Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Looking For A New Guitar

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If you’re in the market for a new guitar in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I would like to share with you a few tips that I go through whenever I am ready to purchase a new guitar. The first thing I do is speak with my guitar teacher in Tulsa and I asked him whether or not I should get an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. And I also take a look at my own selection of guitars for guitar lessons Tulsa and I try to see if I would need an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar or whatever it is and I’m in need of or in search of at that moment. And guitar instructors in Tulsa will certainly give you an understanding of some of the things that they look for as well. So if you happen to be a student at Curtis music Academy, I recommend that you ask your instructor that way your guitar instructor can help you out. 


He can let you know exactly what it is that you should be looking for throughout the course of taking guitar lessons Tulsa and trying to figure out all of the different things that you can be looking for to maximize and optimize your learning throughout taking guitar lessons Tulsa. That being said, some of the things that people look for is price. I’m looking for an expensive guitar, so I am looking for a price range of 3000 to $5,000 for this guitar, and while a guitar that is $3,000 will hands down be a phenomenal guitar because there’s no reason why a guitar would be that expensive unless it was phenomenal.


 However, with that being said, you can find some absolutely dining guitars and beautiful sounding guitars for much less in 3000 or 5,000 in fact, if you go through and you find a guitar that you like, you may find that it’s only $400 or $800 it just depends on your budget for what you’re looking to accomplish. So with that being said, if you already play the guitar, what I recommend doing is go to a guitar shop or somewhere that guitars for sale or a place that has a lot of guitars that you can play at Curtis music Academy. We have a plethora of guitars that you can choose from at any of your guitar lessons Tulsa. 


You could choose a different guitar every single lesson. That way you could get a feel for how different guitars sound and different guitars feel on your fingers. And that will certainly be something that can help you as you begin your search for playing the guitar. And with that being said, if you go somewhere and you start playing a lot of different guitars, you start to feel what you are liking is for playing the guitar. You might really like spread out strings so that your fingers can go through and finger pick without much problem. You may like your strings a little bit closer together so that the neck would be smaller.


 And there’s all of these different things that can affect the way that a guitar feels and that is why you should feel. And try out many different guitars. You should spend hours playing different guitars and getting used to the way that they feel. That way you can decide whether or not this is the guitar for you. As for myself, I actually haven’t been in the market for a guitar for about 10 years. However, my strategy, the last time that I was really looking for a phenomenal guitar, I went to a guitar shop and I spent hours playing different guitars and I took pretty much every single guitar off of the wall and I told myself, I’m not even gonna look at the price of any of these guitars. I’m just going to pick it up. 


I’m going to pull it off of the shelf. I’m just going to play a few chords and if it stands out then I’ll take note of that. And so as I played the 200 guitars that were in that store, I took note of about six guitars that I really, really liked. And humorously, these six guitars were all the things Xact same brand, which is crazy because you have so many different brands, especially high end brands for guitar makers. You have Gibson, you have Martin, you have Taylor for acoustic guitars. And that’s what I was looking for. It was an acoustic and all six of these guitars were the same exact brand. And so I realized, well it looks like this is the brand that I will be looking for. And so I still hadn’t even looked at the price yet. 


However, what I did was I took those six guitars, I wrote them down and then I came back over a period of two weeks and I played around and set and spent some time playing each one of those guitars for an extended period of time. Whereas the first run through I just kind of played those 200 guitars and I just went from one to the other and didn’t spend an extensive amount of time on any specific one of them. But then when I played these six guitars, I realized I even narrowed it down to one guitar. And when I looked at that guitar and when I found out what price it was, it was shocking to me the price discrepancies of the guitars that I had narrowed out and decided I did not like that worth three times as expensive as the one that I chose. 


The guitar that I chose, I played and it was only a thousand dollars in comparison to some of the guitars in that shop where five thousand four thousand six thousand dollars and they weren’t even in the group of six guitars that I narrowed down. And I was just shocked that this brand made such phenomenal guitars even at a lower price point. Please bear with me. $1,000 is not a cheap guitar. I’m not saying that at all in guitar lessons Tulsa. But in the big scheme of high end guitars, $1,000 is actually very low. When we’re talking high end guitars, like I had mentioned, you could get easily up into $10,000 for a guitar, but for those lower guitars you could get a Yamaha offer 155 so you can get some of, you know, a seagull for $300 so there’s all sorts of different guitar price points. 


But when I’m talking about the high end point, I was shocked that there were so many different guitars that you could choose from and the price and I had Pitt was a lot less expensive than the others. So with that being said, there’s many different things that you should be looking forward to and that you can be looking towards. This is why if you have the opportunity, I would ask your guitar instructor in Tulsa for guitar lessons Tulsa whether or not he would be able to come out and play the guitar as well. This is much more important with a used guitar for guitar lessons Tulsa. If it is a new guitar and you can be pretty confident, Hey Kelly, it is good.