back office and there’ve been times where we have to use the back office as a third studio room simply because we have completely run out of space. And that is saying something because Ron teaches guitar lessons Tulsa at his house in a third studio location three or four days out of the week. 


And that means he brings all of his students were there. So we’ve got at least 30 students a week being taught out of the house in the third location. And the studio is still completely full and there are still times in which we have to, you know, go ahead and teach in this back office or even at the back piano as well. So that’s pretty crazy. But one of the things is just that we need to find a bigger space so that we can make it more comfortable for everyone involved. You know, it’s not as comfortable to take a lesson when you’re in the back office room because obviously we haven’t put the intention and effort into making the back office a studio space. 


So we haven’t done all of the same things that we’ve done in the other room. And that’s simply because it wasn’t intended to be a space for that. You know, it wasn’t intended to be a space for teaching lesson, but it has become that because out of necessity you have to do what you have to do to teach the lesson. So we have made it work, but one of the things that we really looking for in a new space, it’s just more rooms. So as you all know, we’ve got five. Let me see how many instructors should be Brad. We have Steven Haley, Andrea, Ron and Kelly. So we have five instructors. Kelly teaches about two students a week, but we’ve got five sugars, which is a lot of instructions and, and so that is a lot of people that can be taught at once. So we want to make sure that we’ve got enough space for, if we needed to, all five of our instructors to be teaching at the same time. 


That would be really honestly a dream because then we could teach you in five guitar lessons Tulsa at the same time, a couple of nights a week, and that could almost doubled the amount of, you know, space that you’ve gotten, the amount of losses we’re able to teach. So that’s the bad part about running a space is that you’re just not able to teach all the students that you want to teach. So sometimes we’ve got, but again, it’s just incredibly important that we are able to, you know, make it a comfortable space for everyone, not just one person, but for all of our students. That’s one of the most important things that we focus on when designing a space and picking out a space. 


And I think that’s why it’s taken us so long to find a new location because it Curtis music Academy, we take these things very seriously. We’re not looking lightly. We’re looking, you know, for the serious real space that we can grow and it gives us plenty of room for that. So that’s what this space doesn’t really offer. We don’t have the room to grow and to design it or arrange it in the way that we would like. So that’s one of the things that we’re looking for when finding a new space. Another thing that we’re looking for again, is bigger. We want lots of, we want lots of ribs for our instructors to all be teaching guitar lessons Tulsa at the same time if needed. So that’s something else as well. 


A lot of the places that we are looking at are not your ordinary studio spaces. Again, like I said, we’ve kind of grown the music Academy out of a house, so it would be really cool to have another house location. I think one of the coolest things would be if we had a studio house that was two stories and we could teach upstairs and downstairs. That just seems like something really cool that I’ve always thought would be awesome to do. Really cool place for students to learn to comfortable and inviting, but also just exciting and new and switching things up. So that’s definitely an option. 


Another option would just be something other than your standard studio. Anything that you could think of that might be different, whether it’s downtown or somewhere else, didn’t move town. Those are kind of the area that we’d like to stay in, but it is really hard for us to ride the place because like I said, we’re picky in the best of ways. We’re picky for good reason, want to make sure that we’re picking a place that it’s really suitable for our needs and helps us through all of that. So that’s kind of what we’re looking for. We’re looking for new spaces at Curtis music Academy.