Guitar Lessons Tulsa | What a First Lesson is Like


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In your first lesson at Curtis Music Academy, we’ll offer you a beverage with each and every lesson. Whenever you want to come in and grab a drink, you are welcome to do so. So we’ll just kind of show you right. And then one of the things that we have in the living room on the wall is one of the large Curtis music Academy differentiators sheets. And I’m always talking about, we have one of those that’s an a big beautiful wooden frame. So it’s hanging on the wall and it’s big enough to see. So what we’ll do is we’ll kind of take you in there and I’ll typically ask, you know, do you know anything about curse musical Academy? 


What do you know? How did you hear about us? Things like that. And for the most part, people do not really know much about us as the music Academy because we have not been along around for that long.There’s a lot of music academies in Tulsa that had been around for a lot longer than we have teaching lessons for a lot longer. So we’ll just kind of jump in there at that point to what we do and why we do it at Curtis music Academy. And the best way to do that is to go over that differentiator sheet. But we recognize that people’s time is valuable, especially if they’re signing up to take a lesson. We know that they want to take the lesson and we’re not going to take up a ton of their time by just talking about us. 


So we want to just hit that differentiator sheet. We really do this. We really just go over one key thing on that that we think would relate to them. So if it’s a child, for example, if we’re talking to their parents and it’s a child who’s taking their first lesson, we’ll talk to their parents about it and the one that we’ll typically pick for that would be your coach and your friend.So that we want to be friends with your child. We want to be their mentor, someone that they can look up to and talk to you about their week and also their coach, someone that’s pushing them on and encouraging them throughout their walk, throughout their adventure, through music lessons.


 Because we recognize how important it is to have someone that you could talk to that music and life both. So that’s the one that we’ll kind of hit on. If we are teaching a student, a young student I should say, but if it’s an adult student who’s coming in to take their first lesson, you know, a teenager and above, we’ll typically talk about how our lessons or growth tailored specifically to the students’ individual needs. So we’ll go over how we tailor all of our lessons to each individual student because none of them look the same.


And we recognize that. So we’re not just going to make you learn a piano book. We want to make sure that we’re having you learn in the way that you learn the best, whether that be through a book, whether that be through simply learning songs or just scales. Want to go at a pace that works for you and a pace that something that you really want to do. We want to teach you the things that you want to learn, not just you know the things out of a book because we recognize that everyone has different goals and your goals might look completely different than the student before you. So that’s what we’ll go over.


 First thing’s first when you walk in the door records music Academy for your first $1 lesson and then we will introduce you to your instructor. Hopefully they’re there right then done with their previous lesson and you’ll kind of go around the room and get started.Then you’ll instructor will teach you, you know, a full 30 minute lesson, exactly what you had learned in an introductory lesson. So they don’t treat it any differently than if the student’s already committed. They just jump right in. They talk to you about what your goals are, why you’re taking lessons, what you want to learn that most things of that nature, especially if it’s an adult last name about what their favorite music is and why they signed up to take guitar lessons Tulsa. 


Because it is a commitment, especially as an adult. You’ve got work, typically you guys school or kids or a family and it’s a really large commitment and we’ve recognized that. So we want to make sure that we’re maximizing your time by learning why you’re, why you’re there and why are you taking lessons so that we can learn how to teach you the best. And when I get to know you and how you learn and what you want to learn. Because if you’re only wanting to learn a couple of songs to play for your spouse or whatever it might be, then we want to make sure that we’re starting off that way and we’re not just teaching you random stuff out of the book.


 but that we’re teaching new things that are actually applicable and things that are going to get you to your goals. And we want to always help you reach your goals. So that’s what you do in that first lesson is you start to establish the goals of this student has established what they want to learn and how they want to learn and why they taking guitar lessons Tulsa. All of that is a really firm foundation for the rest of the guitar lessons Tulsa. So the instructor will kind of get to know you, ask you some important questions about what you’re doing and why you’re there.


And then at the very end of the lesson, I will come in probably about five minutes before the end and just talk to you about what we do at Curtis music Academy and why we do it. So I’ll want to go over that sheet, that differentiators sheet again, I’ll hand you a copy of it. And then on the back it tells you all the resources that we offer. So this resources page is one of the things that really proves how much value Curtis music Academy gifts to your life when you’re taking guitar lessons Tulsa because it tells you exactly all of the resources and all of the things that we’re willing to give you while you take guitar lessons Tulsa. 


All of the things that we are working on in giving to you all the additional bonus resources that most music schools don’t offer. So once I get to go over the sheet, I think it really sparks in a lot of people’s minds that Oh yeah, this really is worth it. They’re not lying, they’re not ripping me off, but this is something that’s actually worth my time and my money and my effort. So it’s really important that in that first lesson, we’re just giving you an awesome first impression, but we’re showing you how much worth we can add to your life, how much value we can add to your life through taking guitar lessons Tulsa, how we can help you learn to the best of your ability, and do all of that awesome stuff. So that first lesson is really important, and we do offer that for $1 for anyone who’s willing to come try us out.